Prepositions after "optimal"

optimal for, in, from, to or on?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 72% of cases optimal for is used

Things got less optimal for Mr.

That's what makes it optimal for him.

The finfets are optimal for low power.

There are cases where breast feeding isn't always optimal for the health of our kids.

As most sun dried tomatoes contain (sea) salt, these are not optimal for your health.

This will allow you to see very clearly which ad positions are optimal for your goals.

Finding a Relocation Partner It is usually not optimal for companies to move to another data center by themselves.

But the leap that something that's good for many things will be optimal for reading ebooks is not one I am making.

Data continues to support the fact that high carb low fat diets are not optimal for either health for weight loss.

Use a custom template The standard design of a WordPress page isn't probably the most optimal for an About Us page.

In 11% of cases optimal in is used

But it wasn't just optimal in that sense.

The Aura must be intact, and optimal in 13-20-33 cycle and reach.

I use optimal in the sense that the single button design is huge for the fans.

Bayesian models are optimal in the sense that they accurately learn expected payoffs.

The performance is optimal in the low- and mid-range, and it is a breeze in city traffic.

Words of Wisdom Remember that health is natural and healing is optimal in animals that are happy.

Dailies could still be optimal in terms of Rep per hour, but there would be options for those who felt they needed them.

Perhaps any one of those locations becomes optimal in the glide path of the organization, but they must not originate in those locations.

This is still probably half the level which may be optimal in MS, but it can be seen that even large doses of this vitamin are quite safe.

In 3% of cases optimal from is used

However, these masks may not be optimal from a perceptual point of view.

It isn't optimal from an evolutionary perspective, but it is for purpose and that is all nature needs.

The present distance between the earth and moon is optimal from man? s point of view, there being several advantages.

Since she wants to make the train as long as possible so she must make sure the train is optimal from the last till i.

The optimal setting from the microeconomic perspective won't be the same as what's optimal from the macroeconomic perspective, and it can't be in two places at once.

Thus, a permanent state of war or preparedness for war is optimal from the point of view of the ruling elite, especially one that controls a large and powerful state.

VAT, which is identified as the optimal replacement source for lost trade tariff revenue, may not be optimal from a political economy perspective in some fiscal federations.

In 2% of cases optimal at is used

Nitrogen-fixing is optimal at 20-30C (50-70 kg/ha/yr ), drops in temperate regions (2-5 kg/ha/yr) and stops at 0C.

Having up to 10x magnification for manual focusing is nice, but it's not as optimal at times as having a smaller AF point for autofocus.

However, the bactericidal activity of cephalosporins has also been shown to be optimal at drug concentrations of about four times the MIC 7.

Clearance of the two components has been shown to be optimal at 50m and when combined with the manufacturing improvements have resulted in greater implant longevity.

In 2% of cases optimal on is used

Hopefully the Prez will be closer to optimal on Monday.

Please let me know what settings are optimal on your system.

What a terrifying idea, democracy is optimal on a far more limited scale.

Lengthy skirts and more vivid colors will look optimal on this body shape.

If experience is the decisive factor Obama is the only one of the two with any, period Hopefully the Prez will be closer to optimal on Monday.

In 2% of cases optimal to is used

Exercise like yoga, T'ai Chi and Chi Gong practiced outside in nature are optimal to our health and wellbeing.

Understanding the place of the best places to include keywords and phrases is optimal to improving Victor Cruz Jersey targeted traffic to your web site.

Although we can not do as much importation in the New Paradigm, I think we'll be able to do enough to maintain a diet that is optimal to our health and the Planet's.

He believes that the input from parents is crucial in ESF's decision making, and is dedicated to helping the Board make risk-informed decisions that are optimal to ESF's children.

Right, but under what conditions? The surge is meant to improve the facts on the ground in the Bagdhad region so that the political settlement is most optimal to the people of Iraq.

This policy initially produced a population pyramid optimal to economic growth -- that is, where the largest segments of the population were neither young nor old, but in the middle (i.

In 2% of cases optimal with is used

Between 40-55 degrees is optimal with 60-70 percent humidity.

It is optimal with respect to the Welch bound, because is an skew-symmetric conference matrix.

In 1% of cases optimal as is used

Water conditions must also be optimal as regards to D.

Makes them appear less than optimal as a show of strength when you consider the fact.

However, the colour of the fish was overly muted and the resolution was not optimal as a result of shooting the animal through very thick glass in a public aquarium.

An efficient LP-based strategy is described to calculate the range of flux variability that can be present in order to achieve optimal as well as suboptimal objective states.

Anything you like, http: **26;6145;TOOLONG you could find while in the wholesale of wholesale jerseys The optimal as a football player are going to be recognized through this shop.

In 1% of cases optimal by is used

The road taken wasn't optimal by anyone's lights, and in effect presented the Re.

If you're leaving it a whole three minutes, the entire brew is likely to be less than optimal by the end of it.

Ever since industrialisation, eight continuous hours of sleep each night has increasingly been touted as optimal by medical and lifestyle experts, no matter whether our bodies agree, he argues.

In 1% of cases optimal of is used

Only the most optimal of scenarios would have seen long-lasting success.

The profit for other and optimal of the headphone position basis is taking every code and that is why computer system chain is 64-bit for the credit party.

In 1% of cases optimal under is used

But price level targeting is generally not first best optimal under commitment.

The problem, according to Saladax, is the dosing of 5-FU, which is far from optimal under current best practices.

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