Prepositions used with "stage"

on, to, in, of or by stage?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 64% of cases stage on is used

I was on stage till 2003 or so.

They don't like me being on stage.

Next on stage was Action Thrillers.

This government is no better than the last one-the actors on stage have simply changed.

It was impossible to stand still with them on stage -- this is why everyone went crazy.

And I'd still hoping for their day to come when the 5 of them are together on stage again.

My first view of Julianna Margulies dress was when she went on stage, and I was blown away with how beautiful it was.

More recently Holly has announced that she wants to be a comedian after doing a ten minute stand up routine on stage.

It felt completely age appropriate and was portraying the thoughts, fear and enthusiasm of the young people on stage.

I would be performing alongside bands like Ozwald, Bob Marley, The Wailers; I would get on stage and do a poem or two.

In 12% of cases stage to is used

Hunger develops from stage to stage until death.

Korea has a seven-year contract to stage this race.

Bao has potential to stage a truly exciting feature-length thriller.

They warned to stage a hunger strike unto death if Amitabh agreed to to go to Sri Lanka.

This prompted fans to stage a pyjama protest at this seasons ' Malaga v Real Mallorca game.

Lim Swee Say to stage a Peace Strike for the citizen of Singaporaen as you are the Labor Chief.

Fiach also plans to stage the work of the London Irish writer Martin McDonagh, who has also found success on Broadway.

Finally, Rosenthal himself said dryly that if he were going to stage it wouldn't he have had the men facing the picture.

That advance would be the signal for opposition forces inside Khartoum to stage a popular uprising against the government.

It has neither the arms nor the funds to stage a full-scale military invasion, so what we have instead is a war of attrition.

In 7% of cases stage in is used

Now while I'd cooking, I photograph in stages.

CEB workers plan to fall sick in stages from Dec.

Often, writers present their studies in stages (e.

Stay in stage 1/2 denial isolation and anger if you wish - but it won't get you anywhere.

You have to do certain things systematically, it must go in stages like the growth of babies.

It wants to capture a person's flavor of the green bean with no leaving its with a towel marks in stage.

All band members managed to maintain stage presence as well as a level of enthusiasm as they managed not to kill them selves on stage.

In the same vein, there are transformer IF (Intermediate Frequency) used eg in stages of change in frequency of the sending or receiving.

What is the Rite of Christian Initiation? The Rite of Christian Initiation is based on the principle that the process of conversion proceeds gradually, in stages.

In 6% of cases stage of is used

Any kind of stage, in any kind of place.

They demonstrate the alchemy of stage time.

There can always be debates about the nature and extent of stages.

Developers often choose to sell the units in a single development in a number of stages.

All this is about as far from the norm of stage 4 bowel cancer as you can possibly imagine.

The rule which awards time bonuses at the end of stages is also there for a reason, excitement.

This is the issue of stages of development, sequencing and offering the correct incentives, together with fair choices and equity.

Lee Pace stars as Bellini and is joined by an array of stage regulars: Bebe Neuwirth, Lorenzo Pisoni, Will Rogers and Richard Easton.

When Vector director Stuart Clumpas urged us in his thick Scottish brogue to take to the stage, I was surprised to feel not even one iota of stage fright.

MODULE 2: Stage Management in Production 2 Students will be assigned in the role of Stage Manager to one of the final year productions of the Bachelor in Acting degree.

In 2% of cases stage by is used

He creates you stage by stage in your mothers ' wombs in a threefold darkness.

But importance isn't always quantified by stage height or bulb wattage; not really.

Outlook by stage The outlook for breast cancer varies according to whether the cancer is diagnosed early or when it is more advanced.

BC Managers and Coordinators are guided stage by stage through a combination of a series of workshop sessions and filling-out questionnaires.

By stage coach in 1825 it took 30 hours to travel from London to Hull; by railway in 1845 it took 8 hours; by 1910 that same rail journey had been cut to 4 hours.

Abigail made her theatrical debut in Ashe's production of Curfew but her first appearance on the commercial theatre scene was in the hit play, Bashment Granny, produced by Stages ' Productions.

