Prepositions used with "offer"

"on offer", "of offer" or "to offer"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words

    In 69% of cases offer on is used
    Wide range of breakfast on offer.
    What's on offer: A full time role of 37.
    A high-end concierge service is on offer too.
    This is great for tourists who wish to see the many stunning places Japan has on offer.
    Hence, the problem is with the answers that are on offer, and not the question after all.
    This will require a very different set of political choices than those currently on offer.
    The scarcity of jobs has resulted in many job seekers lowering their expectations, thus depressing salaries on offer.
    Lloyds TSB has 1,500 on offer but this is tiered to help students manage their finances effectively over three terms.
    With a three month paid internship on offer on Mint's Foundry programme, the chosen 8 were keen to impress the panel.
    Like the student loan, a student overdraft is an immensely cheap method of borrowing on offer exclusively to students.

    In 11% of cases offer of is used
    It's not because of lack of offers.
    This kind of offer makes it easier to move.
    Apple seems to be enjoying these types of offers.
    As TNW even admits they get all kinds of these types of offers from people they review.
    Click the kind of offer you want to make: In Store Only, In Store &; Online or Online Only.
    Companies that the majority of offer janitorial services are hired created by the management of these buildings.
    NMP Team allows you to search through a list of offers from those seeking partners for their collaborative projects.
    The law of mistake, applied to this stage, certainly may gain in importance compared to the law of offer and acceptance.
    Hence, we seek to make the process simpler by explaining some common terms and conditions you will find in a Letter of offer.
    Postgraduate Courses Deferral of offer to postgraduate coursework will be dependent on course availability and fee structure.

    In 11% of cases offer to is used
    Malaysia has got a lot to offer.
    I am open to offers above 1,000.
    I think they have a lot to offer the world.
    Altogether, it sounds like Resident Evil 6 has a lot to offer, right? Well, yes, it does.
    Ghana's electoral history does indeed have a lot to offer other countries across the continent.
    Rich in archaeology and the history, the city has a lot to offer for those in search of culture.
    Possibly it was required in some ways as we grew but this year it became clear that others have a lot to offer, right.
    You should also inform Sri Lanka on what Malaysia has to offer and what Malaysia would like to do in Sri Lanka as well.
    For updates, changes to offers, additional offers and other information, please visit the Cardholders ' Bonus offers Page.
    From the times I met you years ago you seemed like a very nice, decent person with a lot to offer and that's all that matters.

    In 3% of cases offer with is used
    Acknowledge that your **27;1790;TOOLONG members are getting walloped with offers.
    They are phoning us like crazy with offers to chat etc but will change nothing to suite us too.
    Now the firm is the fourth Irish borrower in just eight days to be inundated with offers of cash from the bond markets.
    Who is the public? The Securities Act 1978 and its regulations are primarily concerned with offers of securities to ' the public '.
    However many of the hotels we work with offer wheelchair access and our van is easy to use with plenty of space for passengers with wheelchairs.
    We are a lively village and you may even have constant interruptions with offers of advice so you would need to ensure that you get on with your work in the allocated time.
    There are lots of people who want / wanted (I know a lot of people have given up with offers of help) to help, to give their support to what is still the best return to flight project ever.

    In 2% of cases offer about is used
    We can send them text messages about offers.
    Isolated beaches scattered about offer a few watery pleasures.
    You've gotten several emails from different people about offers -- theirs and their affiliate partners '.

    In 2% of cases offer for is used
    Action: Sketch out a few ideas for offers.
    Geo-location allows you to search for offers near you -- but few work at weekends.
    Do not pay for offers of guaranteed entry to Canada or faster processing of your application.
    Estate agents Savills are looking for offers in the region of EUR25m for the historical a content summary only.
    Look for the holidays calendar year about by looking for offers on facts you know you will certainly be buying the next season.
    Several gals come with an persistence for offer the almost stylish, classy as well as exceptional totes because of their collecting.

    In 1% of cases offer as is used
    Not to mention all the paid features such as offers and Promoted Posts.
    Their new nfl jerseys is generally simillar to that particular along with Alex Rodriguez, as well as offers because warm furthermore.
    This website is to serve as a news resource for the film which is due out February 2014 as well as offer an online community for fans to discuss the film.

    In 1% of cases offer by is used
    Be careful not to get fooled by offers too tempting that might force you to pay far more expensive than starting.
    Yeah, its a little self-centered, but customers are attracted by offers that point out the things that benefit THEM.

    In 1% of cases offer in is used
    Take special care in offer your answers.
    Being trained in, or near by the local area you want to teach in offers a number of additional benefits.
    They were equally aggressive to bad balls and watchful to occasional good balls in offer from the Rajasthan bowlers even with new ball.
    The Community rallied round and spread the word, sent in offers and discounts, asked their friends and turned up on the day in huge numbers.
    Rajasthan took the new ball immediately once it was in due at 81st over, but inspite of the swing in offer late into the day, their bowlers didn't stop spraying the ball all over the pitch.

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