Prepositions after "operate"

operate in, by, on, at or from?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 32% of cases operate in is used

He was able to operate in hiding.

Historically it operated in two ways.

Kidnap-for-ransom gangs operate in the.

Also can not operate in the internal combustion engine is still something to stop it.

In addition to the UK, Barclaycard operates in the United States, Europe and Africa.

Trains operate in coordination with coach services offered by Megabus and Megabus-plus.

Unlike the United States, the approach would likely be low key which is how the Chinese have operated in Pakistan.

Camilla is one of the faces of the new online Jockey TV, a channel which operates in I-Player HD online tv format.

In sync with a PC device can operate in one of four modes: charge, HTC Sync, data storage module, an Internet modem.

Fourth, the federal government is increasingly dependent on a huge workforce of employees who operate in the shadows.

In 12% of cases operate by is used

Both facilities are operated by Alcoa.

This site is owned and operated by PRNZ.

The propelling motor is operated by gasoline.

The 1,006-MW Doel-3 is owned by France's GDF Suez and operated by Belgium's Electrabel.

Trademarks, Copyrights and Restrictions This site is controlled and operated by the CIC.

Mixer showers operate by mixing the present water supply just before it departs the shower.

GW Owners Forum is not operated by, sponsored by, endorsed by, or affiliated with Great Wall Motor Company Limited.

Note that all three plates are connected together and operated by the push-rod exiting the transom toward the left.

LINKS TO THIRD-PARTY SITES This Website may contain hyperlinks to websites operated by parties other than getTickets.

Personally, I would rather have my government services operated by qualified and capable people, so this is fine with me.

In 10% of cases operate on is used

I operated on three continents.

I don't have a set recipe, I just operate on taste.

But it is the link that operates on their web page.

Personally, I want to see armaments companies striving to operate on more ethical lines.

In a practical sense, the office was to operate on laptops accessing a wireless network.

Somaliland fights piracy and has made it impossible for pirates to operate on its shores.

In this scripture he founded an integral congress of all minds and souls operating on the same spiritual vibration.

Consciousness happens to be the phenomenon generated by that specific rhythmic system that operates on the brain itself.

Our Servers Are Fast and we want to keep them Fast! - IRC: We do not allow IRC or IRC bots to be operated on our servers.

There's excellent evidence that in most patients operated on this procedure leads to substantial gain in life expectancy.

In 6% of cases operate at is used

Counselling can operate at many levels.

It operated at the Diplomat Mine from 1974 to 1986.

The new fans are significantly thinner and operate at lower RPMs.

The better solution would be a Zurn Low Pressure Flush Valve, which operates at 5 p.

But operating at the level of an abstraction, based on statistically valid samples.

The TCP sliding window operates at the byte level rather than the packet (or segment) level.

These allowed them to operate at extraordinary leverage levels (for example: 220:1 on their MBS guarantee business).

NY Telephone Col, operating at full capacity on emergency diesel generators, reported a record number of phone calls.

The lift mechanism is operated at the touch of a button from the iPad or wall-mounted touchscreen and is almost silent.

Judging from the extent of big words they use, they also operate at a much higher intellectual plane than the rest of us.

In 5% of cases operate from is used

We live in that arena and operate from there.

The office operates from Monday to Thursday 09.

As a result, I had only one source to operate from.

Services to most areas are frequent and operate from early morning to around midnight.

Much later in the 1940s a bus service operated from Riverport to Bridgewater and Lunenburg.

They stayed with and operated from the station of John ZS9S, and had a very successful DX-pedition.

Murdoch is operating from a defensive position -- trying to apply old media formats to a new media environment.

The Court today is that of each prime minister, not of the Crown, and it operates from the sofa, not the throne.

Bus operates from 07:30 to last flight, with RMB 20, around 35 minutes of the journey, and about 15 mins per bus.

These two ferry services operate from the same terminal and between them there are 7 services a day to Tagbilaran.

In 5% of cases operate with is used

Instead, he cooperated with the D.

This network currently operates with 93% cost recovery.

It was a monotonous life, operating with machine-like regularity.

The principal benefit of heat transfer is that it operates with multi-color styles.

And yet clueless and all that I was, I was operating with a huge advantage: realism.

This, Shell takes advantage of and operates with reckless abandon in the Niger Delta.

Your support department can operate with the golden rule -- and treat customers exactly the way they want to be treated.

WE must figure out someway to move toward equal trade AND move toward an economy that can operate with high priced gasoline.

This forced a MF to then pick up Terry or Luiz and allowed the rest of the team to operate with more space when they had the ball.

The Gassim route will be operated with an Airbus A320 in a two-class configuration of 12 seats in First Class and 132 in Economy.

In 4% of cases operate as is used

During this time Port Royal operated as the capital.

Every system will operate as well as the people in it.

