Prepositions used with "radio"

"on radio" or "of radio"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 27% of cases radio on is used

They were listening to radio on radio WOW FM.

Most played song catalogue in the world on radio 2006.

Just heard about the machine on Radio 4 Material World.

In 1994, in an interview on Radio Zagreb, Laibach were asked: Are you happy now? War is here.

It will still be heard on radio from the collections of other stations, notably Irie and RJR.

As well working on 3rd Degree, Duncan hosts the Drive show on Radio LIVE beginning on Monday 3 December.

She is now the chief editorial writer and a columnist at The Independent and regularly appears on radio and television.

Many of these Fir Bolg and indeed Mna Bolg now turn up on Radio shows advising us how to change the country for the better.

Tom Robinson picked up on that on 6 Music, then I made another EP a month later over a week, and that was played on Radio One.

In 22% of cases radio of is used

Decay of radioactive atoms is not predictable.

He was truly the ' Golden Voice of Radio Ceylon.

Hertz (1883) the discoverer of radio waves, and (1894) P.

Returning in 2008, he did a series of radio reports for NPR on the city and urban growth.

He also met American physicists and remained abreast of developments in the field of radio.

Outside of Radio there are other activities you can get involved in to help your development.

Current State of Radio and Television Stations Some 250 French and foreign channels are accessible by cable and satellite.

The spetialist consulted by devageet said that he had only seen such deterioration ina jaw bone in cases of radio exposure.

She is legally blind with only 10 % vision, and she told listeners of Radio Nova FM that one day she will be totally blind.

At GBC, Sammy earned a living installing programs and training GBC staff in the technicalities of radio equipments and software.

In 12% of cases radio to is used

They were listening to radio on radio WOW FM.

Our friend Sean Gabb is no stranger to radio or TV broadcasting.

More public and private support should therefore be given to radio.

Islam does not allow swimming in the sea and is opposed to radio and television serials.

But I want to listen to inane rambling in-jokes and parody songs, so I listen to Radio 1.

Radio Amateurs are duly licensed radio experimenters who are dedicated to radio communications.

Dean Stockton I used to listen to radio when it was advert free but listen less &; less now due to the amount of adverts they play.

He also appealed to radio stations to ensure that political party activists and social commentators show decorum in their discussions.

However Abu Taher's attempt to bring Zia again to Radio station with a view to make statement in line with JSD ' view of revolution again failed.

Governmental policies related to radio, television, and newspapers are the responsibility of the Finnish Ministry of Transport and Communications.

In 11% of cases radio in is used

I have even done a course in radio broadcasting.

At a young age it is very hard to get practical experience in Radio.

So the way we do this in radio astronomy is you make individual dishes.

I got the ear plugs back in, got back in radio communication and pitted when they told me come down.

This in itself can be a good thing as it will gain you vital experience for a professional job in Radio.

I hold a certificate from RABODEF in Radio Broadcasting and I am a wizard as far as computers are concerned.

Thanks! I Second Tune In Radio! I was listening to Christmas music all day! It doesn't drain the battery much at all.

People start listening to the radio at a very young age so the inspiration to work in Radio is injected very early on.

The first stop on the NBC tour is the Sharp History Theatre, where visitors learn about NBC ' ' s early days in radio.

LDG autotuner: because of the wild and pointless diversity in radio interfacing, LDG makes a bunch of autotuners for specific radio models.

In 7% of cases radio for is used

Wait till you see the JNLR figures for Radio OTR.

Channel 37 doesn't count -- it's reserved for radio astronomy.

I'd also a novelist and have writing credits for radio and television drama.

I was busy doing interviews for Radio Freethinker so I only caught a few moments.

He's the director of the National Centre for Radio Astronomy Research in Perth, Western Australia.

When I write songs now, I write them for festivals or the arenas and then tweak them slightly for radio.

Those that have heard the song say that it is a very strong pop ballad, with lots of potential for radio play and chart success.

Journalist Farhan James Abdulle, reporter for Radio Daljir - Galkayo branch, was murdered at around 20:10 on Wednesday, 2 May 12.

It is very possible for radio jamming to accompany a terrorist attack, for the purpose of preventing communications and increasing destruction.

A set of ethical codes for radio journalists has been established by ACORAB, which is in addition to guidelines issued by the Press Council of Nepal.

In 7% of cases radio with is used

Love the new single - that will do the job with radio play.

