Prepositions after "organize"

organize by, in, for, into or on?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 51% of cases organize by is used

This event was organized by the IGSA.

A guided tour can be organised by your hotel.

It was organized by the local longboarding community.

I? ll position this seminar differently from other Will talks organized by my peers.

A mere teenager, Calungsod was among the first to serve on a mission organized by Fr.

They have been Expert security seminars are being organised by the Collections Trust.

The meeting which is slated to be held on the 18th of this month had been organised by the National Bikkhu Front.

Mr Barrett has attended conferences and spoken at an event organised by Germany's National Democratic Party (NPD).

Choudary said the March rally was organized by the Islamic Thinkers society, an extremist group based in New York.

In the early half of June, I participated in the video4change (V4C) workshop organized by WITNESS and EngageMedia.

In 15% of cases organize in is used

At Hendon, a dinner was organized in their honour.

Hire equipment is organised in the morning on the bus.

The resultant rows are organized in order of relevance.

The program is organized in a traditional way by the aggregation of spaces-volumes.

Its main offices are organized in five regional zones: North America (Washington, D.

Gandhi organized in 1930 a 24 - day march to the sea and produced salt from the sea.

Obviously there's a lot to organise in terms of parking and so on, it's not just the pitch or the playing surface.

The largest share of these mobile support units, 47 ships, was organized in Service Squadron 1, Captain Bernard L.

Estonian National Olympiads also have a long and noble history; today Olympiads are organized in about 20 subjects.

Each Job is organized in a tree structure containing all of the information needed to complete the intended project.

In 7% of cases organize for is used

Then we need to start getting organized for the future.

We can organise for your bus to leave the hotel around 2 or 2.

Organize for rallies and fellowships and meet with other schools 3.

River trips are difficult to organize for many people even if you have large rafts.

The profession itself was better organized for carrying out and discussing research.

We're hoping the activities we've organized for the day will draw still more people.

Dr Apea-Kubi said this when speaking at a Christmas reception that he organized for old men and women of Achiase.

Also, depending on your mode of transport you can also get return journeys and onward transport organised for you.

Stewart Acuff, the director of organizing for the AFL-CIO, said the grass-roots efforts on this bill have peaked.

In 4% of cases organize into is used

The book is organized into 14 chapters.

In the Middle Ages craftsmen were organised into guilds.

The Syllabus content is organised into three major sections.

The lefty leaning labor unions see it as a whole new group to organize into unions.

The Work of the Holy Spirit is a compilation of these entries organized into three Volumes.

Nominal and structural typing As stated earlier, types are typically organised into hierarchies.

A worksheet consists of cells that are organized into columns and rows; a worksheet is always stored in a workbook.

These courses are organised into subject schools; Communication Design and Media, Design and Applied Arts and Fine Arts.

These tags are organised into a complex hierarchical scheme that I've built up over five years, grouping tags together various headings.

It is organised into 9 schools and it is one of the largest centres for graduate and post-graduate medical teaching and biomedical research in Europe.

In 4% of cases organize on is used

It is being organised on a delegate basis.

Furthermore, public fora should be organized on regular basis.

Tours of the exhibiton are organized on Thursday and Friday afternoons.

I just want the various TP and conservative leaders to get organized on their recruiting for 2014.

There is no need to think that if we can organize on the internet, this will result in street protests.

Sityar was one of the founding members of the pro-American Partido Federal when it was organized on Dec.

The festival of traditional folk games was organized on 1 st of October, 2012 aiming the Universal Children's day.

To celebrate 25 years of founding of the school, a special inaugural program was organized on 19th September, 2011.

The work was organized on the putting-out system: the merchant provided the small master with much of his circulating capital.

Part of it is about logistics, what can I make on my dining room table, which over time has changed to what can I organize on site.

In 3% of cases organize with is used

You guys sound so organized with your trip.

The worker must therefore organize with other workers to achieve those ends.

I remember him at a meeting that Kirsty Duncan organized with the Surgeon General.

The calcarine cortex in sighted subjects is spatially organized with matches to the retinal nerves or ' retinotopic.

I like to keep my phone well organized with all important applications installed and personalized the way I like it.

DAY 4 After breakfast, depart with a lunch box to Manyara Area (optional walking activities can be organized with additional cost including lunch at local village).

The Bid Committee promises that the event will be successfully organised with financial prudence -- ensuring only minimal spending would be required to stage the YOG.

Meetings will be organised with officials from the Department of Immigration &; Citizenship as well as the Nauruan Government, the Salvation Army and health officials.

That is the same thing that organized with her--harlots! Taken the abomination, filthiness of their fornications for doctrine; teaching for doctrine the commandments of man.

In 2% of cases organize around is used

An example is that people were organized around him, while he was alive, because of who and what he was.

