Prepositions used with "television"

"on television" or "of television"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 51% of cases television on is used

It's not like it is on television.

I guess I'll just watch on television.

Homer watches wrestling on television.

In addition, expect to see a lot more of Beasley - and his mother - on television.

If I'd watched that at home on television I'd be in a ridiculously foul mood today.

There is absolutely no doubt that Top Gear is one of the greatest shows on television.

Then seeing it on television for the first time and seeing the models using the bag and wearing the cuff was amazing.

We've all been raised on television to believe that one day we'd all be millionaires, and movie gods, and rock stars.

For example New Zealanders use a great deal of Maori words, hell you can watch the Maori language news on television.

The 1936 Summer Olympics in Berlin were the first Games to be broadcast on television, though only to local audiences.

In 21% of cases television of is used

It was all because of television.

It claims to be the age of television.

Bow down to the current King of Television.

I think (McGinty) wants to go the sort of television route, anyway, so he went for it.

Lucy Liu on the set of television series Elementary while filming in Brooklyn, New York.

But nowadays people don't do so much of it because they watch quite a bit of television.

In my last post I questioned whether the advent of the internet in the place of television could, as Clay Shirky.

In 2000, it attracted almost 42 percent of the media market, far ahead of television (30 percent) and radio (7 percent).

Add to all of this the efficiency of Television in New Zealand vs other media, then TV in this country is very affordable.

It is also one of television's most acclaimed series, having won every major television award, most of them many times over.

In 6% of cases television for is used

A series of videos have been made for television and posted on YouTube to encourage participation.

What's the next goal for Enervee? Matthias Kurwig: We just launched the Enervee score for television a few weeks back.

Their video division, Where You Want To Be TV produces travel &; lifestyle programming for television, radio and the web.

If there's a marker for television serialization -- a scar of sensation worming up its scalp -- it's the cliffhanger ending.

Hallmark have produced a number of other genre movies and mini-series for television? see the bottom of the page for listing.

Produced by Making Movies and Gebrueder Beetz Filmproduktion for television the docu-drama is a New Zealand/German co-production.

That's all about to change, and the result couldn't be more bleak for the future of the Internet, for television, radio and independent voices.

The series also received nominations for four AFI awards, including Best Comedy Series, Best Screenplay for Television and Best Lead Male Actor.

Shawinigan was the host team, but the final was moved to Drummondville because the old Jacques Plante Arena was considered inadequate for television.

In 6% of cases television in is used

In television, he has written for MTV and ABC.

Kaji has worked in television since the 1980s.

Darlynne has a background in television news and oversees their video production division.

One week until what will be the most unbelievably entertaining night in television history.

But judging by the universally-accepted failure that was Apple TV the answer may not lie in television.

Increases in television viewing time and universal radio listening have also cut into the press reader-ship.

Letterman's place in television history, and it's highly unlikely that he would even consider forcing him out.

He graduated from Niagara College from their Broadcasting program majoring in Television Production in June of 2010.

It was not only one of the most watched television episodes in history, but it also cemented Hagman's iconic place in television history.

Scholars see an undesirable trend in television programming; the foreign minister of the United Arab Emirates has publicly refused to watch it.

In 6% of cases television to is used

The French press lost readers during the 1990s mostly to television reruns.

In 1986, he won BAFTA's Desmond Davies Award for his creative contribution to television.

Kahane points out that other print journalists have moved to television with great success.

In 1971 protection of the confidentiality of sources was extended to television journalists.

I still lament that I missed the video clip which he made to television under threat of the army.

In addition to television captures the beauty of the terrain, it is even more awe-inspiring in person.

Eventually both would make it to television, starting with lesser shows and moving their way to prime-time.

In the end, it all comes back to business for a league that has no problem drawing eyeballs to television sets.

His meteoric rise to television superstardom in the 1978 television Drama, never reflected his off-screen persona.

However, Benjamin's argument that images that are reproduced can acquire political meaning does make sense in relation to television.

In 3% of cases television from is used

If you read my comments, you will see that I don't get my news from television.

Also in the list of potential Eurosong acts are several new names, some that are already well known from television casting shows.

South of the border, in the English Premier League, things look a bit rosier: income from television alone is around 1 billion per season.

We can thus say that the phenomenological properties of television affect the kinds of experiences that audiences derive from television programs.

Respondents acknowledge that they were more likely to find good information about sex from television, books, movies and magazines than at school or with family.

From television to film, music to politics, journalists to philanthropists, athletes to authors, the following are 21 runners-up to our list of America's most famous and influential celebrity duos.

In 2% of cases television by is used

A leader can not be created by television channels.

Perhaps the fact that it was on a weeknight and constantly interrupted by television adverts didn't help.

I say it's best to know the truth instead of going through life being fooled by television and continuing the FW:FW:fw:FW!!! subject line emails.

But in the early 1970s Janice, inspired by television coverage of orphans left behind by the Vietnam airlifts, helped create a nongovernmental organisation for adopting Asian children.

Under Dublin's iconic spire, over twenty Irish fans waved flags and and placards, featuring Niamh Kavanagh and were filmed by television cameras as they cheered on this year's Irish entry.

In 2% of cases television with is used

It was true with cars, with televisions, with phones, with all manner of things.

Tellybug works with television production companies to build interactive mobile and web apps.

The live show featured interviews with television and movie stars as well as segments devoted to fashion on the red carpet.

He later moved to the UK to further his studies at the University of Bradford where he studied Media Studies with television.

He'll sit for a series of satellite interviews with television and radio stations and urge his supporters to get to the polls.

I recently spent may weeks working with television journalists to get the story of Ishi, one of California's most well-known Native person, accurate.

Her days were full of fantasy -- populated with television personalities she regarded as personal friends, and family members who had long since died.

In collaboration with television juggarnauts, Simon and Nigel Lythgoe, Ovation is gearing up to premiere a brand new kind of dance on television experience called A Chance to Dance.

In 1% of cases television as is used

We now have many radio stations as well as television stations dotted around the country.

It is also possible that these findings are not generalisable to other media sources (such as television and internet news).

The increase in the December 2011 quarter results from increased spending on furniture and major appliances, such as televisions.

In 1% of cases television into is used

This is her first excursion into television since quitting.

How do I become a CBBC presenter? Getting into television is pretty difficult.

Our advice for anyone wanting to get into television would be to get as many qualifications as possible.

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