Prepositions used with "route"

"on route" or "of route"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words

    In 39% of cases route on is used
    Take exit 7 off I-295 and travel west on route 44.
    Vessel already proven on route, fast buck to be made.
    The Way is 77 or 94 miles - 124 or 151Km dependent on route choice.
    On route to Linton Lock An Open Compact Archimedean Screw was designed for this project.
    Take care from the moment you arrive at the airport, the train station and on route to your destination.
    Option 3 contains many variations on routes including more substantial running in Lake Shore Boulevard.
    On route 108 you will also find Stowe Village and Smuggler's Notch State Park, a great place to relax and have a picnic.
    Although no funding was appropriated this year, a SRTS request is on route to be included in the Governor's budget proposal.
    Outside a convenience store on route 70 there were 2 people, a young man and an older woman waiting to register people to vote.
    Take the Exbury Ghost Train through pitch-black tunnels and be spooked senseless by skeletons, scarecrows and other ghastly ghouls on route.

    In 23% of cases route of is used
    route 94 ends at the intersection of route 14 where you will take a left.
    The route via the Western Breach is among the least used combination of routes on Kilimanjaro.
    There are 200 to 250 wagons of routes 1, 6, 21, 1-C and 7 plying between Rawalpindi and Islamabad.
    Ann's Traveling clockwise around the Cabot Trail, you'll face a choice when you come to the juncture of route 312.
    He said there is a need to rehabilitate roads within the metropolis to enable easy access of routes of the streets.
    Crossing the Sahara has for centuries been limited to a handful of routes linking the Mediterranean with sub-Saharan Africa.
    With walks ranging from leisurely excursions to challenging days out, the festival offers a number of routes and offers something for everyone.
    Another dog followed and I had to think of routes to walk them where I could let them off the lead to get some serious sniffing and exercise in.
    I do grasp the essentials of ferry operation, though, and these are that trip costs are a a function of route length, and the number of trip cycles per day (i.

    In 15% of cases route to is used
    It took us three days to route Iraq's army.
    It is an alternative way to route the cables.
    Various holes and space to route and hide your wires.
    I start creating my views and learnt how to route requests.
    I made a template to route the rough-cut hole to the final size.
    If the owner who buys the bike wants to pay the premium to route the line that way, let them.
    The lyrics to route to Nowhere will be in every single persons head at some stage in their lives.
    The site was adjacent to route 63 and had easy access from the Merritt/Wilbur Cross Parkways, making it an ideal site.
    Taking on board you know in advance that Gary is going to route for James to win, and I assume Tulisa will do exactly that also.
    Systems with a centralized, smart master Controller might want to route Jobs dynamically by sending them to the appropriate locations.

    In 6% of cases route along is used
    And the potential for economic growth extends far beyond this quaint little farming community, which for years was known as little more than a cross-roads along route 30.

    In 4% of cases route with is used
    There are many roads that intersect with route 7A that will lead you to other great sights such as route 108 and route 9.

    In 3% of cases route at is used
    At route 44 turn right and return to I-295.

    In 3% of cases route by is used
    These efforts are being augmented by route incentive schemes.
    Terak Pass, used by Italian traveler Marco Polo on his way to China in 1271, is one of several high passes used by routes passing through the Pamir.

    In 3% of cases route onto is used
    You can also take a detour onto route 52 to see Megunticook Lake.
    You can then turn onto route 94S and continue through North Foster.
    Take route 14 through Scituate, turn left onto route 116 and travel north.
    Our driver, helped by a few back-seat directions from the Governor, finally got onto route No.

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