Prepositions used with "occasion"

"On occasion" or "of occasion"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words

    In 62% of cases occasion On is used
    Everyone gets angry on occasion.
    We advise each other on occasions.
    Suarez's history goes before him on occasion.
    Cruz, entering his final year before free agency, has played left field on occasion.
    I am not the only one that has had to have plain pasta with no sauces on occasions.
    There are those nonetheless who feel that George Clooney can, on occasion, do wrong.
    Once we adopted Cora and Dusty, I stayed connected with the rescue, offering editing and writing help on occasion.
    This is rarely successful, but they have been known to reconsider their punishments on occasion and to review cases.
    The most frustrating aspect is the slow pace in the office and it can be difficult to get things done on occasions.

    In 31% of cases occasion of is used
    Goh spoke on a number of occasions.
    He had done this on a number of occasions.
    Just 20-30 minutes a couple of occasions a week is fine.
    In fact, he said on a number of occasions that he had no WMD and he was telling the truth.
    Mysterious with the intruders, a diabolical chain of occasions was established in movement.
    The Homestead Park Residents Association (HPRA) has engaged Ismail on a number of occasions.
    Foundations have played a significant role in changing the course of professional education on a couple of occasions.
    I think in terms though of it exhausting me to the point of a breakdown, I think that's happened on a number of occasions.
    In any event, staff has attempted on a handful of occasions this fall to steer council toward a common and coherent policy.
    Linzen has claimed that global warming has stopped on a number of occasions over the years, he just keeps changing the date.

    In 2% of cases occasion to is used
    Women need to raise to occasion, not by being arrogant, unruly or pushy, but through, acquiring broad knowledge, dialogue and change of thinking.

    In 1% of cases occasion for is used
    The clothes in Thredz kurta shalwar collection 2012 for men are great for occasions when traditional attire is required.
    I love a good rummage through Topshop, New Look, Dorothy Perkins and H &M; too, and for occasions I love my yellow Jovani evening gown.
    Arrest is a major infringement of the rights of the detained person and it should be reserved for occasions when said person is plausibly supposed to be guilty of a crime.

    In 1% of cases occasion in is used
    And, far from lessening a soldier's courage in occasions of danger, they actually serve to fortify it.
    But also in occasions when material lose more fat head of hair compared to necessary, then it time for you to determine why this has took place.

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