Prepositions after "orient"

orient to, towards, toward, in or on?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 23% of cases orient to is used

It is oriented to a touch interface and will only run software that is specifically written for it.

The OCP project is oriented to the manufacturing of raw dub techno with a strong minimalistic approach.

The SOEs account for 50% of China? s exports, but their production is mostly oriented to the domestic market.

Of course, some specific industries will orient to the crisis and profit from it, offering new technology and so on, but this is not the main game.

I would recommend this hotel very much with my eyes closed to anyone from a professional / business traveler to the family oriented to the newly weds.

Since these are always oriented to future states, they take attention away from perception of immediate experience and turn it to following imagined states.

Such is not the case with a software-based solution that was designed from inception for stereo 3D, and an environment oriented to an X-Y and Z-axis for depth.

In 21% of cases orient towards is used

Therefore it will probably be more oriented towards the tourism industry as opposed to other industries.

No man will *ever* absolutely understand women, hundreds of books oriented towards Understanding Women to the contrary.

With the majority of materials coming from trade publications, the database is very much oriented towards business facts and figures.

They were radical, yet democratic; they challenged the system, but were oriented towards a sense of the public good; militant, but also civic.

Pragmatic Lulismo, oriented towards piecemeal social and economic changes, has replaced the PT's previous emphasis on empowered participation and Democratic Revolution.

The second is oriented towards developing baseline measurement information for and Tanzanian capacity in Reduced Emissions from avoided Deforestation and Degradation (REDD).

Therefore, this ideology that has focused on early prevention starting in the communities, and oriented towards a full socioeconomic concept of wellness has proved successful.

In 17% of cases orient toward is used

Vanni held the promise of progressive ideals for women in the society and of a government oriented toward the well being of the people.

Apart from these indirect effects on pastoralists, policies directly oriented toward the privatization of rangelands have been developed.

This instrument, although a step forward in recognizing customary rights, was only oriented toward agriculturalists and discriminated against pastoralists.

The typical approach of gestion de terroir, or land-use planning, is oriented toward a geographically well-defined area in which the land-use planning takes place.

In 11% of cases orient in is used

These are oriented in trigonal planar geometry.

The tutorial is oriented in a practical way, with working example.

TV needs shows like this that are family oriented in todays world.

Hence they orient in equatorial positions at 120 o to minimize repulsions.

The ring will be oriented in such a way that its axis of rotation is always parallel to the orbital path.

I would prefer it if we could do cooking together- for flavor and the experience- but she is 100% health oriented in her diet- so I make the best of it.

In 7% of cases orient on is used

Another reason I favored Obama in this election was the fact that he amassed and maintained a huge ground campaign in almost every state that was oriented on direct connection to the citizenry.

In 6% of cases orient around is used

A life that is politically, economically, socially, culturally oriented around the larger whole.

So: we are looking for a description of what matters to the firm, oriented around the right way of looking at the issues.

Often swiping your loyalty card through a coupon reader in the store will produce coupons oriented around the products you already use.

In 4% of cases orient at is used

The remaining pure 2p orbitals (for our convenience, let us say: 2p y and 2p z) orient at right angles to the sp-hybrid orbitals.

In 4% of cases orient for is used

Otherwise, they are oriented for a few hours and then thrown to the wolves.

In 1% of cases orient about is used

The participants were oriented about the method of implementation of the activities and their support was incorporated as required at different levels for effective implementation of the events.

In 1% of cases orient among is used

India, being the least dependent on either global or China demand, is by far the most domestic oriented among the key markets in the region.

In 1% of cases orient rather is used

With the release of Windows 95, Microsoft was copying some of the ideas from MacIntosh operating system one of which was the idea that a user was file oriented rather than application oriented.

In 1% of cases orient with is used

The Arabian Court is crafted in the spirit of the orient with dramatic architecture creating symmetry, amidst a landscape of fountains, walkways and lush gardens.

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