These countries do not belong to any particular category by stage of development or region; they include high, middle, low and very low income countries, they are to be found in several continents.

In 2% of cases stage for is used

We are pleased to announce the final list of participants for STAGE 8.

I wanted to be over there going for stage wins; I tried to get myself ready for it but it was just too short notice.

As others have noted, Christopher's colors are impossible for stage, where you need high contrast and/or color saturation.

For stage 1 breast cancers more than 90% of women lived for more than 5 years and more than 85% of women lived for more than 10 years.

For stage 2 breast cancers more than 70% of women lived for more than 5 years and more than 60% of women lived for more than 10 years.

Feature films such as westerns, thrillers, or musicals, and tragedies and comedies for stage, television, or film - all have their own conventions.

The area contains more than 500 tiny shops tightly cramped together selling anything from glittery costumes for stage shows to fake hair, cheap but reasonable quality clothing and accessories.

In 2% of cases stage from is used

Hunger develops from stage to stage until death.

We need not trace the history of this litigation nor need we examine its fortunes from stage to stage.

This slide series can help you educate people from stage 3 CKD through end-stage renal disease, one-on-one or in groups.

And, it is how you are going to go from Stage Two in the Cycle of Complacency to riding the wave of unlimited possibilities.

Recent events involved one of my clients contacting tongue cancer and within a span of 6 months, it has spread from stage 1 to stage 3.

He is never known to be in any one country for longer than a month always on a constant hop from stage to plane to studio to stages around the world.

Forty-five-year-old former smokers, for instance, were 30 percent less likely to die from stage 4 lung cancer within two years than were current smokers.

She was also suffering from stage three/tertiary syphilis which had grossly disfigured her face with pustules, although she had received some therapy in the form of treatment with mercury.

In 2% of cases stage off is used

As she dances off stage, he scratches reflexively at his crotch.

During his first bout of fame he tore his knee falling off stage in Ottawa.

Off stage I am Felecia -- laid back, jovial (giggles ), love to socialize and spend quality time with my family and friends (giggle again).

In April MGM films Elvis in a Hollywood recording studio, then films on and off stage during his 15-city concert tour, which is a big success.

On Saturday March 28, 2009, my performance at the Red Stripe Live concert was ended prematurely and abruptly, as I was stripped of my microphone and escorted off stage.

Once the punters arrive, the volunteers act as stewards, feed the crew, help bands turn over, moving gear on and off stage, registering instruments and working the box office.

In 2% of cases stage with is used

A separate barroom has a soundproof window with stage views.

Women with stage 4 tumours have a 5 year survival rate of around 13%.

My father has just been diagnosed with stage 4 agressive lung cancer.

I was diagnosed with Stage 1 cancer that that spread to the lymph node.

Less than 1% of people with stage three kidney disease develop kidney failure.

I was diagnosed with stage 4 indolent b-cell follicular lymphoma in June 2011.

My little sister, who has two small children, has just been diagnosed with stage 4 (metastatic) lymphoma.

Around 50% of women with stage 3 tumours lived for more than 5 years and 40% lived for more than 10 years.

About 1% of people with stage three CKD develop kidney failure, also called established renal failure or ERF.

He has performed with Blue Mountain Theatre (England ), Pragmatic Productions and now with Stages Productions.

In 1% of cases stage at is used

Content of Transition At Stage 4, choice is personal and subjective.

You should look at Stage 1 every 3-4 months and completely start again after that period and plan Plan A for the next 3-4.

It's a bridal shower along with the star set to look at stage could be the on recently, since it was originally restricted only to weddings.

I have noticed they do not give any scientific explanations at stage of cooking, may be because they are unaware of the scientific explanations.

If you stop diagnostics at stage two when the fault is at stage four, the fault is never uncovered and the company reinforces its belief that most problems are at stage two.

My background is in science and, indeed I have studied atmospheric and oceanic physics at Stage 3 level, so I have more chance of following the basic science than most people do.

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