Prepositions used with "base"

on, of, off, at or in base?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 22% of cases base on is used

Cole had at least one runner on base in every inning.

Romney is leaving a lot of runners on base in this segment.

Rodriguez has been on base 7 times in 14 plate appearances.

Why on earth would we touch this guy? He'd be a total waste here, he doesn't get on base.

Today was 1 for 5 with a infield hit and 2 outs with bases loaded and left 8 men on base.

I think moving to the leadoff spot has certainly helped to re-focus him on getting on base.

Also, it should be obvious that a team with a high OBP will score more runs: you rarely score when no one gets on base.

Who cares if he's 26 and hit 24 HR last year while in Minnesotta including 15 HR in that humongous ballpark, he can't get on base.

A couple of days ago Zim had 2 bases loaded situations with less than 2 outs and did nothing while leaving 8 men on base that game.

The guy who doesn't whiff has a better chance of getting on base, becuase fielders sometimes kick grounders, throw the ball down the line.

In 21% of cases base of is used

The set of base functions for Equation 2.

The year end bonus for the managers in the store can be up to 150% of base salary.

July 19, 2005 The BRAC commission votes to add NAS Oceana to the list of base closures.

I have been involved with the game of baseball for over 30 years now as a player, coach, and consultant.

Ability to add any city to the Earth map Ability to disable the displaying of base cities and leave only.

By the 1990? s, he took up the high-risk sport of BASE jumping, which involves parachuting from a fixed object.

As long as they remain under a third of the unit in terms of base size I suspect you'd have few problems with most TOs.

He also has thrown out 29% of base stealers over his 8 year major league career, which is slightly better than Thole's 27%.

So that is one major bit of base broadening you would have opposed at least pre ACA (except on a ' the worse it is the better it is ' Leninist principle).

The war in Korea, moreover, was in a sense a suburban war, and one must go back to 1898 to find in the American experience a parallel to this proximity of base and combat areas.

In 14% of cases base off is used

This is an example of where you are way off base.

And with apologies to your Hub, I don't think you are off base here.

Heres how you can know that these anti-Santa people are way off base.

I think Robert Reich is off base as usual regarding the merits of a single payer system.

To say that one form of media dies because something different comes along is way off base.

To make sure I was not totally off base, I thought I should check out the definition of ' old '.

Only two thoughts come to me and I got ta be way off base! First is some kind of adai (crepe ), but confused by the nuts, I.

Judgment can be accurate and it can be wildly off base, but the biggest thing about judgment is that there is no way to escape it.

The realessage should be the big bold wording, in this campaign what they think the message is and what they are communicating are way off base.

If you put something out there in public, yeah we can turn it off, and yeah, we absolutely can call someone out for being tasteless and off base.

In 11% of cases base at is used

Tuck in the end ot the paper at base of lamp.

Romney is, at base, an empathetic and caring man.

Overdraft fees should be capped at base rate plus 4.

The rampart is 9 feet 6 inches to 10 feet at base, and 6 feet 7 inches to 7 feet at the top.

Mortgage rtes should be capped at base rate plus 3 per cent, again giving a good return as the borrowing is fully secured.

The D200 may be better at base ISO, but the auto WB and jpeg engine on the D200 is atrocious and anything above ISO 400 or 640 in lower light is unusable.

In 8% of cases base in is used

This computer works in base ten which is a nice touch.

This series comes in base coat, top coat, volume and long lash.

Namibia 26 Australian companies operate in Namibia, mostly in base metals, diamonds and uranium.

Unsurprisingly, anti-poverty groups have embraced the report's call for an immediate increase in base rates.

In 7% of cases base for is used

It can review numbers both for base monthly support as well as proportionate shares of special expenses.

I think a lot of the broad support for base broadening is based on hatred of the mortgage interest deduction.

Do the same as I instructed for base station installations, except this time cut your RG-8X to 20 feet minimum.

The Via Ferrata cliff was Miss Roslan's favourite spot for Base jumping and she had been there many times before with her partner.

I plug android hard, and it used to be if someone wanted a smart phone just for base smartphone features and wanted something stylish and reliable.

In 6% of cases base from is used

The pearl is almost 20cm from base of cap.

When read it would simply be converted from Base 4 back into Base 2 (Binary).

They were seen flying from bases in California and the United Arab Emirates.

He who earnestly seeks, and is willing to learn, should exert all his strength to tear himself from base thoughts, which must chain him to earthly things.

Numbering more than 13,000 men, the paratroopers were flown from bases in southern England to the Cotentin Peninsula in approximately 925 C-47 airplanes.

Bucket Tote handmade by Maze &; Vale - handprinted linen and cotton with genuine leather handles, stands 32cm tall from base to brim and is 26cm wide - $45.

In 5% of cases base with is used

Swatches of Metallic Silver are done with base coat.

Today was 1 for 5 with a infield hit and 2 outs with bases loaded and left 8 men on base.

Her death is the fifth in connection with Base jumping in the Berner Oberland region this year.

The review unit that I got is the Aftershock X11 with base specifications and prices start from SGD$1,230.

On one evening, we walked through a people's public park which was literally filled with people, along with some art hanging on trees made with bases of plastic litre bottles.

In 3% of cases base as is used

Still in Capernaum, he goes straight to Peter's house, from a public meeting to a domestic scene, to the house he will use as base for his ministry in Galilee.

In 3% of cases base to is used

Players subject to base year compensation can not be traded before Jan.

They could easily have converted the data into Base 4 before encoding it.

When read it would simply be converted from Base 4 back into Base 2 (Binary).

Or just do a straight conversion to Base 10 (Decimal) in order to convert to ASCII to read the data.

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