Prepositions after "originate"

"originate from" or "originate in"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 44% of cases originate from is used

Top vests originate from lots of other forms.

I originate from Shinyanga region in Tanzania.

For this reason, the seeds should originate from a healthy, productive stock plant.

Thai massage originated from India and it is based largely on the strategy of yoga.

The origin of this poem originates from the English Stuart history of King Charles 1.

The odd pairing of South Korean money and North Korean labor originates from the South Korean city of Inchoen.

As the aneurysm in our patient originated from the V2 segment of the VA, dissection of its neck was impossible.

Otherwise, when we have no pure soil with us, we prostrate on clean earth, or something that originates from it.

When most of your blog is originating from an I, me or perhaps you standpoint, it may change the reader off of.

In 35% of cases originate in is used

The Pavanne originated in Italy.

The loan originated in August 2006.

This religion originated in Persia.

They are thought to have originated in the same nebula about 500 million years ago.

The disturbance originates in the equatorial Indian Ocean about every 30 to 90 days.

But all factual information found on the internet, originated in a book of some form.

In essence though, they are trying to remedy problems of creative confidence and capability that originate in education.

What if my journey starts in the UK? I'd afraid that our system currently caters for trips originating in Ireland only.

The handshake is thought to have originated in medieval Europe as a way for kings and knights to show that they did not.

Throat cancer can spread Throat cancer that originates in the squamous cells can invade deeper tissues including muscle.

In 8% of cases originate with is used

The homeowner originated with Countrywide in April 2003.

A large percentage of homicides originate with family violence.

The basic philosophies of the Samaritans originated with Jeroboam.

We are working with a homeowner whose mortgage originated with Velocity Mortgage.

Gymnastics is believed to have originated with bull jumping sometime around 2000 B.

If you have a mortgage that originated with Premium Capital Funding, please get moving on the QWR.

As soon as there is enough data, it becomes obvious whether or not ALL of the data originates with one person.

The Vancouver Art Gallery? s collection originated with few Canadian works and a strong emphasis on British historical painting.

Sin must originate with individual actions even if these build to universal sins but it has to start with people making decisions.

In 2% of cases originate as is used

Thomas and Friends originated as a British children's television show in the mid-1980s.

Place-names ending in -ley signified that the settlement originated as a woodland clearing.

It originated as the School of Arts of Edinburgh in 1821 and, in 1966, became a University by Royal Charter.

Folks must remember, if they were ever aware, that the Labor party originated as the political arm of the union movement.

It originated as an anti-communist statement, which is extremely ironic since the Pledge itself is itself a socialist pledge.

Additionally, it is well-known that rap originated as a discourse of defiance and not being held down by dominant social ideology.

For those unaware, Hitchhiker did not originate as a novel -- its first incarnation on this Earth was as a BBC Radio dramatization written by Adams in 1978.

In 2% of cases originate at is used

The plant begins to flower from laterals originating at the bottom of the main stem.

Origins of Chan Chan Buddhism is said to have originated at one of Shakyamuni Buddha's sermons.

Such laws originated at a time that horse and buggies still were a popular form of transportation.

Therefore we may conclude that blushing originated at a very late period in the long line of our descent.

The Garden State This nickname seems to have originated at the Centennial Exhibition in Philadelphia on Jersey Day, August 24, 1876.

Much of this overwater movement seemed to originate at the port of Kunsan, attacks against which had been earlier prohibited by CincFE with a view to the preservation of harbor facilities.

In 2% of cases originate by is used

The Matthews turn was originated by England legend Stanley Matthews.

The noble lie is a concept originated by Plato as described in the Republic.

In the past the modern techniques of body contouring and removal fats was originated by the French.

The property loans were originated by Halifax Bank of Scotland Ireland, which is being wound down by Lloyds.

The vehicle will buy mortgages originated by Lenders One, which Ocwen estimates wrote 8% of all home loans in the U.

Very recently educational circles in China have begun turning their attention to spiritual psychology, a school of thought originated by a Canadian psychiatrist, Dr.

This famous music is typically based mostly on older musical styles like the rhythm and blues music originated by Afro-American performers like Chuck Berry and Small Richard.

Mary, could you please let me know if you have any good attorneys in NC that help me? I was originated by Countrywide in 2007 and have been fighting with BOA since they took over.

In 1% of cases originate during is used

Heraldry Armorial bearings, or coats-of-arms, originated during the late medieval period as a means of recognition on the battlefield and at the tournament.

The Sheep Fire, a wildfire that originated during early September, consumed over 48,000 acres of brush, grass, and timber by mid-October, when rains helped impede the fire's spread.

In 1% of cases originate on is used

Some of this year's discovery was pushed by the media, but much of it originated on the web.

If the event originated on another computer, the display information had to be saved with the event.

There are potentially two types of water on the moon: that brought from outside sources, such as water-bearing comets striking the surface, or that that originates on the moon.

My home to home loan was originated on 11/14/03 by charter one bank who on completion of construction switched loan over to charter one mortgage who later merged with cco mortgage.

In 1% of cases originate outside is used

It is necessary for the governor to certify corrected copies and make them available only if they originate outside New Zealand.

In 1% of cases originate through is used

We look at our sight capability and marvel how the human eye could have originated through evolution rather than through a creator.

It will still be the case that every euro will have it's corresponding debt and it will still be the case that any new Euro is expected to originate through the bank loan process.

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