Prepositions used with "target"

"on target" or "of target"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 40% of cases target on is used

Italy had 11 shots, with 6 on target.

So far things are apparently on target.

Australia had 8 shots, with only 4 on target.

They put 67% of their shots on target this weekend, by far the best rate in the league.

It's a comfortable and assuring to know that the work and planning have been on target.

Norwich had 2 shots on target, so our ' high line ' did not make that much of an impact.

I'd pretty sure we had more shots on target in the first half against QPR than we had in both those matches for a start.

It recently experienced some growing pains but the management team was quick to refocus and we are back on target stronger than before.

His conclusion about the Venus Resurrection date is most noteworthy because it is right on target with the Bride Theft resurrection date.

United also overcame Chelsea in an FA Cup semi-final on Villa's ground in March 1996, when Beckham and Andy Cole were on target in a 2-1 win.

In 21% of cases target of is used

So, number of target keywords is irrelevant.

The earning also fell short of target by 15.

The potential list of targets will be shorter.

For years, the IDF's Southern Command has built up a list of hundreds of targets in Gaza.

For example, 18,000 NHS sites were connected to N3 by January 2007, two months ahead of target.

Kolya 17 November 2012, 4:37 pm damon I have the impression that they go for a far wider range of targets.

Early in the afternoon Admiral Struble reported that owing to lack of targets the morning sweeps had been of very minor effect.

From the perspective of the population of target countries, the Greater Middle East Initiative suffers from two major drawbacks.

Early in the afternoon Admiral Struble reported that owing to lack of targets the morning sweeps had been of very minor effect.

OF particular interest has been the mooting of an adjustment of targets by the IMF some years ago (led by Olivier Blanchard) and the ensuing debate.

In 8% of cases target at is used

Announce that there's a huge sale at Target 233.

I just got a job at Target about three weeks ago and I just called in sick.

People don't understand that no, handmade arts will not cost the same as a factory produced item at Target.

I may not have ever been really good at it but at least I know what bit goes in the shoulder and what bit points at target.

The Wonderful World of Disney after download the girl she used to be pdf premiere last the girl she used to be ebook download at Target.

I quite often get sets at target on sale, they aren't all right but I find enough to keep my penchant for matching sets satisfied at a good price.

And I know they're taking over most of the Zellers to establish their chain, but the prices at Zellers were better in Canada than the prices at Target in the states.

Patricia Maribie, an editor at Target Publications, says she tries to make the language authors use accessible to different target readers in order to catch young readers young.

In 8% of cases target off is used

That poll is completely off target.

Dunne was off target with the conversion attempt, but St.

Great post guys but the bit about photos is a little off target.

A slight misjudgment in all three variables (speed, trajectory and height) will send the missile off target.

Do be aware though that its very directional, move it around 1 inch off target and you won't pick up anything.

Bojan toe-poked off target to ruin a promising counter-attack and Boateng turned a couple of good chances over.

GNE were always looking for Marshall, but the final ball was too often off target or he found himself without support.

But it's also very much possible that Calder was often off target (and Anthony is sure the former was) whenever accusing Osho.

Your expert who is helping you get your gun willl more than likely get you to stand with your toes at a 45 degree angle off target.

Arsenal just edged it Said Gary Linker, while Alan Hansen added QPR deserved a draw Despite their own stats showing possession Arsenal 70% QPR 30%, shots on target 10 -- 1, shots off target 11 -1.

In 7% of cases target to is used

In addition, one must match means to targets.

But somehow you select only to target the Lib Dems.

The Vice President's Award is presented to the partner company who has made a great contribution to Target's business.

She also writes a series of unsent letters to targets in the wider world that vent her pain and fury as well as her wit.

Apart from the question of who hit what, the strikes of 18 and 19 July raise questions as to target selection in a police action.

We took her to Target to pick out underwear, but used no other rewards (other than praise ), and it only took a week (with occasional accidents for another few months).

When the project broke ground last month adjacent to Target Field in the North Loop neighborhood, it signaled that downtown was about to join a new era of urban revival.

In 6% of cases target with is used

Organise 4 interactive sessions monthly with target population i.

But, the answer for dealing with Targets behaviour is don't shop there rather than government intervention.

Rich countries agreed to enter into a carbon cap and trade system with targets on greenhouse gas cuts written into international law.

The Wooden Base with Target base provides better attraction and the Explosive Base more power with the traps that hunters use early in the game.

With the staunch backing from these partners, we can start construction as scheduled in the third quarter of this year, with target completion by the end of 2008.

In 3% of cases target against is used

The Air Force had carried out attacks against the invading army and against targets of opportunity.

Maintain ongoing monitoring of the performance of staff against targets and take corrective steps if targets are not being met.

Technical performance of the systems NHS Connecting for Health monitors the performance of suppliers against targets for service availability, response times (i.

Joined hy Mansfield on the next day, Higgins covered the coast between 3630 ' and 3715 ', and the three ships fired 173 rounds against targets of opportunity along the highway.

In 3% of cases target for is used

She'd been used for target practice.

The result is a world where Michael Graves designs stylish toasters for Target and Martha Stewart brings exotic colours to sheets at Kmart.

In view of the unproductive nature of the day? s work the Valley Forge air group had flown pilots to Taegu to arrange for targets and communications for the 26th.

In 3% of cases target in is used

If you are in Target, say there is a code yellow 283.

Television advertising was measured in target audience rating points (TARPs).

At one point in December 2007 his funds owned a 10% stake in Target Corporation.

In 2% of cases target by is used

While he was in the hospital, serving patients, he was murdered by target killers for being an Ahmadi.

Yes, some fires have been started by lightning, and I read just yesterday that 10 or 12 of the smaller fires out West were started by target shooters.

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