Musicians, I feel, are too dysfunctional to operate as a community.

Arteta was magnificent last year, Cazorla will operate as a playmaker in the ten role.

We have now re-designed Smart Controls so that it operates as an entirely opt-in product.

PNC Financial Services Group (NYS: PNC ): Operates as a diversified financial services company.

The Irish National Stud is the only Stud Farm in Ireland open to the general public and operating as a Tourist Attraction.

Since then, the Office has operated as a branch of the National Library and under the direction of the Chief Herald of Ireland.

The chateau operates as a family home, occasionally hosting parties and events, and also features a holiday cottage on the grounds.

In 4% of cases operate within is used

The radio-based standards operate within the 2.

Your business should be operating within parameters of a budget.

I believe they both operate within the context of the law of karma.

But realize that we operate within boundaries to ensure everything goes smoothly.

Expo Lanka Holdings PLC which is a leading business chain that operates within the island with strong.

I could expand on Brash's bizarre view that MMP is broken simply because his party won't operate within the system properly.

So who is the BSC? Its membership is made up of only 50-odd of the more than 6000 businesses operating within the cleaning industry.

Operating within close proximity of one another, many of these wineries also offer tours, lodging, restaurants, and other activities.

In 4% of cases operate under is used

PCLN operates under the Priceline.

We operate under those same directives.

Quanjude nowadays operates under franchise.

No country or business can operate under these conditions and still remain viable.

Most Pakistani restaurants in UK operate under the umbrella of the Indian Tandoori restaurants.

The nuclear countries teamed against Iran are simply operating under a moral double standard.

The Communists within the Peace Movement operated under deep cover, often indistinguishable from church groups.

Meanwhile, Ranbaxy is operating under a settlement with the FDA, called a consent decree, signed on Deccember 20, 2011.

Sistema Shyam, operating under the MTS brand, is the first Indian operator to offer such a service on a pan India basis.

In 3% of cases operate for is used

The Bank was made and operates for them.

Newer plants are now designed to operate for up to 60 years.

The business has been operating for the past ten years in this location.

The Rhodesian Ridgeback has immense stamina, and will operate for miles without having tiring.

These workshops would operate for another 13 years: as long, in fact, as refugees were present.

The APF has now been operating for longer, and over a larger scale than the original limit of 150 billion.

Iswaran said it was timely to take stock of the legislation now that the casinos have been operating for two years.

I hope you don't truly believe that they are actually real and that they have really been operating for even the past decade.

The 24-hour courts that operated for several days last week have indicated what can be done to improve the efficiency of criminal justice.

I employed to operate for a guy who thought he was the greatest thing because homemade ice cream, and he loved to let men and women know it.

In 2% of cases operate out is used

Instead, it operates out of an office.

Ten of the 16 cruise lines operating out of U.

Many wholesalers operate out of wholesale markets.

However, the main headquarters operates out of an office complex in the Chicago area.

There are 800 fishing canoes operating out of Axim and some of the big canoes have 20 person crews.

The fourth department provides administrative support for all sections operating out of HMAS CRESWELL.

Western intelligence officials subsequently linked Rahman to terrorist cells operating out of southern Bangladesh.

Rather than operating out of public neighborhood spaces, contemporary communities usually operate out of private homes.

The office that IC operated out of until VERY recently was rented at a very cheap price from a friend of the founders.

Rather than operating out of public neighborhood spaces, contemporary communities usually operate out of private homes.

In 1% of cases operate like is used

God does not want us to operate like that.

If you operate like the wind, you can not be trapped.

This crop of GOPs have operated like the sleaziest Dem regimes ever.

Well there are some systems which already exist which do not operate like this.

This also deals with the legal environment in which the firms operate like the U.

In the West Bank and East Jerusalem, Israeli soldiers operate like storm troopers.

Corning is a large company (over 29,000 employees ), which operates like a small one.

The Noah Wylie character hasn't been written to operate like an out-of-control 14-year-old.

So it would operate like a town council then? Unfortunately, local government looks to be the new playground of the parties.

It has been shown that our body operates like a line of power poles, shooting electric currents along wires throughout our body in response to information it receives.

In 1% of cases operate without is used

Projects operate without regard to the nationality.

Vehicle Immobilisers are not ever allowed to operate without their credentials on display.

Health units in most municipalities are operating without power, drinking water or sanitation systems.

Operating without an out-and-out striker for a game Chelsea could not afford to lose meant di Matteo had to get it right.

No Inflation and No Bank Crashes This banking system can operate without any need for government regulation or political interference.

Pep and mourinho can not operate without a great big fat cheque book, which is why Pep is leaning towards chelski, if the reports are accurate.

In it, for the first time in history on this scale and to this effect, the Marshallian forces of agglomeration could operate without constraint.

