Prepositions after "oscillate"

"oscillate between" or "oscillate at"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 57% of cases oscillate between is used

However, experts opinion oscillated between two groups.

I oscillate between guilt and irritation at the situation.

At times the whole wind power saga oscillates between tragedy and comedy.

Thirdly, although I would hope it to be otherwise, your mother is oscillating between life and death.

For example, the civil war in Angola oscillated between political and economic motives at varying stages.

Currently, it oscillates between the second and third position with stable weekday and equally stable weekend bands.

Work in waves: The human body is not a machine and we work best when we oscillate between periods of high concentration and rest.

The Eye of the Storm between 1974 -- 1978 - This was a range-bound period for oil prices, during which they oscillated between $12.

The search for a balance that oscillates between the personal and the ubiquitous has been one of the most challenging aspects in the construction of this work.

The album oscillates between moments of weather-beaten folk and more ominous suggestions of rock and roll, often resting on strange combination all things in between.

In 20% of cases oscillate at is used

Ideally This coil will be oscillating at about 104khz, with an amplitude of about.

Only the waves oscillating at modes that match the oscillation modes of the laser cavity can be produced.

This oscillated at 96 khz without the brass nut and increased gradually as the brass nut was screwed on up to 106 khz.

When the EM wave strikes a receiving antenna it forces charges in the antenna to oscillate at the frequency of the wave.

On the working detector shown in these pictures we wound 10 turns on to the searchcoil which then oscillated at 104 khz.

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