The Festival will be organised around the 8 BU Research Themes rather than on an individual School basis.

Chapin, has a similar obscurity in its episode divisions, but it is very logically organised around the real lunar cycle.

In fact, a case could well be made that it is this very power that holds the entire world monetary system, organized around the dollar, together.

While community, caste and joint family were examples of traditional social life, modern societies were organised around individualism and based on rationality.

A few weeks ago I heard about a new meet-up being organised around Metro: I rarely come across Microsoft technologies that excite me nowadays but this one has piqued my interest.

It is reasonable to assume that the social system organized around the village tanks in ancient Sri Lanka was significantly different from the feudalism in medieval Europe and elsewhere in the world.

In 2% of cases organize as is used

The parish was organized as a mission and land was purchased in 1950 for $2,000.

At this point I'd like to make mention of the relevance of being somewhat organised as a business owner.

The long range aircraft of VP 47 had been organized as the Search and Reconnaissance Group, Task Group 96.

The submarine force under the operational control of Commander Seventh Fleet, administratively organized as Task Unit 70.

Communicating with a captivated and lively audience of over 100 attendees per session, the seminars were organized as a close-knit collaboration between IP Mirror, TWNIC.

Organised as a no-cost value-addition for existing Autotask customers, the Accelerator events are a half-day session focusing on helping Autotask customers get more from their product investment.

In 2% of cases organize at is used

The Second Buddhist Council was organised at Vaisali a hundred year later.

She has been instrumental in organizing at the UN level and regional level as well.

The collective bargaining and general agreements are organised at the national level.

Mrs Kidwai was the Chief Guest of the Sir Syed Day special function organised at the.

As early as 1836, a German congregation was organized at Louisville, Kentucky, by the Rev.

Mumbai might have been organised at the behest of elements linked to All India United Democratic Front.

Mrs Kidwai was the Chief Guest of the Sir Syed Day special function organised at the AMU on October 17.

It was organized at the Conference room of Legal Aid Board on the 5 th of October, 2012 and was attended by Philip Godwin Dabo.

This follows on from the two successful ASYRAS conferences which were organised at the University of Salamanca in 2009 and 2011.

Mr Asare Akuffo, President of GAB, made the call at a press conference organised at the end of the Association's 32nd Annual General Meeting in Accra.

In 1% of cases organize against is used

I don't believe there was really a recent gov't who needed to be organised against.

The dictator-ruler and his Democratic Party of Cte d'Ivoire (PDCI) won the only elections he ever organized against Laurent Gbagbo in 1990.

Red prisoners were tortured to death, rebellious peasants hanged, and ghastly pogroms were organised against the Jews in the occupied areas.

Now, if only the natives and the Mexican immigrants started working together to organize against the owners of those means- then their back would be against the wall.

In 1% of cases organize from is used

A complete uprising was being organised from there, this might also be true.

The wedding was superbly organized from beginning to end by the popular Weddings By Victoria.

State art, cultural and youth affairs minister Sukhda Pandey said the festival would be organised from January 12-16.

In 1% of cases organize through is used

A network of more than 60 volunteers, organised through Rami on the Syrian side, ensures the aid is delivered.

Its spirit of direct democracy has clicked with the Quebec student union's history of grassroots organizing through decentralized general assemblies.

It's a very popular spot for locals and they were very keen to get photos of us foreigners: -) Our trip was organised through Lombok Panorama and we paid about 200 dollars each.

The School is organised through a number of autonomous Houses, each offering a structured programme of training which places the teachings of the past within a vital, contemporary structure.

It is the system which, more than anything else, aided and guided masses of people to rise up against tyrannical governments, organising through cyberspace better than through any ballot box.

End-of-Life Care is best organised through a simple framework which prompts people at various stages to think ahead, so that today's unanswered questions do not become tomorrow's difficult problems.

In 1% of cases organize under is used

There was an all party conference organised under the auspices of the United Nations Development Programme.

Boxing and hand-to-hand fighting have been organized under skilled instructors in the majority of army camps.

Jugantar and Anushilan were names of two revolutionary groups who organized under the guise of suburban fitness clubs.

A lively commercial route was organized under Spanish administration, between Jamaica, Spain and other Spanish territories.

In 1% of cases organize within is used

Now we know that it was organised within the team.

The doctor in charge of electives at Kwahu is Dr Francis Addai and he made sure our placements were well organised within the hospital.

Under the amendment each port can only have one trade union, which had to be organized within six months of the day of enactment of the amendment.

Assuming that the Marxists are in a minority, then their job will be to organise within the party, win it to a Marxist programme, and thereby win a majority.

Even though we have a full-fledged closet/ dresser for her room now, these baskets are still pretty useful for keeping socks, under shirts, belts etc organized within the closet.

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