Prepositions after "oversee"

oversee by, in, after, against or among?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 83% of cases oversee by is used

So they have to be overseen by another committee.

It is overseen by a Board of Management elected from the membership.

That ethics protocol is overseen by the ethics committee that's on site.

Construction of reactors at Juragu began in the early 1980s, overseen by Castro's son.

We've got this fractured development which is overseen by four bodies and doesn't work.

The city animal shelter, known as the city pound, is overseen by the Law Enforcement Center.

Over the past century, the image of the alley has been one of illicit dealings, overseen by the rats criss-crossing from dumpster to overflowing dumpster.

FEBRUARY 11th The Eurosong 2010 finalists were in RT today and the draw for the running order of the show was made and overseen by an independent auditor.

As you know a full and detailed investigation is underway into the causes of the problem, overseen by independent experts and reporting to the Board Risk Committee.

In 6% of cases oversee in is used

These were overseen in four brothels on Maiden Lane, Sixth Avenue near 37th Street, East 50th Street and East 58th Street, authorities allege.

Projects that Hofeld has overseen in his 16-year tenure include flooding abatement, restoration of the village hall and the addition of chain stores that topped residents ' wish lists.

In 2% of cases oversee against is used

The Iranian hostage takers were replaying in macabre theatrical fashion the much worse conditions that American personnel had authored and overseen against thousands of Iranians.

In 2% of cases oversee among is used

Therefore we oversee among the neurotonic, the possibility of a re-education where that retrieving or regaining of the mastery of consciousness, decrease the functional perturbations.

In 2% of cases oversee between is used

His request was simple: each ex-hurler had to take eight coaching sessions and oversee between two and four games a year.

In 2% of cases oversee of is used

The risks of food poisoning is also very high requiring ever vigilant overseeing of the operation.

In 2% of cases oversee with is used

Amnesty International has presented an eight-point list of human rights improvements it expects the Presidency to oversee with its fellow member states.

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