Prepositions after "original"

"original in", "original with" or "original to"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 28% of cases original in is used

But original in everything else.

Original in possesion of family.

I did like the original in white.

It's hard to top the original in terms of uniqueness and Kate doesn't really try to.

I remember reading the original In Dublin list and being enthralled and enlightened.

It's hard to put your finger on who they sound like because they seem kind of original in today's techno pop world.

I thought to myself that this was as simple as a fake got: a watch that copies the original in its surface aspects.

He taught ancient Ceylon history with a passion and held strong views about the original inhabitants of the island.

She had a Pureblood grace about her and she was delightfully original in her insults, which actually made him smile.

In 13% of cases original to is used

Not original to Ven in the least.

The idea was not original to him.

Originality -- Looks original to me.

Third-party content providers own the copyright in content that is original to them.

Where they aren't mine I have tried to link to the original to the best of my ability.

The cliffhanger sequence with which the episode ends is also original to the US series.

So why, indeed, does Jack say this? Because DeLillo knew it would seem profoundly original to most of his readers.

This program will be completely original to anything Cornell, let alone the City of Ithaca, has recently produced.

The main portion of the staircase is original to the home and features a walnut finished rail and white oak treads.

In 11% of cases original with is used

The original with the statistic.

The cigar remark was not original with Marshall.

John Wayne made the original with his portrayal of a hard bitten irrascible old man.

They had an interesting arrangement and sounded very original with their performance.

I am merely pointing out that this article is about how one can be original with ramen.

It is called slobgollion; an appellation original with the whalemen, and even so is the nature of the substance.

He led a talented young group of actors who paid homage to the original with the excellence of their performance.

You saw the original with the White House stationery, but you didn't--down the ranks, then it creates other paper.

Sarah Silverman is so creative and original with her humor, it's always interesting to hear new material from her.

In 7% of cases original for is used

It just didn't match the original for me.

Write something original for Australia Day.

Check the original for the links to organisers.

Hide that original for now as backup, buy clicking on its visibility icon (eye icon).

Go to Write A Story and Be Original for basic advice that transcends genre boundaries.

These copies were called the Imam copies and served as original for all future copies.

We do not manufacture an item until we have double checked the original for all the correct markings and materials.

Although VP posts have not been funny or original for a long while now, I find him totally harmless and inoffensive.

B- Guild Wars 2 then rather disappointing, especially for someone who loved the original for what it did differently.

It's Correcting the Historical record of course after Shsp's slanderous use of the OC name, his original for Falstaff.

In 6% of cases original from is used

Choose Show Original from the list.

Chassis like the original from the Sumo.

It would be based on the original from the 70s.

I have four small volumes, original from the 1950? s, although not my original copies.

Publisher The Museum, 1906 Original from Harvard University Digitized Dec 14, 2005, p.

It mean: the blade will thiner than original from 64mm to 57mm due to not sharppen blade.

Crafted in classical Indian sculpture with a Thai touch, the statue is a replica of the original from Ayutthaya.

This removes a number of scenes from the original? cutting the running time of the original from 81 to 65 minutes.

An original from won the sun symptom receive had since was and it helps leaves tegument somatesthesia fatty at all.

The soul, as deriving its original from God, has an obligation in all its motions to return to him as its chief end.

In 6% of cases original of is used

Cecilia, original of Romanelli.

I have an original of this photograph.

The Natural Causes and Original of Winds.

C 8B to Party Agents and the police, if available; and (e) take the original of Form E.

Original of the birth certificate, not older than six months from the date of issue; 4.

Original of the birth-certificate, not to be older than six months (from the date of issuance).

A smooth voice like Barry, a body like Arnold, with a Denzel face and a God sent original of a man of their dreams.

Tell me what you think? This is an original of the first chapter of The Fault in Our Stars from Augustus's perspective.

The latter is, I can't help thinking, one of the finest and most original of all British buildings of the past 25 years.

In 5% of cases original by is used

I'd not sure if it's an original by Innes.

Image remixed from an original by CREATISTA.

Photo remixed from an original by Lars Plougmann.

It must be readable and certified as a true copy of the original by an authorized person.

Photocopies must be must be certified as true copies of the original by a qualified witness* (e.

But creeping in under the radar we have this reboot of the original by strategy masters, Firaxis.

Remember: In dilation, multiply the dimensions of the original by the scale factor to get the dimensions of the image.

The lowest of the low, called grade B or AB is distinguishable from the original by anyone, not just handbag aficionados.

In 5% of cases original on is used

There is nothing original on CNN.

Archived from the original on July 8,.

We found the original on albedro here.

An affidavit in original on the prescribed format on non-judicial stamp paper of Rs.

It's no secret that I love the first two Alien films very much (I placed the original on the No.

Why not shoot the video while the boys are chilling watching the original on a back ground screen.

Thanks to PBS for allowing us to repost the piece here -- you can find the original on the PBS Media Shift website.

It is extremely important not to just sponge up information but also to put something new and original on the table.

The entire series is clever and original on many levels, a joy to read for young and old, and is highly recommended.

This one comes in a ' remix version ' as well but one would rather want to put the original on repeat and hear it for hours.

In 3% of cases original at is used

The plan, original at the time, worked.

Keep the original at home and include a copy with your CV.

Potable, but give me a pint of the original at the same price.

