Prepositions used with "foot"

"on foot" or "of foot"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 47% of cases foot on is used

Correct: I go to school on foot.

Quite an area for a man on foot.

The neighbouring will go on foot.

But the brave soldiers began fighting on foot and the fight dragged until the afternoon.

I have appeared on foot close to lions on a kill, and the lions have turned tail and fled.

We are merely fortunate to have such options, but hitting the streets on foot is just as nice.

Thankfully, most of the old city is traffic-free, what with its web of lanes and cobbled streets best negotiated on foot.

The big obvious point just needs to be repeated again and again: an armed man in a car shot to death an unarmed boy on foot.

In a vehicle, you are a noisy, smelly and incomprehensible intruder: on foot, the animals relate to you as manimal to mammal.

A few hours later, soldiers entered the camp on foot, shooting their way between the cinderblock homes in groups of 15 or 20.

In 17% of cases foot of is used

Just a burst of foot-in-mouth syndrome.

Santos appears to be one of footballs nice guys.

Sturt joined the British Army, 39th Regiment of Foot in 1813.

Some of the fills were enormous, hundreds of feet high and a quarter mile or more in length.

Instead of the roots that fix trees to the land, he prefers the image of feet walking along roads.

The Iraqis could not even come near the enemy as death rained down from the skies thousands of feet above.

The cameras at Worden's disposal were capable of resolving surface features as small as just a few tens of feet across.

Since my surgery I have experienced weight gain, irritability, water retention and extremely hot palms and soles of feet.

Up on the Roof: New Yorks Hidden Skyline Spaces captures 200 of the citys most impressive rooftops from hundreds of feet above.

A line is the regular succession of feet, and, though it is not necessarily a sentence, it customarily begins with a capital letter.

In 13% of cases foot to is used

I know how hard it is to foot the bills.

Trouble is there won't be enough of them to foot the bill.

He lacked finesse when it came to foot movement, standup stance, BJJ, etc.

If you are on a first date, and you don't offer to foot the bill, don't expect a second.

There are many people who have used this finance to foot the expense of home improvement.

A line of five men began to swim hand to foot, carrying a thin and elongated group behind them.

The United States is unwilling to foot the entire annual bill to maintain the forces after 2014, which is estimated at $4.

People often prioritize looks and style failing to consider the importance of support of shoes to feet in promoting better health.

That would be a HIJAB (pro tip -- do your research: the burqa covers head to foot, the hijab is just a head-scarf where the face is seen).

Halving recognized that Boko was caught offside several times in the first half, he was asked to drop and receive the ball to feet rather than in behind the defense.

In 7% of cases foot by is used

Incorrect: I go to school by foot.

A visit to Olmoti is only possible by foot with the escort of an armed ranger.

It may be that you've had to struggle a little to get there, by road or by foot.

Drive around the Main Reserve in your own car and then investigate the walk-round area by foot.

While it can get frustrating finding a place to park in Boston, you can get around very easily on the subway or by foot.

Soon a long stretch of trail from northwest of Wellington to Highline Mushroom Farms may be easily navigated by foot, cycle or stroller.

More odd field recordings gathered from specific places in Europe, creators in question stalking by foot or trundling on saddle of bike.

A different kind of vaccine allowed more and more health workers like Tom to venture into remote areas by foot, animal transport, or by bicycle.

Sightseers arrived in horse-drawn carts or by foot, taking picnic lunches and making a full day of it, demanding an ever-more gruesome spectacle.

Ross: And if it's ten, fifteen minutes by jeep I'd guessing it must be a good hour by foot, is that right? Downey: Pick up and me did it in 45 flat, sir.

In 5% of cases foot with is used

Stand with feet hip width apart.

God with feet problem will fallen.

Air Power for button makers with foot pedal.

I prefer to begin laying down on my back with feet flat and knees up.

Lunges with curls: Stand with feet together, holding a dumbbell in each hand, palms forward.

Pelvic stretch-Sit on the edge of a sturdy chair with feet apart and set firmly on the floor.

As cycling fans, we should be thankfully to these men with feet of clay for taking the stance.

If you notice a parent, politician or an uncle with feet shaped like a farmer 's, you know where it is coming from.

The civic body is also planning to increase the number of escalators with foot overbridges in various parts of the city.

And that is the heels trick - people are only wearing them when you can see them - it's like leger demain, except with feet.

In 3% of cases foot in is used

Rain measured in feet, not inches.

Had some tingling in feet and hands.

SORRY! I only know the measurements in FEET.

He had hemorrhage in foot and last stages of cancer left him dependent upon my mother.

These include wind, rain, pounding seas and heavy mountain snowfall, predicted to be measured in feet.

Buckler: A small shield used mainly in the 13th to 17th centuries, designed to protect the contenders in foot combat.

In 3% of cases foot under is used

The polytheists rushed at him so wildly as if to crush him under feet.

Posted by Chillers 469 626 July 19th Great day at the Farm today, clear skies, a mini wind and firm under foot.

Food and pets; anything else can be negotiated, but if I'd not cooking, with my little furry supervisors under foot, I'd not happy.

But as the months went by and the miles under foot hit their thousands, instead of becoming an Adonis, he found that his muscle mass started to break down and he got weaker and weaker.

And next moment, with ape-like fury, he was trampling his victim under foot and hailing down a storm of blows, under which the bones were audibly shattered and the body jumped upon the roadway.

In 2% of cases foot from is used

The statue measures almost one-hundred and twenty feet from foot to crown.

What typically causes scratches on marble is debris rubbing against the surface from foot traffic.

Mrs Jarvis took her time, but come it did leading to a final scream as Paul released himself from the chair and stood unable to do anything but hop from foot to foot as he held his rear.

In 1% of cases foot at is used

We've over 3,000 meters more to climb and that will be at foot.

In 1% of cases foot for is used

A few hours later and we were climbing around the boat, clawing for foot and hand holds.

In addition, check your local newspapers, coupon distribution centers and coupon magazines for Foot Locker coupons.

In Picton, the Bluebridge terminal is less than a kilometre from Picton town centre - for foot passengers a shuttle service is available from the i-Site (The Foreshore, Picton).

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