Prepositions after "opt"

opt for, out, into, to or in?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 80% of cases opt for is used

He opted for a different course.

You can also opt for a ballet updo.

So my dad and I opted for an email.

All inner rooms were whitewashed while we opted for a green limewash for the frontage.

Abe put that plan in his desk drawer and opted for creating a ' ' Beautiful Japan ' '.

Every user who is opting for such contract deals are happy with the benefits offered.

The Hoyte brothers were our wingback options till he opted for Traore who he then farmed out first to Juve then QPR.

If you have opted for peritoneal dialysis, a tube (catheter) will be inserted into your abdomen during an operation.

To get a fun-loving look, on the other hand, you may opt for bolder colors such as vibrant red, pink, azure or magenta.

I really can not opt for paid technical help as i just got the pc serviced so i really hope you could help me out here.

In 14% of cases opt out is used

Can I opt out of the U-Pass BC program? No.

Some employers are expected to opt out of insuring their employees.

A donor may opt out of this and communications by sending an email to.

Plus, the extortionate opt out fee may not stand up to legal scrutiny and may be reversed.

However, unless you are employed to only work on Sundays, you may opt out of Sunday working.

You may always opt out of any use or disclosure by contacting us and notifying us of your choice.

Villarreal felt that the agreement struck at the time was not allocated fairly, and so opted out of the arrangement.

You should provide an accessible and simple way for your subscribers to opt out of receiving subsequent emails from you.

But the world will be a much better place if countries like Portugal, Ireland, Italy, Greece and Spain opt out of the euro.

Once opted in, you will not be asked to verify your request from your phone again unless you choose to opt out of the service.

In 2% of cases opt into is used

It offers 90 days free trial to people who opt into (filled in personal details) the system.

Why can't people who qualify for Medicaid have the opportunity to opt into private coverage instead.

However, he wants seniors to have the choice to opt into the new system or to stay in traditional Medicare.

It is a label that those affected are opting into rather than having directed against them, and perhaps therein lies its strength.

Sure, I opted into those messages, and although I'd love to buy all the products and services I see, I do not have the time or money for it all.

I called the number and went through the automated process to not opt into the SmartMeter program (because I never ordered or received a SmartMeter).

In 2% of cases opt to is used

Work or money?! Of course most people will opt to due the work.

In April 2010 Shelvey snubbed a series of clubs and opted to join Liverpool.

Despite other options being available (bank and credit union loans) sometimes people opt to us another source -- moneylenders.

Syed Akif Shah says: 3 / 5 It is for information of all my lovely fellows of Pakistan that never ever opt to BS program of any field.

I used to ride my motorbike when I worked in Colombo earlier but due to the soaring petrol prices, I thought of opting to public transportation.

Hemmed in by recalcitrant allies of the ruling coalition, the Finance Minister has opted to taken the path of least resistance, so as to live to fight another day.

Many places of work do not allow head coverings &; so some Romani women opt to not work, or limit themselves to female dominated professions to keep our strict modesty practices.

I had heard some negative things about the town of Aguas Callientes and we thought about spending only one night there but we opted to chance it and stay for 2 nights and I'd glad we did.

The Phillies did this in the 2008-09 World Series, opting to DH Burrell and Ibanez to get a better outfielder in the lineup, instead of using Stairs at DH with one of them roaming leftfield.

In 1% of cases opt in is used

You wouldn't get features like content management, content sliders, galleries, opt ins, blog or a branded design.

If you have your opt in form at the bottom of your website there's a good chance that men and women won't notice it.

After taking the leap and creating a squeeze page just as Bernadette laid out, my client opt in status increased by 30% first try.

Pop up's are also a terrific way to make sure folks see your opt in form and also have the opportunity to enter their information.

More often than not, your MLM leads won't even remember that they opted in their contact info so they aren't expecting your phone call.

Another thing you're going to need to do is add a permanent opt in form in the top portion of your internet site, possibly in the top portion of your sidebar.

The Layout We will need to consider which images are prominent, what info goes into the footer, where to put the social icons, where the opt in boxes will go, all in a usable way.

When you do send out this message it's going to be incredibly vital for you to make certain you are sending these folks to an opt in page making sure that they are able to subscribe to your list.

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