Prepositions used with "loan"

"on loan" or "of loan"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 38% of cases loan on is used

It's all based on loans and massive debt.

There would be an 18 month moratorium on loans.

Arsenal may have to settle for Benayoun on loan.

You can find a number of websites which provide information on loan rates all over the U.

The financial troubles have not gone away and the glamour signings are only there on loan.

It must have been slightly galling to find himself back at Leeds on loan earlier this year.

If this were a case of people defaulting on loans that they had freely taken out, I would see the situation differently.

At eighteen, he was sent to Eibar on loan -- being forced to see his team struggle at the bottom of the Spanish top-flight.

Boselli started only five times in the first part of the 2010-2011 season before going off to Genoa and Estudiantes on loan.

Romelu Lukaku - On loan at West Brom this season after a disappointing start to his football career in England with Chelsea.

In 31% of cases loan of is used

Renewal of Loans and overdrafts.

But a very easy source of loan capital.

Poor repayment of loans received by farmers.

Before signing for this sort of loan, do your research so you know what can be expected.

All told, NAMA is expected to take control of 80bn of loans over the course of six months.

A mortgage advance is the total amount of loan actually provided to the buyer, by the lender.

For availing ideal loan option, credit seekers can homework and assess a great deal of loan presents in this function.

The FED is keeping interest rates low with the hope of making the public demand money from banks in the form of loans.

Department of Education (for example, you withdrew from school within a timeframe that required a refund of loan funds).

In 10% of cases loan for is used

It has made big provisions in the accounts for loan defaults.

We manage our risk by not necessarily going to Banks for loans.

Copies of this Style Manual are available for loan at UNSW Library.

Can we withdraw the PF for a recently purchased flat? Basically, bank provides 80-85% for loan.

However total operating expenses excluding provisions for loan losses increased by 29 percent to Sh2.

In principle, you might spend the money for loan in 1 to 2 days, then go forward with the daily life.

If you're a taxpayer, you get stuck with guarantees for loans and securities based on home prices that are too high.

But we know the truth of a ' cut ' in a passport office, a PDS shop, a police station, govt bank for loan (list is endless.

The debate about whether banks are lending enough to businesses? or whether the demand for loans has just shrunk? will continue.

In 9% of cases loan to is used

This extends even to loans and credit.

I refused to loan money to any of them.

They were the ones that pushed the banks to loan to everybody.

He agrees to loan me the money via a card payment, but that card is at home and he's at work.

It compelled banks to loan money to people who couldn't pay it back and guaranteed the loans by the Fed.

Strategy B) the bank quietly refuses to loan to the widget maker or any other business in the real economy.

Other realtors see positives arising from interest rate cuts, which will continue to apply to loan amounts capped at J$4.

Somehow I convinced her to loan me the money, and I left the TI store with all the required hardware and a copy of Enchanter.

In the UK we have a large number of small businesses doing very well and they could grow and be successful given access to loans.

In 5% of cases loan in is used

It had $95 billion in loans to individuals and corporate clients.

It's not as if the ECB has loads of cash to dole out in loans itself.

Other multilaterals have also provided millions of dollars in loans and grants.

So far 326 women entrepreneurs have benefited from over Sh20 billion in loans from the bank for development activities.

Mr Akuffo said GAB had worked closely with the Bank of Ghana to provide transparency and uniformity in loan pricing by banks.

The more you give of your time to finding funding for your college, the less amount of money you're going to need to borrow in loans.

Banks were losing money in loans to people who could not repay them and whose collateral, the value of their property, was less than the value of those loans.

Yet to truly have an impact at Arsenal or initially at Wigan but has shown enough in loan spells at Feyenoord and Bolton to suggest this Japanese winger has what it takes.

In 2% of cases loan from is used

From loan I just altercate Television for computer extramarital liasons Misplaced.

Tamil farmers were benefitting from loan and agricultural services provided for the whole country.

Table 3-1 Net Transfer of Resources to Capital-Importing Developing Countries 1979 1980 1981 1982 1983 1984 1985 (billion dollars) Net Transfer from Loans (all IDCs) * 30.

And the ONLY way that it can be overcome is to go around it by changing the PARADIGM, the idea and form of CONSUMER finance from loan ONLY, to DIVIDEND, and loan if desired.

In 2% of cases loan with is used

I guess I can also show they have not been up font with loan modification.

Essien was linked with loan moves to Arsenal, Juventus and AC Milan before he sealed his Real Madrid loan deal.

Make sure you pay all your bills on time, keep up to date with loan repayments and pay off your credit card each month.

Harian Metro quoted Md Nazri as saying that the Dinesh was part of the ' Viva Nanda ' gang which is suspected to be involved with loan shark syndicates.

In 1% of cases loan as is used

This is really is big fright for the people who depnds on this income for various things such as loan, food, rent, etc.

So what is this loan modification? A change in some terms of a mortgage loan, which facilitates the mortgagor to make the monthly payments, is known as loan modification.

In 1% of cases loan by is used

We lost market credibility and this is why we have had to be bailed out by loans from our EU partners and the IMF.

As predicted by theory, group-based lenders are much less affected by loan default rates when they raise interest rates.

Most of the proceeds will end up in commercial banks, adding to their reserves and enabling them to expand their liabilities by loans and open market purchases.

Since the other banks are in a similar position, it seems that something like one quarter of the total endogenous money created by loans has gone outside the banking system.

Things like the sum you pay out for the curiosity and the proposed residual price (what they count on the car to be value at the conclude of the lease) will fluctuate by loan company.

In 1% of cases loan PLUS is used

Your PLUS loans can not be included.

PLUS loans, like other federal loans, come with a fixed interest rate.

I'd a parent that took a PLUS loan to help pay for my child's education.

The government does not pay the interest on your unsubsidized loans (or on any PLUS loans).

The Perkins Loan also offers better cancellation provisions than the Stafford or PLUS loans.

Interest will continue to accrue on your subsidized and unsubsidized loans (including all PLUS loans).

If you are a parent PLUS loan borrower, then the loan may be discharged if you die, or if the student on whose behalf you obtained the loan dies.

O'Brien and her daughter co-signed a private student loan from Sallie Mae for $24,000 and a $30,000 Parent PLUS loan, a federal loan program for parents.

These loans can also be consolidated, like the Stafford and Perkins loans, and parents are fully responsible for repaying PLUS loans to the lender after they are distributed.

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