Prepositions used with "plane"

"on plane", "by plane" or "of plane"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 28% of cases plane on is used

Once on plane, the hull should run relatively flat in the water.

To help get the boat on plane, trim the outboard right in (or down).

I'd sure the same can be said of any person who's spent much time on planes.

The boys I loved who put on uniform, the ones who would n't, the ones who got on planes.

But I sleep so well on planes that I was never awake enough to order any, so we had no champagne.

Patriot9878 Some people on planes are pure arseholes, but for the most part they know what to do.

Some people have a lot of trouble sleeping on planes due to the unfamiliar people, uncomfortable seating, and noise level.

The extra lift at the back of the boat puts the hull on plane more quickly and the downward force keeps bow rise to a minimum.

Not all Members expressed joy at having to return, but several budget airlines reported a ' scramble ' for seats on planes home.

Any device maker who doesn't contribute financially to the testing won't be added to the new updated list of approved electronics devices on planes.

In 26% of cases plane by is used

Or if they are they won't do so by plane.

You can get there just as cheaply by plane.

By Plane: There are no airports in the Gilis.

The flight by plane takes only 45 minutes from Dar es Salaam and 1 hour from Zanzibar or the Selous.

To avoid any unnecessary issues when travelling by plane, make sure any gifts you bring are unwrapped.

You can also travel by plane to Lombok, the large island nearby and then take local ferry to the nearby Gilis.

MNAs who travel by plane, bus or train may be reimbursed for the cost of an economy class ticket as well as related costs.

The basic plan of attack by both sides was that the enemy? s ships were to be destroyed by planes launching torpedoes or dropping bombs.

A mere three hours away by plane, Varroa-free Australia harbours nasty bee diseases like European Foulbrood and the Israeli Acute Paralysis Virus.

First Korean War Carrier Air Strikes, 3? 4 July 1950 A North Korean railroad train is attacked just south of Pyongyang by planes from the joint U.

In 26% of cases plane of is used

The runways are able to handle a variety of planes.

It would have to do it for every different model of plane in its fleet.

There, he busied himself flying every type of plane he could get his hands on.

Up in the sky -- it's a bird; it's a plane; it's a Christmas tree formation of planes.

Use trains or boats instead of planes for longer journeys to minimise carbon emissions.

Another General brags his troops will jump out of planes without parachutes, if that is what he orders.

I presume you have properly established who these ' People ' are, who want media persons and journalists to jump out of planes.

Over dinner and photos of planes, Hoover admitted he'd had 20 crashes, including one where he clipped off the wings flying between two trees.

Over dinner and photos of planes, Hoover admitted he'd had 20 crashes, including one where he clipped off the wings flying between two trees.

They determined that travelers in the back of plane could have literally walked away from the crash, but those in the front wouldn't have been as lucky.

In 4% of cases plane for is used

Leave Moosburg for barn 4 kilos out to await turn for plane.

Therefore, a reader could see a vacation ad on a financial blogs because he has been searching for plane tickets recently with the same computer.

Here we get two equations, one representing planes which are separated by at most a distance of two, and the other for planes separated by 2 to 4 units.

In 4% of cases plane in is used

I wouldn't choose to fly in plane that the consensus of experts has declared unsafe even if some.

I have flown in planes thousands of miles across the world and I always assumed that one of the pilots would be sleeping at the controls while the other kept an eye on the autopilot and dials.

In 4% of cases plane to is used

The first thing you notice is how easy the board is to plane.

He is never known to be in any one country for longer than a month always on a constant hop from stage to plane to studio to stages around the world.

Zeppelins died out because a) they were freakishly labor intensive compared to planes of that era, and b) they tended to twist into animal shapes in bad weather.

Passenger air companies grew for the duration of this period, and due to planes such as the Trimotor, they remained profitable for the duration of the nice Depression and Earth War II.

In 4% of cases plane with is used

From the palistinians that started with plane hijack, to osama bin ladin, to our own mutallab, pant sucide bomber, has shown to the whole world what they are.

The United States supplied Batista with planes, ships and tanks, but the advantage of using the latest technology such as napalm failed to win them victory against the guerrillas.

In 2% of cases plane between is used

On the way home from France to New Zealand we spent a couple of hours in the terminal between planes.

By then, all the flights of China Eastern and Shanghai Airlines will be performed at T1, shortening time for passengers transferring between planes.

Things That Go Wrong When Flying to JRO Luggage Delays: Luggage is frequently delayed, having failed to make the connection between planes as quickly as passengers have themselves transited.

In 1% of cases plane against is used

More laser attacks against planes.

In 1% of cases plane like is used

You can get a lot of noise interruptions, like planes flying overhead.

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