Others, and probably the bulk of the responses, autonomously operate without being consciously attended to, and come to consciousness only when necessary.

Dickson Ole Kaelo said that there are now over 120 community conservancies outside national parks in Kenya, operating without government support and covering some 5 million acres.

In 1% of cases operate to is used

We shall also operate to Kolwezi and Mbuji-Mayi.

In fact, buses from the stand operate to many points in Europe.

All services between 8:00am and 6:00pm will operate to and from Leopardstown.

The market is not really operating to the satisfaction of the stakeholders.

We have publicised how the scheme will operate to all solicitors registered to do criminal legal aid work.

Business is just operating to a different drumbeat! When you go to a dance, the band sets the tone and drives the mood of the evening.

The Wicklow Way Bus Service, operating to an advanced booking system, meets the train from Dublin at Rathdrum, and goes to Glendalough and Glenmalure.

If it's possible to buy good players more cheaply, then surely, as a club which operates to a budget, we should buy good players as cheaply as possible.

In June 2012 the NDA said that Thorp will operate to 2018, and close after completing its existing reprocessing contracts, including those for the AGR fuel.

So called ' clean ' teams are still being expected to operate to the best of their ability, in a corrupt system, where teams continue the habits of the past.

In 1% of cases operate through is used

Such is their influence on the clients that they are operating through a network of agents.

The Council is operated through the offices of the elected representatives with the Town Manager.

There is another, fifth one, Samana, which operates through the navel region and causes digestion of food.

They can trust us to operate through their services and we hope that resonates through to consumers who are weary of paying by mobile.

The application can also be connected to other electronic devices that do not operate through any IP address, with the help of smart plugs.

They are in the dream world because the psyche is operating through the vital energy, the mind, the intellect in a diminished form, not in an active way.

Mr Kiondo explained that the so-called aliens were operating through agents whom they pay to ensure they have a safe passage from the Horn of Africa to Southern Africa.

I volunteered for their summer program located in Karanga, and it is a relatively new program that started last May and operates through the summer months until the end of August.

In 1% of cases operate outside is used

So we seem to be operating outside the worst case.

A group of British builders operating outside the O.

Irregardless, the best doctors could operate outside of the system on a cash basis.

But I think the major problem is cultural, because until 1994, MI6 had operated outside the law.

The Benefits Reward$ program is administered by the state and operates outside of the plan itself.

SEZs are regarded as foreign territory for the purpose of duties and taxes, and operate outside the domain of the custom authorities.

We will only succeed not by trying to influence the elite's own dog-and-pony show political framework but by operating outside of it.

Others made similar moves, and the distinction of operating outside the universities seems to be something forced upon them, not chosen.

And with capitalism emerging, beggars could not be allowed to operate outside of the labor market and in blatant defiance of the laws of supply and demand.

Of a total of 57 destroyer types and 30 submarines, 12 and 6 respectively were operating outside of continental waters, 12 and 4 were operating under ComNavFE.

In 1% of cases operate according is used

Since we are physicist we might prefer to think of the machine as operating according to.

No Interest Banks that are operating according to this principle would not be able to lend out money, because they do not own it.

Since we are physicist we might prefer to think of the machine as operating according to principles, say some set of mathematical regularities.

This shadow world of money, corruption, deceit and death operates according to its own rules, largely unscrutinized, bringing enormous benefits to a chosen few and misery to millions.

Countrywide factory is producing bovine muscle base, can be truly can strict will operate according to technological process, can achieve what the theory of recipe set is worth to do not have a few.

In 1% of cases operate between is used

A larger scale operates between teams.

Silja Galaxy operates between Turku and Stockholm.

The first ferry to operate between East LaHave and LaHave began in 1918.

His movement was timely as he operated between Honka's midfield an defence with great stealth.

Nonetheless, the best way to reach from Nagpur to Pune is by air as there are direct flights operating between the two cities.

A number of Maori were also exposed to the wider world as crew on ships operating between Port Jackson (Sydney) and the Bay of Islands.

Their recommendations resulted in a series of Travelling Post Offices being established from 1961 onwards, which were intended to operate between several of the larger centers of population.

In 1% of cases operate across is used

Many plain clothes public security officers operate across South Sudan.

A wireless network operates across a spectrum which overlaps with commonly-used devices.

Over the next ten years he built his commercial experience and also operates across the US.

Transport protocols operating across connectionless networks must implement congestion control.

Future energy production is going to be by renewable systems that operate across national borders.

A number of armed militia groups operate across and in the border areas and military operations against them are ongoing.

It operates across the private and public sectors, dealing in permanent positions, contract roles and temporary assignments.

In the private sector, there are more than 100 companies involved, with over 8,000 registered seed dealers operating across the country.

Where and when does it operate? The congestion charging zone operates across the centre of London between 07:00 and 18:00, Monday to Friday.

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