Prepositions after "paint"

paint in, on, with, by or for?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 24% of cases paint in is used

Peasants huts were either whitewashed or painted in bright colours.

Almost every house was painted in yellow with green colored doors and windows.

It was necessary to shorten the legs of my easel, for I would have to paint in bed.

The Egyptian Pharaoh Ramses III (1198-1166 BC) had many bow harps painted in his tomb.

Husain to paint in their own idiom, buying their work and helping them mount exhibitions.

It adds an important element of compelixity to the Wellington you painted in your article.

A single way of adding some subtle texture to your bathroom is to add wood panelling, hermes femme, painted in white.

One of Picassos least ambitious oils, the sleeping blonde, has skin painted in Mars violet squeezed fresh from the tube.

Even the hardware looks similar with the Duke 390 having the same trellis frame, but painted in KTM's orange racing colors.

Children, their faces painted in Spiderman patterns and wearing feather-rimmed tiaras, laughed as they ran around the funfair.

In 19% of cases paint on is used

That's the color painted on their floor.

There were slogans painted on the walls.

He may also have ochre painted on his body.

Various kinds of people's face are painted on it with beards, which are extremely vivid.

In school, he used to paint the conventional way, using a brush and oil paints on canvas.

The pink and green details on the desk work perfectly with the scrolls I painted on her headboard.

Everyone in the crowd was waving flags, while many of the children had the Great Britain flag painted on their face.

The quality is really good, I have yet to use any shade which hasn't delivered a nice opacity, or painted on appallingly.

Frescoes - The Sigiriya Damsels About halfway up the rock is a sheltered gallery of frescoes painted on the sheer rock face.

Rudolph and his date! After painting Santa's 9 magical reindeer, I had a little problem of what to paint on my right thumbnail.

In 16% of cases paint with is used

That is a pretty broad brush you are painting with.

The vehicle was painted with a red maple leaf motif.

It was absolutely wonderful to share painting with somebody.

I just love it! I paint with oil on canvas and every painting is done in one sitting.

The baskets were round, waist high, four eyelet's at the top, painted with symbols.

In the field of exterior detailing, cars look better when painted with a matte finish.

More than once a description of a place, an interaction or an event is painted with such care that it catches the breath.

There was a window round the back, a normal one you could see through, not all coloured and painted with saints like the others.

It was only until much later that we found out that all the walls in those places had been painted with many layers of lead paint.

The crack was permanently repaired, and the entire pedestal was primed and painted with a color specially mixed to match the statue.

In 15% of cases paint by is used

In fact they were painted by him.

President George Washington was painted by Gilbert Stuart.

They were not painted by color, but by blood, by breath -- his heartbeat is there.

It had a cover painted by Joe Jusko, which is why I picked it up from the news stand.

The painting, The Scream, shown on the next page, was painted by Edvard Munch in 1893.

They could almost have been painted by two different artists, and in a sense they were.

A human face painted by a master painter will not only show the physical structure in its exact form but also reveal the emotion of the subject.

A bigger and more beautiful picture was painted by the Ghanaian government in early 2011, that 30,000 housing units were to be constructed across the country.

While the foreground is a photograph, the background is painted by Pushpamala; it depicts heavy drapes that seem windswept, suggesting that a storm is brewing.

In 6% of cases paint for is used

That's in addition to the things I am painting for that show.

Paul Glasier has painted for One At A Time for the last 6 years.

An amazing prophetic picture is painted for us in Leviticus chapter 23.

I stopped and wondered at the too- large painting for the amount of space.

Michelangelo was painting for the churches his whole life; painting on church walls and church ceilings.

A garden with flowers - being able to afford to buy seeds for flowers and paint for walls! Oh my! It looks so nice.

The prospect of achieving the vision you've painted for your business will energize you and keep you moving through challenges and setbacks.

Teacher's Notes on This Lesson's English Expression I've been painting for a long time now I'd bored of it and I don't want to do it any longer.

Why should picture books? It is interesting that observe that when I paint pictures for gallery exhibitions, I am never asked who I am painting for.

Pottery Corner Have you been painting for years and fancy a go at a new medium? Maybe you've never lifted a brush but would love a personalised mug for work.

In 3% of cases paint as is used

This is painting as recantation.

We do not like to be painted as a nation dominated by fundamentalists.

Balls is painted as a bully, whilst Ed Miliband is made to look indecisive -- descriptions that the Tory Party (or Simon Heffer for that matter) would dearly love to stick.

In July 2011, Spencer's website, Jihad Watch, promoted a rally Klein organized to demand the firing of Los Angeles County sheriff Lee Baca, whom he painted as a dupe for the Muslim Brotherhood.

In 3% of cases paint over is used

She kind of just painted over my brows, waited 10 minutes and wiped it off.

The estimator shown me that there was the bug painted over the wall, proved that the bug were here before I moved in.

I actually hadn't intended to strip the paint; my original thought had been that I could give it a light sanding and paint over it.

How many of us have even stepped out of the country? Please fix the problems we have rather than try to paint over them with glittery paint.

Or do you cut spending? Just put toothpaste over the holes &; paint over it! Before you cut spending do it in your house first &; see how it goes.

In 3% of cases paint to is used

I shouldn't be punished because I don't have the ability to paint to an exceptional standard.

Prince Philip, but sometimes speak weird walk more low-key, he painted to a good painting, was not known before outside.

Most players packs (my own included) state that models must be painted to a three colour minimum to be used at an event.

Painted to the nine 's, in garb not a million miles away from Robert Smith of The Cure, Penn, a notoriously serious performer looked, well, serious.

In 2% of cases paint into is used

Regardless of what the truth is it prevents them from being painted into a corner of having to overspend.

Objects and features of the game world will need to be painted into existence by tracing along their outlines.

The only other issue I have with Carrie is that she's painted into the old stereotype of ' bright woman = crazy lady '.

In 1% of cases paint between is used

A roomful of these pieces all painted between 1964 and 1967 still has the power to excite.

FEAST Projects with the exhibition Zao Wou-Ki -- Beyond (5 Oct -- 15 Dec, 2012) has the distinct privilege to be the first gallery exhibiting a group of these works painted between 2004 and 2009.

In 1% of cases paint like is used

If I took an art class to learn how to paint, I wouldn't paint like me.

In 1% of cases paint of is used

Far from the picture painted of the PDP by Mr.

What it finished off with, was a picture of family -- it painted of picture of you the (Jewish) reader, with a grandchild on your knee, playing dreidel at Chanukah, a picture of familial bliss.

In 1% of cases paint onto is used

On the wall of his living room hangs a chart of the coast with his fishing boat, the Nisga'a Prince, painted onto the open water.

In 1% of cases paint about is used

The picture painted about retirement is always an image of relaxing fun times with many friends, good health and enough money to enable you to be and do anything you want.

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