There are a lot of pressure in keeping up with the trend and be original at the same time.

It didn't have a hell of a lot of dramatic impact on me, having not played the original at that point.

While this sin may have been original at the time it is now the oldest and most serious failing of all.

If we can not source a suitable compatible toner for your machine we will offer you an original at knockdown prices.

When possible, visitors should carry a copy of their passport with them and leave the original at a secure location.

It will require some WORLD CLASS reverse engineering to duplicate it or get the original at the museum operational again.

The behaviour of the original at previous TAMs (semi-stalking, up-skirt photography, really inappropriate language) is well-known.

In 3% of cases original about is used

There is nothing original about christianity.

There is nothing original about your personality.

Be influenced, but be original about your output.

But I have to say that there is hardly something creative and original about that.

There is nothing essentially unique or original about the Jews way back then or now.

There was something original about Betty B --, and I must give a slight sketch of her.

There is nothing original about the music the duo concocts but they do it well and at times it is a ferocious sound.

There isn't actually anything surprising about that -- or even all that original about their stories at all, actually.

For the most part there was nothing original about Blavatsky's ideas, which derived from a variety of mystical sources.

How unique are your products/services, what is the need? What is particularly innovative or original about your business (i.

In 2% of cases original without is used

You would not guess these pieces are not original without knowing.

This remake is very similar to the original without improving on it.

I've described it to my friends as tasting like a Werthers Original without the sugar.

It fits with the original without sounding completely different - another thing remixes tend to do.

Still remember the day I bought the original without fully knowing the epicness stored within the box.

It almost sounds more focused than the original without the extra bit of the song that almost sounds out of place.

Even now, I am hesitant to publish it with so many alterations from the original without being able to consult the translators.

This can be a thing which needs to be covered with the original without needing to bother about any kind troubles for your benefit.

If you keep rewriting something you wrote and represent it as something original without mentioning the source, you are self-plagiarizing.

In 2% of cases original as is used

In a market we find the original as well as the imitation.

They failure to provide the original as opposed to the copy.

These are now ' old iPads ', although we like to think of the original as the iPad Classic.

These two types of databases, whatever they are original as a whole, must be protected by law.

These are made of high quality, real fabric to keep as close as possible to make them original as well as all over the world welcome.

Whether this remake will be a hit or not, fans of both the original as well as curious souls will flock to the theatres once this comes.

Both are lossless and will appeal to both the audiophiles who prefer the original as well as those who want a state-of-the-art experience.

A candidate who has left Government service should submit with his/her application the original as well as a copy of his/her discharge/service certificate.

In 2% of cases original into is used

Very good job at tying the original into the story.

Skillfully he recast the Aramaic original into an elegant Greek version.

Burnin Tears remixes, turning the bouncy original into a heady deep house groover.

Rivera succeeds beautifully in setting the rhythms of the French original into English.

In your note, you should already be translating the language of the original into your own words.

Recorded by the duo Us, the cover transforms Linkin Park's aggressive original into a maudlin, slightly twee, style.

Note that the paraphrase splits the original into two separate paragraphs to accentuate the two-part structure of Sacks ' argument.

KJV Because of translating the original into the Greek before translating it into English, the meaning is not clear what Lord means.

Secondly, technical reproduction can put the copy of the original into situations which would be out of reach for the original itself.

This has always been reflected in all his musical output since those formative days remixing Primal Scream's rocky original into the pivotal ' Loaded '.

In 1% of cases original instead is used

Say something original instead of being a stereotype of everyone else.

However, it is standard banking practice to accept an original instead of a copy in this construction.

Salvation in context is more like a revealing of what is a fake &; what is an original instead of, is it interesting or not.

You are paying for the original instead of a knock-off for no other reason than to reward a trademark owner for their innovation.

Some are funny and some could even be mean but this year let's all try to make it original instead of doing the same old thing every year.

In 1% of cases original through is used

Drawer may request the original through his/her bank.

To belittle the original through a fake model is not a desirable thing.

The illumination of the original through personal tributes could almost be seen as a metadata of sorts.

I've played the original through countless missions and over countless hours but not once can I remember a soldier who died for my cause.

In 1% of cases original rather is used

Be original rather than preachy.

I think it stands alongside the original rather than replacing or sitting below it.

It is well known that most of the narratives have preserved the meaning of the original rather than the words.

At this point when they review his work it will probably be more challenging to find original rather than stolen material.

It's a relief to see this one, which looks much more like an update of the original rather than just another piece of armor.

It's so nice to discover something unique and original rather than having what everyone else has from the high street chains.

One criterion of the Poetic Spell would be original rather than conventional use of season-words, and this poem meets that test immediately.

One criterion of the poetic spell would be original rather than conventional use of season-words, and this poem meets that test immediately.

Car decals are a reflection of your personality; therefore, it is best if you try to b original rather than relying on other people's advice.

In 1% of cases original after is used

I hope he nails something original after Trek II.

I am also disappointed that my profound thought is not so original after all.

The mechanics of DS2 are a lot better though so it'd probably be hard to go back to the original after this.

For some reason I couldn't see the 5 posts above me when I posted my comment, and what I thought was a highly original and witty observation, wasn't actually that original after all.

You would never guess that this wasn't the original but an impersonator who was drafted in after Mathis refused to give his permission to use the original after reading the screenplay.

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