Prepositions used with "holiday"

on, for, of, during or from holiday?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 61% of cases holiday on is used

The Chinese aren't big on holidays.

In 2002 we went to Mexico on holiday.

Decide on these rules before you go on holidays.

You may have been on holiday to a country that is much hotter than the United Kingdom.

They would go to London for the summer season and also go away on holidays like this.

I'd definitely open to meeting someone adventurous on holiday who could lead me astray.

Volunteers are especially needed during school and university holidays when many fulltime volunteers go on holiday.

At last it's time for a picnic, the suns shining, the rain has stopped and the kids are on holiday - so don't delay.

My fiance and I were recently on holiday in Kiev, a city where nearly everyone is bilingual in Russian and Ukrainian.

Pre-Retirement Allowance Pre-Retirement Allowance may be paid for up to 2 weeks if the recipient is on holiday abroad.

In 11% of cases holiday for is used

This is the best place for holiday spending.

Until now, except for holidays, they have never missed an edition.

Well this is very much like the scheme in place for holidays called ABTA.

On this page you will find four sample itineraries for holidays in the south of Tanzania.

We are getting ready for holiday season and trying not to think about what comes next--TAX TIME.

After one year Marieu went to visit him for holiday and decided that it was a good place to stay.

Well, he's on a business trip and I'd here for holiday I have been to a few countries before like the most recent one Japan.

For many people, this can be a stressful time of the year, as it is now time to start budgeting for holiday travel, gatherings and gifts.

First, there are people who are snatching up these properties in the Dominican Republic to be used for holiday or vacation purposes, as a second home.

The proposals follow the Government giving powers to authorities to abolish generous tax breaks for holiday homes and owners of property standing idle.

In 10% of cases holiday of is used

Each beach offering a different type of holiday experience.

Although in England Spain is one of holiday locations for people.

Poor highway design and changes to the pattern and number of holidays are also to blame.

It shouldn't be a surprise that November records the highest percentage of holiday shopping.

Too few holidays Why were the roads so crowded? The lack of holidays in China might be to blame.

In terms of holidays we get 2 weeks at Christmas, 2 weeks at Easter and 6 weeks over the summer.

Tough period for all students, but the good news is that after the exams, 4 days of holidays await.

The weather got cold this weekend, and all of a sudden I'd feeling some early nips of holiday spirit.

We are very happy to put together a bespoke itinerary based on the kind of holiday that you have in mind.

While most of us look for a complete holiday calendar offering all the dates of Holidays in the calendar year.

In 4% of cases holiday during is used

Special outings are during holidays or long weekends.

Here are three benefits of finding part-time work during holidays: 1.

Just call us and order ahead as these things are in hot demand during holidays.

You can work unlimited hours during holiday periods when your course is not in session.

Now we'll riffle through each other's collections when we go to visit during holidays but mine is always the most impressive.

We have found that it is most likely that girls living in Europe are taken to their countries of origin during holidays to be mutilated.

The whole day was spent fussing over this damn bird that I had no time to think about all the things us fickle singletons fret about during holidays.

Members of the Chinese community dressed as a god and a warrior gave red packets, monetary gifts given during holidays or special occasions, to children.

Clare had previously been diving with Borneo Dream during holidays in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah for both leisure diving as well as to learn to dive on a semi closed rebreather.

Advertising and special sales during holiday periods such as Christmas, Mother's Day and Father's Day are generally quite effective in bringing new customers into your store.

In 4% of cases holiday from is used

Will follow up with physchiarist on my return from holidays.

Just back from holiday, 3/4 dead, falling asleep over the keyboard.

The first attack was when I was coming back from holiday with some golfing friends.

I'd just back from holidays, soon got over the frustration of not getting much done.

He arrived back in Washington from holidays just in time to see the planes hit the twin towers.

Before the game commenced Green Gibbo produced a little something he had brought back from holiday with him.

She kept protesting she wanted to wait for her plumber to come back from holidays, on the second day she ev.

Or perhaps seen the ' red bill of doom ' lying on the doormat when we come back from holiday, to tell us that the gas bill is overdue.

February is perfect here in Australia, some say, because the decision makers have returned from holidays and are ready to activate hiring decisions left on the back burner before Christmas.

Contract IT labour can ensure projects remain on track and prevent increased workload for permanent staff returning from holiday without significantly increasing fixed costs or commercial risk.

In 3% of cases holiday in is used

Stay in Holiday Rental Accommodation.

Staying in Holiday Rental accommodation is a great alternative, and there are a number of different options available.

Remember I shared with you my hotel review and pictures of my room in Holiday Inn, Markham where I stayed for 3 weeks.

The smaller companies tend to be more specialized in holiday home insurance, and can often be the best ' bang for your buck ' both in the short and long term.

In 2% of cases holiday at is used

At Holiday Inn Melaka, they tell you to take it SLOW.

While many of us here at The Observer occasionally stay at Holiday Inn Express hotels, none of us are petroleum geologists.

Last year he attended the ceremony held at Holiday Inn Bloombury which saw at least 500 people grace the event with their presence.

I do not know if it is like this every other day but I was blessed with a rather good weekend stay at Holiday Inn Melaka during the Merdeka holidays.

In 2% of cases holiday to is used

Paintball, ice skating, eat out daily, movies, go to holidays.

There are some completely barren parts of the year where it comes to holidays so the gap is there for the taking.

In addition to holiday lighting along Hamilton and Michigan, he said, businesses will compete for votes with their decorated windows.

If full - try the Holiday Inn next door - Cathay are doing good deals to Holiday Inn check their site -Damai Beach? (Malaysia) Singapore? Maldives is best.

In 2% of cases holiday with is used

A week's rental of an economy-size vehicle from San Diego airport with Holiday Autos (0871 472 5229; www.

Additionally avoid late November through New Year 's, in which resorts, caterers as well as bands could be busy with holiday celebrations.

But speed and thrills are not normally associated with holiday travel as severe traffic congestion and overcrowding blighted the experience of many.

I don't do well anymore with Holidays and I am at a point in my Life where I AM GOING TO GIVE UP NOW! When the thoughts in my head turn to plans well and so.

Many island and mountain destinations have very limited waste and recycling facilities, so it is worth leaving all the unecessary packaging that comes with holiday purchases at home.

In 1% of cases holiday about is used

It's not all about holiday homes.

I think Spifficus probably hit it on the head in an earlier post about holiday shopping.

Extra Money for Gifts Already have a full-time job? Worried about holiday expenses? Consider working evenings or weekends at a part-time job to earn extra money for gifts.

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