Prepositions used with "tv"

"on tv" or "of tv"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 60% of cases tv on is used

I gave up on TV a long time ago.

I have watched fairy shows on TV.

Limited English channels on TV 4.

You can never get far negotiating on TV; it is not a very subtle medium, more a megaphone.

A little turkey, some cranberry mold, maybe apple pie with ice cream, some football on TV.

I had watched his cooking show on tv a few times but didn't actually know him or anything.

Simultaneously we need to restrict the negativity that is constantly bombarding us on TV and even from people around us.

Other times I'd watch Christian programs on T.V. and I'd look for something in between the ranting to restore my faith.

Away from the Internet there will be other challenges as the foremost revolutionaries will be spotted on TV news reports.

And while many watched coverage online and on TV, some like me, just couldn't stay awake to watch Obama's victory speech.

In 16% of cases tv of is used

I don't watch a lot of TV news.

Then again, I watched a lot of TV.

I know a score of TV directors who do that.

But in the land of TV and considering Jones's usual physique, she has piled on the pounds.

But the postprandial subject matter then was not the infidelities of TV stars or footballers.

Herbert found that in less than one minute of TV viewing, our dominant brain waves switch from beta waves to alpha waves.

Perhaps Victor hasn't made it clear enough that the fit of hysterics was not a direct result of Paul's line of TV patter.

It is a fantastic comment on the depth of TV trance, bread and circuses, beer and hockey to deaden the lumpen-prole masses.

CPM Predictions And that's without talking about relative effectiveness of TV vs other media which is a whole other article.

In 6% of cases tv in is used

Because directors are really poorly regarded in TV.

It is so persuasive that kids learn to mimic those in tv shows.

His very first debute was in TV commercial for a telephone company.

Maybe, their story can only take place in TV shows, but it does bring us so many laughter.

But I will comment on how this sort of scenario happens in TV and who holds responsibility.

His acting credits also include roles in TV drama / comedy series -- The Jamaicans and Joint Tenants.

Rather like actresses in the Bollywood films of the ' 80 's, the male actors in TV serials today serve mainly as eye candy.

In TV, you have to -- because what you think a scene is about -- the director wants you to go in a totally opposite direction.

Inrng, if the teams did decide to go it alone (and it is a big if ), asking for a share in TV and advertising a la F1, soccer etc.

But his tweets stopped as soon as Katie, who played tomboy Joey Potter in TV series Dawson's Creek, went public on her divorce plans.

In 4% of cases tv for is used

She said he definately is- he does the act for TV.

It appears IGSA is designed around the notation of creating content for TV.

It's the user-generated content model that the Internet has nurtured, adapted for TV.

Heres a few screenies of my Ember settings for movies: TV Shows For Tv Shows, I've it creating.

The poor NDX is now reduced to being a very expensive DAC for TV and Bluray duties as I am 90% vinyl.

And you -- like you say, because you're shooting it for TV, you've got to be able to get there quickly.

Made For TV: The Hit Factory - The Stock, Aitken &; Waterman Story It's been a muddled couple of months for Pete Waterman.

A fashionable thing for TV stars to do during this period was to release a pop record (providing you could actually sing!).

HF: What goals do you have in terms of work you'd like to do and life you'd like to have? DG: I still want to write for TV.

Do you think you've become the go-to guys for TV channel branding? It seems that way of late and we're certainly enjoying the projects.

In 4% of cases tv to is used

With it being an 8/10 compared to TV programming of its day.

I have seen 2 year olds glued to TV for crazy hours and playing games.

The popularity of these sites are a direct challenge to TV and newspapers.

To TV executives, this means good ratings and the chance to make money off a cheap franchise.

Not that I didn't love doing television because, you know what, I do really want to go back to TV.

Yechury ensured that he did not deviate from the text, read it out to TV cameras in English and Hindi.

We was one of the first people to take it to TV in battle for the Nokia stuff, Dynamix On TV, Nokia don't break the beat.

Nearly 30 years later, Robards returned to TV as a war-wearied Abe, writing the Gettysburg Address, in The Perfect Tribute.

Four political leaders admitted to newspapers and to TV that they had received the funds, which authenticated the Jain diaries.

From texting, to cell phones, to video games, to TV, to the internet, it's no wonder at all that the young can not stay focused.

In 4% of cases tv with is used

You might be wondering what any of this has to do with TV.

As with TV, more than nine in 10 listeners still tune in via traditional source, ie.

With TV apps you have that experience of transforming your phone into another device.

But we won't do away with tv, internet that will deprive us of entertainment, fun, knowledge.

News oriented programmes You can partner with TV stations to broadcast news in a unique format.

This all adds up to a growing consumer base who are engaging with TV through companion devices.

Evidence suggests that communities with TV encouraged greater autonomy in women and were less tolerant of violence towards women.

You will find a library with a big table and an extra room with TV's and headphones to practice your English listening and writing.

That's going to make the end game even uglier, methinks, but maybe it'll be his comeuppance at the hands of the other owners with TV deals coming up.

Google's Internet-connected TV, Google TV, has struggled to sign on programming partners and rumbled with hardware makers, and has not caught on widely with TV viewers.

In 2% of cases tv from is used

The amount clubs received from TV deals has jumped sharply this year thanks to new negotiating rules.

Not to mention all the revenues from tv rights and all that merchandise we sport to show our loyalty to the teams.

Chris our drummer's lying on the couch, and some dude walks into the room, looking for Dave Sitek from TV On The Radio.

We learn from TV, in a way that we don't from our immediate environment, that sex isn't uncomplicated and it may not be that easy.

In 1% of cases tv as is used

This was followed by show in Kenya, as well as TV and radio promotions.

It can start to think about sending higher value products through its credit system, such as TV or movies.

What is 16mm Film? If you want to Make a quality Film such as TV Shows or like them, you can use 16mm picture.

Casual observation of the media -- newspapers as well as TV news and talk shows -- suggest the law and order has slided a lot further in the months since.

The iPad employs Digital Rights Management to prevent users from copying or transferring certain content outside of Apple's platform without authorization, such as TV shows, movies, and apps.

In 1% of cases tv by is used

Their relationship with food isn't influenced by TV or magazines, or what's hot or not, or celebrity chefs.

The nasty school meal is assumed and treated like some rite of passage for kids often perpetuated by TV shows and movies.

They know us by TV news or by our musicians and it's not fair, but that's life! It's not pretty and a Bolt win every four years can not fix this damage.

This allegation was backed up by TV ads about Latham's time as Mayor of Liverpool, implementing City Beautiful town planning and micro-economic reform in accordance with the fashions of the time.

In 1% of cases tv like is used

You can utilize many mediums for advertising your website like TV, magazines, newspapers and other resources on the internet.

I'd talking about eyes that behave like TV sets! Those big bulging eyes on either side of this praying mantis head are compound eyes.

TIA: When can we expect to see this video on other medium like TV? Keyti: The video is already aired on some Senegalese Television stations and major Senegalese news websites like Seneweb.

Perhaps start with the smaller annual bills, like tv license/car tax or the likes so as they are saved for and add in one or two annual bills each year (as they are on a tight budget as it is).

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