Prepositions used with "trial"

on, of, to, for or without trial?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 21% of cases trial on is used

Omar is the first to go on trial.

The laws has taken them on trial.

He was put on trial for murder and convicted.

Richard Morgan, 32, of Tantobie, County Durham, is on trial for the baby's manslaughter.

Nargis ' mother, brother, brother-in-law, uncle and aunt are now on trial for her murder.

During almost fifteen centuries has the legal establishment of christianity been on trial.

Three other ageing top former regime leaders -- including her husband, former foreign minister Ieng Sary -- remain on trial.

Just this January, a sovereign accused of trying to shoot a police officer during a traffic stop in Hurst, Texas, went on trial.

We have modernized our laws against international piracy to make it easier for Seychelles courts to put on trial pirates captured.

Contrariwise, the principal object of the prosecution -- and a judge or three along the way -- was to ensure that the war itself was not put on trial.

In 20% of cases trial of is used

Right of trial by jury--due process of law.

This kind of trial and error experimenting develops curiosity.

Perhaps patience and trust during periods of trial and testing.

Thus, we require an infinite sequence of trials in order to define such probabilities.

Limiting relative frequencies, we have seen, must be relativized to a sequence of trials.

He has always been loving and good to me, so I will not desert him in this hour of trial and agony?

I shall never live happily if I can not, in his hour of trial and doom, let him know that one heart is grateful to him.

Innovation is Iterative Great innovation, like great people, typically is not born; it is the result of trial and error.

Corruption was a factor in lengthy delays of trials, which were subject to witness tampering and intimidation of victims.

And therein lies the answer to why Chelsea managers have such a short half-life, it has been a matter of trial and error so far.

In 18% of cases trial to is used

One pleaded guilty; the others went to trial.

No mastermind has ever been brought to trial.

Then, the case is brought to trial and decided by a jury.

I would have loved to have Obasanjo brought to trial, because then we would know the truth.

Citing court records, TMZ reported that the divorce case was heading to trial later this year.

The goal is to get the judge to deny summary judgement and allow the case to proceed to trial.

According to the National Human Rights Commission, 90 percent of those eventually brought to trial were not convicted.

Conrad Black: In the US system, 97% of prosecutions end in guilty pleas and 85% of cases that go to trial are convictions.

When a case goes to trial it is the strength of your barrister that assists in winning a case -- not any actions of a solicitor.

The others, Randy Graham and Bradford Metcalf, go to trial and are ultimately handed sentences of 40 and 55 years, respectively.

In 13% of cases trial for is used

Yakubu Gowon could not be roped in for trial.

You can use these generating functions for trial runs.

If the defendant enters a not guilty plea, a date for trial is set.

Offence data The offences committed should be provided along with the date and location for trial.

Dean was committed for trial and appeared before Justice Windeyer in the Supreme Court in April 1895.

Preliminary Hearing: A hearing in which a judge determines whether the defendant should be held for trial.

Now our own sinhalese people are picked up for trial (at least not for killing ), now we see the danger closer to home.

But an appellate court recently suspended the legal proceedings because of concerns about his mental fitness for trial.

The Court Case If your personal injury case can not be successfully settled, it will be scheduled for trial before a court.

The problem is at 70 my dad's unlikely to be eligible for trials as it seems they rarely invite his age group to participate.

In 10% of cases trial without is used

Over eighteen hundred men were interned without trial in Britain.

It was better when he was in detention at the Kashimpur Prison without trial.

For a person to be abducted, then to state he is arrested and now he is convicted without trial.

During this time, the Government made new laws that said it could put M? ori in jail without trial.

At the time 22 social activists, lawyers, journalists and church workers were detained without trial.

Imprisonment without trial and the effective suspension of Habeas Corpus were, indeed, controversial.

It seems to me that this Womens Student Union are themselves guilty of issuing a conviction without trial!

