Prepositions used with "display"

on, for, of, about or at display?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 81% of cases display on is used

Flip Flopper, was on display tonight.

And he had the uniform on display as proof.

It is currently on display at Chateau d'Angers.

Many items he collected while at Aranui High are now on display in the Printing Shop.

An example of the political problems this can cause was on display last night on The 7.

A particular highlight is feeding time, with seals, sharks and penguins all on display.

You don't have to be a transport enthusiast to appreciate it, there is a wide variety of other material on display.

With the big shiny trophy on display, even the school's principal, Dr Walton Small, was compelled to join the party.

The postcards will be on display every day at the Harbour Arm Gallery from Saturday 1 September between 10am and 4pm.

Other artworks drawn from the MTN Art Collection, Phansi Museum and Mary Stainbank Collection will also be on display.

In 6% of cases display for is used

We are not Christians just for display or for nothing.

This customer object was then passed to the view for display.

In the nightclubs, dance as an avenue for display is now standard practice.

Exchange rates for display of international currencies are updated on a daily basis.

The web server is also responsible for displaying search results to the user in the form of an HTML page.

Weight magnitudes are averaged over all time lags and spectrogram frequencies and spatially smoothed for display.

Reordering the text for display on a line-by-line basis using the resolved embedding levels, once the text has been broken into lines.

Purple and green bars denote vowels and fricative consonants, respectively, and the spectrogram is normalized within each frequency channel for display.

Any user request first comes to the Controller class, the Controller class then invokes the model, and attaches the model to the view for display to the end user.

People were encouraged, via local press, radio, and leaflet, to offer collections for display, but curators made the final selections, inevitably, for practical reasons.

In 6% of cases display of is used

They take up a lot of display real estate.

The majority are now capable of displaying multiple photos via a slide show type set up.

Please take the following steps to get or copy the picture of display screen: First, locate.

The wall remains the first point of display for a large proportion of work produced in class.

However, if there is mark of display, the black clothes can be used for the entire period of mourning.

They have extensive experience in the design and development of display advertising, websites, Facebook applications and mobile applications.

A RACK-IT We specialize in all types of Display Racks in many shapes and sizes for business and commercial use at prices you won't find elsewhere.

Obviously, Office 2011 Mac Serial, not any menu of display treatments for the purpose of substantial windows could well be whole not having shades.

In 1% of cases display about is used

At present, more than anything else, people talk about display quality of their smartphones.

In 1% of cases display from is used

In the walk-through part, you can rent a golf cart+driver to take you around from display to display.

Since I switched from displaying PPC ads to affiliate programs and direct ad sales, my blog income increased dramatically.

Advertisers who are lucky enough to have a niche network for the users they are looking to target definitely see results from display ads.

One of the ways we can continue to support you is by giving access to new sources of industry knowledge to enable you to make the most from display advertising.

In 1% of cases display in is used

There is the constant presence of the idols on billboards and in display ads.

To assist this it has a Retina display which is the highest resolution in display to be ever built in a phone.

It is a watching mind, unpretentious and not interested in display or any bravura intellectual or poetic effects.

It can be a strong means of empowerment -- not only a confidence enhancer, but also a way of defining personality and revelling in display.

In 1% of cases display to is used

Pay attention to displays of anger, intense frustration or attempts to pressure or control you.

In the walk-through part, you can rent a golf cart+driver to take you around from display to display.

Step 2: Display view data in the view The next thing is to display data in the view by using the percentage tag.

The first hit comes to the controller which will load your business objects or model and you would like to transfer these objects to the view to display them.

In 1% of cases display with is used

If bloggers can't make money with display ads, how can they make money? Businesses need to evolve.

I have mini whiteboards for kids to use but until school management firm lets me I'd stuck with display cork-boards not whiteboards as I asked for.

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