Prepositions used with "schedule"

"on schedule" or "of schedule"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 37% of cases schedule on is used

Haydn Pounder serves dinner on schedule.

Wilcox then entered the Fort with his men on schedule.

The process is now over halfway through and is on schedule.

Manages the operations team to ensure all new site updates are implemented on schedule.

He was scheduled to address the sangat at 11 that morning and arrived at the gurdwara on schedule.

Interest and dividends from foreign financial assets must be disclosed on Schedule B on the Form 1040.

The Causal production is only a company that accepts the production schedule without any sacrifice of the quality.

Their staff were willing to assist with our strict requirements and they delivered to our expectations on schedule.

As I understand the work at Burchard is proceeding nicely and should be done on schedule if not a little bit early.

Nevertheless the elections went off on schedule, with large popular participation and few noticeable irregularities.

In 28% of cases schedule of is used

Negative Variance % indicates % behind of schedule.

News that Vidic is ahead of schedule are very welcome indeed.

What happened was a natural reaction of passengers to a sudden change of schedule.

It opened on 4 November, six months ahead of schedule and A$50m (pounds sterling25m.

Yet despite all obstacles loading of the division was begun on 8 August, two days ahead of schedule.

If we proceed from that, we can then turn to the targets as they are set out in Part 1 of schedule 5.

Both teams have just three wins, but the Rams get the benefit of strength of schedule to push them down the order.

Aerobic classes happen to be commonly scheduled at different days and instances to accommodate the majority of schedules.

Rule 1(m) in Chapter II of schedule D of the Act which explicitly obligates pps 6/11 the Mayor to keep this aspect in mind.

Still addicted to her meds, I treated her for the addiction and she was able to go into a treatment facility ahead of schedule.

In 12% of cases schedule behind is used

We're behind schedule (= late).

It was already years behind schedule.

Parts of the process get behind schedule.

Due to choppy seas they were an hour behind schedule.

When our project fell behind schedule we hired a consultant.

They were behind schedule due to offshore reefs and tricky tidal currents.

The reason why deficit reduction is behind schedule is because one of the impacts of the spending cuts is to depress growth.

The Canadian company is hemorrhaging money and people, and is so far behind schedule that even loyal fans in key markets like the U.

There were about 20 people there in this huge auditorium! We were already behind schedule and the local production said they couldn't help.

After a quick breakfast at McDonald's (well, I went to Starbucks ), we were on our way on the Air Asia flight, which departed behind schedule at 6.

In 10% of cases schedule in is used

A complete list of convention countries can be found in Schedule 2 of the Family Law (Child Abduction Convention) Regulations 1986.

Back to top Can I cross credit my degree? Yes, if your degree is listed in Schedule 3 of the Real Estate Agents (Licensing) Regulations 2009.

If your degree is not listed in Schedule 3 of the Real Estate Agents (Licensing) Regulations 2009, you will need to do the prescribed qualifications.

This difference in schedule is quite awkward when you want to visit international conferences, since many major conferences fall in the first two weeks of the second teaching semester.

In 5% of cases schedule to is used

Things don't always go according to schedule here.

Open final, where the only consistent thing over the past five years has been that very little goes according to schedule.

Artists are very passive and only perform in the front, but that does not mean they also know how to do promotions and attend to schedules.

In 2% of cases schedule with is used

Having to deal with schedules can be the hardest parts of backpacking.

At this time of the year, it's littered with schedules, whiteboards, demos and rigging.

In 1% of cases schedule about is used

No, it's not about schedules, deadlines and appointments.

In 1% of cases schedule by is used

Omitted by Schedule of the Adaptation of Central Acts and Ordinances Order, 1949.

In 1% of cases schedule for is used

Check any visitor centre for schedules.

See the recreation programme for schedule of classes.

In 1% of cases schedule per is used

Badr further said that free and fair elections would be held as per schedule.

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