Prepositions used with "guitar"

"on guitar" or "of guitar"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 38% of cases guitar on is used

ISDP emerged after dean (drummer) wonder if he could play drums after he felt that he sucks on guitars.

Why, you ask? Because the chords in these keys are easier to play on guitar, so songwriters tend to stick with them.

They eventually formed Lionize with Bergman on guitar, Chris Brooks on keyboard, Henry Upton on bass, Mel Randolph on drums, and Tim Sult on guitar.

I am speaking of such people as Lowell Fulson, and of course the incomparable T-Bone Walker, who as much as anyone is BB's most direct influence on guitar.

The band worked with him to get the best sound, with particular input from Lefty Bates on guitar and Red Holloway, as designated tenor saxophonist and joint arranger.

MUG is led by Ulmer on guitar, bass and vocals; Cathy Lowry on keyboards, flute, recorder, bass, vocals; Steve Herald on drums; and Jimmy McCutchen on guitar, bass and vocals.

I use to back up melody players with my DADGAD taylor but now i wanted to learn tunes on guitar (I really wish to start with Ulliean Pipes hehe) as i saw on Arty mcglinn and others.

Her backup band was made up of some of the Bay's local talent; Steve Russell on piano, Greg Lyon on bass, Geoff Smith on guitar, Dave Sanders on drums, and backing vocals by Leigh Carriage.

The variations on guitars, strings, drums, keyboards and brass also certainly express the clarity of the production, leaving it difficult to believe that it was recorded over thirty years ago.

In 22% of cases guitar of is used

Tens of thousands of Guitar Pro format files are available on the Internet.

A lot of my favourite records have lots of guitars and lots of different sounds going on.

Guitar lessons for beginners are given to those people who desire to learn the art of guitar playing.

As the set seemed ready to close, a couple of guitar chugs from Could You Be Loved told everyone what was coming.

Was there someone in Strange Idols like that? What kind of guitars did you use though? Davey: I played a Fender Telecaster Thinline mostly.

It's not really that major of a song and it does suffer in comparison to other Smiths songs by the lack of guitar and bass, but it's still an excellent b-side.

Then there are the consistently brilliant Errors, who should be enormous: an electronic trio combining wandering synth melodies with stabs of guitar and unfathomably tight drumming.

With Warning you could sense that the band were aware of their importance and influence in the world of guitar music but they also recognised that some sonic reinvention was in order.

In 11% of cases guitar for is used

It mostly hold cable and repair tools for guitars.

He then signed up for guitar lessons with renowned instructor Joe Satriani.

Being conscious of bass lines and developing moving bass lines appropriate for the tune is a major role for guitar and piano players.

It will also write tablature for guitar, banjo, mandolin and other instruments based on your sheet music, and will even let you set up a custom tuning for the guitar tab! A great buy at $40.

In 11% of cases guitar with is used

It made me realise I could write an album with guitarists and get in the best electronic producers.

The track begins sparsely with crisp percussion and muffled keyboards, building layer upon layer, with guitars and reverb-filled, effervescent vocals.

I recently bought an electric guitar (esp mh-50) and set myself up with guitar rig so I could practice without blasting an amp and annoying everyone within earshot.

The track is warped almost out of recognition with guitar effects, however positioned here it feels like a throwaway (an alternate version is also included at the end of the album).

In 8% of cases guitar in is used

I won because I made good score in guitar hero-like game.

Self-taught, Kato's curiosity in guitar was nurtured by an emerging online community of musicians on YouTube.

I played classical guitar style, although the guitar itself was a folk guitar ), but it's fun to play with the amp settings in guitar rig.

For anyone interested in guitar conversions I found a company on ebay called soares'y guitars that do this type of thing (they also have a website if you want to google them.

In 3% of cases guitar at is used

The honesty, enthusiasm and passion for sharing reminds me of my work at Guitar Noise.

In 2% of cases guitar about is used

It gives you an idea where to start from and other essential things that you need to know about guitar playing.

In 2% of cases guitar into is used

Julian: I got more and more into guitars as the band went along.

In 2% of cases guitar to is used

Which is why I think Preferred Organic Therapy and Wellness chose its location kitty-corner to Guitar Center on Colorado Boulevard near I-25.

These doodles range from simple graphics to fully interactive experiences, such as a playable Pac Man game, or the tribute to guitar legend Les Paul.

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