Prepositions used with "vacation"

"on vacation", "for vacation" or "of vacation"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 59% of cases vacation on is used

I did it when I was on vacation here.

Whether you're on vacation or business,.

You are on vacation in the Virgin Islands.

I was on vacation with my parents in New York City and we stayed at the Hotel Manhattan.

He said he went on vacation leave, then sick leave and after that he was pondering what to do.

Mix Business And Pleasure In Your Home Business Mix business and pleasure when you go on vacation.

Hurricanes on vacation were especially nuisance-some because no tropical postcard or tourist ad ever depicts a rainstorm.

You forgot a drab draw against Italy and a nearly-draw against Croatia in which they were on vacation for much of the match.

Fifty-six percent of Hong Kong workers said they are going to fit three hours of work each day even while they are on vacation.

Hopefully people who have recently went on vacation will volunteer to pass the good fortune along by watching someone's account.

In 11% of cases vacation for is used

Patrick's Day arrived I was home again for vacation.

It is a great place to visit for vacations and holidays.

So in august im going to new york for a few days for vacation.

Normal bookings are for vacation purposes and special permission must be obtained for function.

The airline says nearly a third of employees reported being too afraid to ask for vacation time.

A famous destination for vacation in Jamaica, Negril is almost a little country in Jamaica by itself.

Though the duo headed for vacation together innumerable times, this is going to be special as it would be their first outing after marriage.

Spouses and/or children who do not intend to reside in the United States with the principal visa holder, but visit for vacations only, may be.

Vacation Real Estate As referenced previously, many foreign nationals are buying different types of real estate in the Dominican Republic for vacation.

You can also use this as a simple planner or scheduler for vacations! Most of us do not know that some gadgets we use emit radiation that is potentially harmful to our health.

In 11% of cases vacation of is used

It sure brought back some memories of vacations down in the Bay Area.

Under General Settings, Change the status of Vacation Responder to On.

People take to cheap travel Europe to have the best of vacations for their holidays.

One of the things I miss about the Uk was the amount of vacation time we were allowed.

I consider myself an educated person, but like many Americans, I am only familiar with maps of vacation destinations, and war locations.

For a body weight-loss idea, attempt riding your bicycle in nice conditions as opposed to driving a vehicle or choosing different ways of vacation.

All work and no play? Don't forget to pay attention to the number of vacation days you're offered, as local companies typically start at 10 days a year.

I actually have tons of vacation and personal days, but I either don't use them or I take them in little bits (like every other Monday off during the summer, etc.

Since the fall of the iron curtain and the increased freedom of movement in the early 1990s, the Russian people have grown fond of vacations in distant countries.

In addition, Julie undertakes the Editorial Management for the Journal of Vacation Marketing, working in conjunction with the publishers Sage Publications in London UK.

In 6% of cases vacation from is used

When he returned from vacation before going home, she was already gone and he couldn't give her the souvenir.

We were coming back from vacation this past Sunday and it hit me that I didn't have to go get her from the kennel and I broke down.

It threw me for a bit of a loop when I got back from vacation, but it avoided the awkwardness of official discussion, debating, etc.

After returning from vacation, she described the picture in an e-mail to the New York Police Department, thinking of it as a sort of a compliment card.

These examples could come from vacation or part-time work; university clubs and societies; voluntary work; study at school or university; holidays and travel or personal and family experiences.

In 4% of cases vacation to is used

They were already looking for- ward to vacations and the chance to visit us in Washington.

Along with being the most popular time to visit, the high season is also the most expensive time to vacation in the Republic.

My hope is that people will want to come to Jamaica to vacation but also give back even a day to the community they are staying.

We want Jamaicans at home and abroad, travellers and anyone who loves Jamaica to know about this new and different way to vacation in Jamaica.

In spite of this, this difference in pricing can be easily made up when the rental of a condo unit saves you on many of your other costs related to vacation travel.

Although white dwarfs are roughly the size of the Earth, the star in the color picture looks blue like the Earth, and we all love oxygen, this would not be a nice place to vacation.

In 3% of cases vacation before is used

Action items and account information should be reviewed right before vacation time starts.

Preferably in the week right before vacation, there will be one last call with the client, so the sub can be introduced.

It's important to mention at the very least on the call before the last call before vacation that their account coverage will be changing for a bit.

In 3% of cases vacation during is used

This is especially true during vacations or holidays.

Not even texting! During Vacation: The person covering should leave as detailed of notes as possible about every little thing for the vacationer.

Know Where You Are Going It's a good idea to map out your trip ahead of time especially if you have several spots you want to hit during vacation.

We would also load up tile truck with as many students as we could carry, during vacations between terms, and visit the homes of the students to see their towns and meet their families.

They get the benefit of different cultures through those relocations, and the benefit of meeting other expat teens during vacation time but with the stability of the same school and all that entails.

In 1% of cases vacation in is used

I found that to be hilarious but at the same time, quite useful in case one should be in vacation and is in need of swim wear.

In 1% of cases vacation upon is used

The dossier alleged a continuing probe on The President and the possibility of his being indicted upon vacation of office.

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