The indefinite imprisonment of former LTTE cadres without trial is also harming the reconciliation process.

LawyerSubhas Anandan was detained for 10 months without trial under the Criminal Law (Temporary Provisions) Act.

The Guantanamo Trap - In 2006, Murat Kurnaz was released from Guantanamo Bay after being detained for 5 years without trial.

In 6% of cases trial in is used

Let's hope she does not experience either in trials.

Procedure in trial of person under section 339 324 339A.

A firm believer in trial and error, he encouraged constant experimentation.

Absolute risk reduction for mortality is less than 2% in trials conducted before 2005.

Record 371 *** in trials of certain offences by first and second class Magistrates 355.

Record 371 *** in trials of certain offences by first and second class Magistrates 355.

Developers of the Arrow II, which has so far proved itself only in trials, boast a shoot-down rate of some 90 percent.

The baffled King is not only David who is baffled but the story of coming to faith in trial where revelation is coming but not yet understood.

In trial testimony, Hayes told officials he had tried to kill himself numerous times by slashing his wrists, crashing a car into a wall and tying clothes around his neck.

In 5% of cases trial at is used

That she easily triumphed at Trials in the 100m in a national record of 10.

But anything one says in a deposition can be used to impeach that person at trial, and thus what.

Of special interest will be the soldier's confession at trial, if indeed he faces the death penalty.

I also believe that Powell was not well enough to compete in the 100m although he finished third at Trials.

Former Twin Cities recruits have testified at trial that he used his knowledge of the Qur'an to preach jihad.

Believing that it showed Gates being uncooperative and evasive, the government introduced the deposition at trial.

Meanwhile, general Mladic is a hero in his home country and a criminal in Western Europe, at trial at the ICC for war crimes.

Ieng Thirith has been widely believed to have Alzheimer's disease, affecting her memory and ability to confront evidence against her at trial.

At trial, the trial judge excluded all of the evidence obtained holding that the search breached the defendant's (respondent 's) rights under s.

In 3% of cases trial by is used

Choosing by trial and error was not very natural.

So we have found, by trial and error, that 8:1 is the ideal ratio for adult rural literacy learners.

Sentencing: As soon as a defendant has been found guilty by trial, a hearing is set to determine the imposition of the sentence.

By trial and error, I found that the only way of keeping them at safe levels was to drastically reduce carbs to about 130 grams a day.

Lawsuits brought forward by trial lawyers must be controlled to keep the fradulent cases at a minimum and also to place caps on awards.

One of the hallmarks in the general practice in Bangladesh judicial system is that criminal cases can not be transferred by trial courts.

Elimination by trial and error may help reduce the itching; remove any new or foreign products from the skin and monitor the degree of pruritus.

Unfortunately there are not very many formalized examinations on these, you learn them continuously at times by trial and error, yet they aror the diffeignore that matters now.

In 3% of cases trial Through is used

Through trial and error it finally made money.

Through trial and error you'll eventually get it.

Many of life's lessons are learnt through trial and error, and this is no exception.

There are guides hammered out through trial &; error, vote &; veto, concensus &; discord.

However, little do they know that even perfectly happy couples go through trials and tribulations and yours is not an exception.

But through trial and error, and through finding a few tricks that work for me (labeled bins, the clutter catchers ), I have gotten a lot better.

We are completely self-taught through trial &; error, and sometimes looking up information on the internet using search engines &; discussion forums when required.

In 2% of cases trial with is used

With trial and error, you will discover what works best for you.

Together with trial and error, of course, 99% of the time it was just the error part I managed to get right.

Additionally, the streamlined size made it much easier to navigate indoors, with trial participants ranking it on par with conventional wheelchairs.

Instead, she feels sorry for those who are faced with trials and difficulties: she hastens to help them and is filled with compassion for their suffering.

Your path to the top is lined with trials and difficulties and gaining experience outside the safe playgrounds of your own projects is a critical step in the right direction.

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