Prepositions used with "par"

"on par" or "at par"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 49% of cases par on is used

Kyle is not on par with Alan Jones.

It's priced on par with the iPod touch.

For me, pedophilia is on par with murder.

Overall production values and vicious action put Samurai II on par with console 3D brawlers.

It tends to be coping on par or perhaps even better compared to any available anti-depressant.

The opposition parties want the proposed independent commissions because they are powerless now.

So putting Open vSwitch inside of ESXi would at the very least bring it on par with or ahead of hypervisor alternatives.

With a street price that frequently drops below $200, the WB150F offers image quality on par with more expensive cameras.

The award ceremony put Skinner on par with many of the top coaches in the country, a feeling that he wasn't quite used to.

The Cruze may win over plebs used to older Kias but it's not on par with better cars, and its reliability is below average.

In 17% of cases par at is used

What we have is TV, which is at par.

No forces, being, thing, names are comparable or at par with the almighty.

But in ancient India, philosophy (Darshan) was treated at par with science.

Both were at par in terms of techniques but the round, it was the guest from Bayi who won.

The Reg S/144A five-year issue was priced at par with a similar coupon and yield to maturity of 6.

But in the next few years, others may be at par or even beat the games category such as productivity tools.

Hamara players ithar tigers, uthar? BCCI should look into this problem and prepare pitches at par with foreign pitches.

To be convinced of this, it is only necessary to look at England, France, Poland, Russia, and India, when the exchanges are at par.

Car wrapping is more affordable and effective plus it produces results which are at par with the results traditional full body painting.

During his interactions, Zardari said the government was committed to bringing less-developed areas at par with other parts of the country.

In 12% of cases par to is used

They make sure the salon is up to par as far as cleanliness.

The flight was good but the landing wasn't up to par at all.

The sound system may not be working up to par, or sightlines are obstructed.

Its limitations mean that it's not up to par as either a productivity tablet or a fun one.

You can get latest and up to par tips plus information pertaining to Windows xp 7in the webpage.

If they looked not up to par, what would the client think? ' ' Is this mess really working on my brows??? ' '.

You can find recent as well as up to par material not to mention information related to Home windows 7in a lot of our blog.

Thus, according to PAR Theory, children's psychological adjustment is closely linked to perceived parental acceptance or rejection.

This would bring the functionality to par with Apple Maps, which is why some pundits still think Apple will not approve the app when it is submitted.

Mindful of the fact that the Army Reserve -- soldiers, sailors and airmen -- must be as up to par as regular soldiers, sailors and airmen, can my right hon.

In 7% of cases par below is used

India's pace department is below par.

Malinga was below par and too much depends on him.

A lot of players performed below par in that game.

On performance, therefore, Fletcher has gone below par and can, at best, be given four out of 10 marks.

He's currently rated 160 and hasn't been off the bridle yet, aside from his Sandown defeat to Fingal Bay when he was below par.

Had the below par Ashley Young converted his penalty, England would have led 3-1 and the pressure would really have been on the remaining three Italian penalty takers.

The bonds were quoted, no longer mens timberland boots at a hundred below par, but at twenty, at ten, and at five; and paralytic old Lord Albemarle bet even in his favour.

Just experience the entire handbook and have an understanding of then do exactly what is told and concurrently never hope any variations or perhaps any down below par results.

In 7% of cases par under is used

They're now 42 under par, which is a new PGA record.

But one birdie and one bogey added up to a one-under par 71.

All was going well for Appleby and he walked off the 16th green at four under par.

The two time champion, who his playing his first New Zealand Open in 10 years, carded a one under par 71 to be in a share of 17th place only four shots back.

Feng's partner in the team event, Liying Ye, ended in share of fourth place on seven under par alongside Italian Diana Luna, who led the tournament outright after 13 holes.

Norway's Espen Kofstad was also on his heels, with five under par after 33 holes, and German Martin Kaymer, currently fifth in the Race to Dubai, four under par after 32 holes.

Both played well and, after hours on foot, with Marko scoring under par (gross) and Gen at even par -- with most of the holes won by birdies -- it was Sarmiento who edged Nagai, 2-up.

In 2% of cases par above is used

Thankfully contrast and brightness are slightly above par for a budget handset.

Although a cultural slap in the face that can be quite easily parodied, the service here is definitely above par.

And if gilts were held to redemption rather than being sold, the redemption value is likely to be lower than the purchase price paid by the APF, since most of the gilts were purchased above par.

In 2% of cases par in is used

Today the importance of the acceptance phenomena as described in PARTheory and elsewhere has come to encompass all relationships across the lifespan.

In 1% of cases par for is used

He told me to always aim for pars and the birdies will happen in the process.

He showed that at The Barclays, making a 15-footer for par on the 17th and a birdie putt from about that length on the 18th to finish alone in second.

In 1% of cases par over is used

Even though he's currently 30 over par and 70 shots off the lead with only 6 holes left to play we'll be tracking him relentlessly and exclusively to see if he can mount a comeback.

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