He made the announcement in an interview with Radio Pakistan on Thursday.

The animals had been injected with radioactive isotopes in the USSR and the USA.

The commentary was read by Pdraig O Raghaillaigh, a noted Irish-language broadcaster with Radio ireann.

Pecher injected rodents and cows with radio strontium from 1939 until the time of his suicide in August 1939.

I arrived, and our publisher just hit us with radio, TV, newspaper, magazine interviews, non-stop for a month.

All the rooms are well furnished with radio alarm clock and tea and coffee making facilities being standard in every room.

In an interview with radio personality Don Imus after her book came out earlier this year, Broadwell described her first meeting with Petraeus.

I fell in love with radio in grade school, but was kept off the air for 30 years because I found traditional code training just too frustrating.

In the 1970s the family moved to the United Kingdom where Vernon worked briefly with Radio Worldwide, the radio project with WEC and then joined BBC Radio London.

In 4% of cases radio by is used

That's the message they're sending out by radio.

Major debates are, however, often broadcast by radio.

BT are going to find themselves increasingly pressured by radio technologies.

They are developing their own taste and are not being dictated to by radio or TV.

Six of the 10 songs on the album were banned by radio at the time of its release in 1974.

By radio not only will one be everywhere able to hear one will everywhere be able to speak.

This is reported by Radio NZ news and must bring fears about the NZ economy even more to the fore in the government's mind.

The community media workers are observing the codes voluntarily, which has enhanced the keeping-up of ethical standards by radio professionals.

It was banned by Radio Eireann at the request of Kevin's Mother and was not played on the Irish Airwaves until she passed away in the late Fifties.

In 1948, for the first time, it assumed responsibility for the weather forecasts broadcast by Radio ireann, which had been provided from London in the interim.

In 4% of cases radio from is used

Dakovo from radio Moutian and Mr.

Voice over, from radio: Lara: Mayday, mayday, mayday.

In fact, many people learn foreign languages mainly from radio and TV.

Share on Rate the story Leave Comment I have heard this news from Radio Free Asia.

So, everybody that uses wifi in the world, that standard came from radio astronomy.

And they stayed put for almost 22 years, being retired from radio on August 26, 1981.

Even the SETI project assumes the order they are looking for from radio signals and the like is a result of intelligence.

Chris Smith from radio 2GB in Sydney is hoping to be able to broadcast his show that day from Parliament House on that day.

The belief apparently is that money comes from the government, as food comes from Safeway and cell phones from Radio Shack.

They came under fire from some of the contenders who were there and from radio talk show host Tom Joyner during his introduction.

In 3% of cases radio at is used

Radio 1 Presenter Chris Moyles started his career at Radio Topshop.

There is no discernible interest in him at Radio Four, where he did much of his greatest work.

The great Radio Shows that flow and keep you interested have usually been well planned out in advance.

At 18, following his high school graduation, Beck relocated to Provo, Utah, and worked at radio station KAYK.

While in Jamaica during the festive season, Father Lu utilized the opportunity to promote his latest singles at radio, and appeared on HYPE TV's Up and Live show.

After Accra Academy, he did his National Service at Radio Universe and then moved on to the School of Administration, University of Ghana, Legon (now the University of Ghana Business School).

That was a 21st century Rockette -- Christopher's was more an 80? s rockette; illusion netting with sparlkles? It's been done a million times, more of the same we've seen for years at Radio City.

In 2% of cases radio through is used

Through radio tracking, the probe estimated the planet's gravity field.

Through radio and television we stay in touch with world events in our living rooms.

Announcement of Results to the Nation is done by the Commissioner through Radio and Television from his office.

I have instructed all ministers to address the public through radios and TVs to discuss the progress of their ministries.

As discussed earlier, electricity is a rare commodity in the village and so is the television Warnings were relayed through radio.

Working to improve local quality and community participation through radio is a partner of FrontlineSMS, and that is Developing Radio Partners.

You could also send robots that could be manipulated at a distance through radio signals to make fine-tuned repairs and adjustments to instruments.

One thing people are forgetting is that we the DJ's promote the songs through radio, clubs, and events we play after the engineers and artist record the songs.

Of course, Vegas first paid respects to Sir David Rodigan at the KISS FM studios for a long anticipated interview before taking to catch up with his UK fans through radio and press interviews.

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