Prepositions used with "record"

"on record" or "of record"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 38% of cases record on is used

There are written confessions on record.

We do not hold any payment details on record.

The 6 worst years on record for wildfires in the U.

In a report, the agency says the past decade in Europe has been the warmest on record.

So far, legislators from both parties have rarely been called to put a vote on record.

And 2009 ended up being the second warmest year on record in the GISS data at the time.

Culture has proved to be one of the few acts in reggae that can always be relied on -- both on record, and on stage.

The figure is just 6mm off the total for 2007, which was the wettest June on record dating back more than a century.

The warmest and driest April on record was followed by wet and damp conditions in May -- just as the midges hatched.

Mourdock on record for saying that he intends to be divisive, closed minded, combative should he make it to Congress.

In 34% of cases record of is used

Manner of recording evidence 354.

Language of record and judgment 265.

I have a small collection of records now.

This may result in the loss of important evidence and force the re-creation of records.

And the chime of record, team and vision was geared to emphasising this central message.

The tradition of the New York Times was to be the paper of record for its liberal readers.

If you do nt create indexes, with your primary key, delete operations over 1000s of records will be massively slow.

If these cables seem large, think about the 500 million users of Facebook or the millions of records kept by Google.

I went to America, and I had a lot of records, rare groove, funk and disco and that's why people would ask me to DJ.

The Gazettes: The London, Edinburgh and Belfast Gazettes are the official newspapers of record in the United Kingdom.

In 8% of cases record in is used

Our fans have engaged with FIFA 13 in record numbers.

Bolt had earlier won the Men's 100m race in record 9.

Satan is squeezing &; stealing the souls of the people in record numbers.

Major constructions were built in record time? though the quality of some was dubious.

University counseling services report that students are going to pieces in record numbers.

A portion of 6 may have been a bit excessive for just one man, but I snarfed the lot in record time.

For Inchon, as for Pohang, the planning was necessarily carried out in violation of all the rules and in record time.

I'd really fascinated with the amount of effort they went to in recording these Assignments so many years after the fact.

They abstain in record numbers, complaining -- quite understandably -- that it makes no difference how they cast their ballots.

Helen Wheels, Dora the Destroyer, Na omi Cannibal -- shutters would be nailed down and the coastline would be evacuat ed in record time.

In 5% of cases record to is used

If I were starting out again, I wouldn't listen to records.

The treasury should be adequately long so that damage is not caused to records.

These adults have spent decades seeking access to records, trying to find their birth mothers.

But many evenings we spent around the cozy fire in the living room, reading or listening to records.

Brooks to socialize with her twice in December, according to records released by Downing Street last Friday.

This review applies only to records that are of permanent historical value and less than twenty-five years old.

Sometimes I use a tablet to record the route (battery life is much better than my smartphone) when I need that info.

Whereas active files are stored in office accommodations, semi-active files are frequently transferred to records centres.

For the most part, these procedures refer to how, in practical terms, the file classification scheme will be applied to records.

As it happened, they were almost correct, because I found, when the Army Commander finally gave me access to records, that these had not been looked at before.

In 4% of cases record at is used

Unemployment at record sustained levels.

Building permits are at record highs, prices keep going up etc etc etc.

US, German and UK Bond yields at record lows are saying that deflation is the future.

The 29-year-old star first heard of the allegations from head of publicity at record company Polydor.

The fact that most of this debt was achieved at record low interest rates is no reason for self-congratulation.

Besides all that, the timing of the strike was patently daft: it started in the spring when coal stocks at power stations were at record levels.

Rates have lingered in a tight range close to or at record lows for the better part of the fall, and I don't anticipate this situation changing any time soon.

If you look at records for safety and environment, BP is not that different from every other oil company and is better than many non-oil based refining industry.

We're also right next to a post office, so people come in and at night there's always a lineup, so people kill time looking at records while the line dies down a bit.

But increasing tensions with Iran drove a set of Persian Gulf nations -- Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates and Oman -- to purchase American weapons at record levels.

In 4% of cases record with is used

Increased solar flares have nothing to do with record temperatures.

Talking of taxpayers, many Australians are getting a bit fed up with record breakers.

And of course, this only helps the artist in terms of his leverage with record labels.

However the later one turned out to be insanely unstable with records not even getting IDs, so in the end I just gave up.

She's been busy enough in the interim with records for Nature Bliss and Room40, including a collaboration on that label with Lawrence English.

Really, I'd lucky that I've not had more catastrophes with recorded music, and the snapping Roy Harper CD is just one of those rare salutary lessons in good jewel box conduct.

A deal announced with record label Scooter Braun was also brokered in advance, and planned to be announced at the right, strategic, time, so as to give the campaign a further boost.

For example, let's take a realistic look at this much publicised notion that the majority of artists will decide to go it alone in the digital world, dispensing with record companies completely.

Things are still active but cooling quickly all around the Northern Hemi with record snowfall events continuing in places like Canada, Switzerland, France, Albania and parts of the United States.

In 3% of cases record for is used

They're going for records in all the wrong ways.

This service is 100% free for record labels and production houses.

And this should come in form of a minority view/report for record purposes.

The signed text is then enrolled for record in the Office of the Registrar of the Supreme Court.

The SoundCloud DropBox is especially useful for record labels who want to organize and centalize the demos they receive.

They hope to study the deep rocks and mud for records of past climate change and to see if the deepest regions of Earth could harbour life.

The Onus for record company profits will be on finding, and promoting and selling greatly talented artists that the public will eagerly spend their hard earned money on.

I held off on finishing the paperwork for the Realtor to submit the Short Sale, and submitted the QWR yesterday to both the lenders attorney &; the court for record of the request.

The socialist state attempted and often succeeded in controlling almost all cultural output, this is particularly true for record companies, publishing houses, broadcasters and theaters.

In 2% of cases record by is used

Dogged by Record in Massachusetts During his single term in the governor's mansion, Mr.

Money that might have gone into saving for a new car is sucked up by record oil profits.

For the British people themselves, there has been a renewed pride in the country -- helped of course by record gold medals.

If most of the couch change is being vacuumed out of the economy by record oil profits, then money with the highest velocity drops out.

Sadly, this particular poll has become hopelessly compromised in recent years by record labels successfully lobbying judges for votes for their priority acts.

In 2% of cases record from is used

The November boom follows on from record midge numbers this summer.

Good Hope was, from records available, built by Colonel Thomas Williams in the year 1744.

Makes me think that they are building a data base from records that come through the house of commons or constiuency offices.

Malcolm In The Middle's latest album is Malcolm In the Middle (2000 TV Series) Which is released on 2001-02-06 from record company Restless Records.

Remember that this comes from records and our experience, not from a crystal ball, and that Africa's weather patterns are becoming increasingly unpredictable -- probably due to global warming.

In 1% of cases record between is used

But really, the amount of time between records is irrelevant.

It really freaks me out having three or four years between records.

A &R:; This services allows artists to bridge the gap between record labels and producers.

There may be only a tenuous or no connection between records, and the contents of files may normally fluctuate.

Evidence resides in the relationship between records, that is, related records must be filed together for context to be constructed.

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