Prepositions used with "fire"

"on fire" or "of fire"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 35% of cases fire on is used

Hardly setting the world on fire.

Frank Mir was also on fire back then.

Hearts on Fire Diamond Fantasy Bra ($6.

His band Fozzy are on fire right now with recent album Sin And Bones being well received.

I have all of his books, but I have to admit the only one I've ever used is Floyd on Fire.

Surnameless disco diva Cher uses text-speak and LOLZ heartily like her knickers are on fire.

Civil liberties advocates nervous? That's like saying Fire safety advocates are nervous about currently being on fire.

The French now entered an empty Moscow and found it devoid of much needed supplies and on fire soon after they entered.

If our wifi only Playbooks don't get bb10, I'd gon na drench it in gasoline, set it on fire and go buy a Android tablet.

Now a critical thinker would ask, by whom and for what reason? If your house was on fire you would argue there's no smoke.

In 32% of cases fire of is used

Alcohol is a possible cause of fire.

But he called for the Master of Fire.

LOL What a baptism of fire, at your school.

Lake of Fire eternal torment unrest home retirement plan, for the Demons and the minions.

The importance of dampers preventing spread of fire or smoke in AC ducting is emphasized.

Why do roasters expose themselves to such extremes? That's another kind of fire: passion.

In man is hidden the treasure of life and it needs to be discovered, first; knowledge of fire and water was secondary.

In 2011, they released their debut album Sound of Fire, which was among the most highly anticipated records that year.

The Sun is the lamp of the world, an awe-inspiring, life-giving ball of fire, a constant source of comfort and wonder.

The village of Konoha has made the country of fire one of the strategically strongest due to its large shinobi village.

In 9% of cases fire by is used

Some need the landscape to be cleansed by fire.

First was the Kingston Theatre which was destroyed by fire.

When you are serving the Lord, He tries your service by fire.

Dan 3:19 Moses, who saw the burning bush (pictured right) that was not consumed by fire.

There the blood was poured out, and the body consumed by fire, which speaks of judgement.

I agree that the intellectual or animus-based personality must transmute the ego by fire.

As far as the eye could see along the 80 kilometre of landing beaches, they were lit by fires caused by bombing and shelling.

Those underlings are intimidated by fire, and that is why I have always advised you to keep yours lit, even through the night.

The intact fire extinguishers are a burning proof that the workers who got killed by fire did not have the training to use those.

As well as damage caused by water, at least 50 homes in the Breezy Point area of the borough of Queens, have been destroyed by fire.

In 7% of cases fire under is used

Read stories of courage under fire.

Zuma's presidency is evidently under fire.

Why? What experience? Experience under fire.

Wow! That's a lot of money for someone who has come under fire for being incompetent.

REUTERS WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Under fire for potential conflicts of interest, former U.

The second, supposedly safer, building then came under fire too, from rocket-propelled grenades.

A number of unique solutions to the problems of landing under fire, on heavily defended open beaches, were developed.

In 1918 he was wounded at the battle of Cambrai and in 1919 he was awarded the Military Cross for heroism under fire.

One retailer in particular has come under fire for their sale and distribution of a doll for little girls that breastfeeds.

They came under fire from some of the contenders who were there and from radio talk show host Tom Joyner during his introduction.

In 7% of cases fire with is used

Nigeria government is playing with fire.

He will baptize you with the Holy Spirit and with fire.

In 1595, however, the church had its first encounter with fire.

Surely he should write that they're on the seat? I mean he's playing with fire anyway.

You're thinking of Fisker Automotive, which has had problems with fires and production.

Zippo lighter Now this is playing with fire but it is much safer and stress free for you.

The video contains various images of the couple portrayed in the video playing with fire, and their home burning down.

Forests and grasslands, for example, evolved with fire -- caused by lightning strikes -- as a part of their lifecycles.

Red cards aren't uncommon in local derbies; players with fire in their belly are always likely to act a little stupidly.

Missiles and large caliber bullets were fired from the air across the border and we saw the whole post blazing with fire.

In 3% of cases fire in is used

Kitchen -The kitchen must be situated in fire angle, i.

According to him, he ate wood apple which was burnt in fire before going to school.

I said 100,000,000,000,000-odd copies in each cell, in the same way you find warmth in fire.

Rainfall of approximately 50 mm (2 inches) at mid-month aided in fire suppression efforts, which reached an estimated $4.

Perfluorooctane sulfonamide is one of a broad class of compounds known as perfluoroalkyls, which have been used in fire fighting foams.

No soul in Purgatory is without consolation; no matter how deeply they are buried in fire, the souls in Purgatory are not without consolation.

Mark has an operational forestry background in fire management, and also holds a degree in International Relations from the University of British Columbia.

In 2% of cases fire for is used

For fire damage, water damage,.

Some contracted caterers for fire jobs can outcook your mom.

In New York, Long Island officials issued a mandatory evacuation for Fire Island by 2 p.

There was a memorial for the fallen soldiers of the Vietnam War, and also one for fire fighters.

Broken water - mains cause flooding of the area and leave no water for drinking or for fire fighting.

When using weapons that deal Fire damage, the Threshold value for Fire is reduced to 2 instead of the normal 3.

Evie Hum just imagine if certain agencies put 1/2 the effort they put into hunting for terro as they do into hunting for fires.

It is just a trick to save the owner who is primly responsible for fire tragedy as he failed to ensure minimum safety for the workers.

Every boarding school is supposed to schedule practice drill sessions for fire and other situations that the safety committee necessary to practise.

In 2% of cases fire from is used

And He created Jinn from fire free of smoke.

You created me from fire and created him from clay.

You created me from fire while him you created from dust.

Now remove pan from fire and add the chopped bananas immediately.

We've got to find out what people want from fire, how they relate to it, what sort of image it has for them.

Antispin is a trick (taken from fire performance) that has an object moving in a circle both forwards and backwards at the same time.

For nearly 50 years, despite the severity of the threat from fire, no new methods for extinguishing or manipulating fire were developed.

Most of the other large, public buildings existed well into the 1960s, but had suffered over the years from fires and Emerson's famous floods.

God said: What stopped you from bowing down, when I directed you to do so? He said: I am better than him, you created me from fire and you created him from dust.

It's certainly important to keep your kitchen safe from fire, but these sensors aren't the best thing to have around when you make a tiny mistake in the kitchen.

In 2% of cases fire like is used

Like fire it fills you and warms from within.

The direful potion burnt like fire in his veins, for its effect was made still more sudden from the wine he had drunk previously.

In it you can see some non-final graphics of what the game engine will look like; how it handles disasters like fire, and the city environment.

War is to gender like fire is to everything in its sight -- different materials may burn up differently, but in the end they're all just burned up.

Like fire sales of public assets (Fannie Mae, the US Military, ), tearing up public service pension agreements, slashing jobs etc, etc - for more details; research Greece 2011.

The Spirit, like fire, melts the heart, burns up the dross, and kindles pious and devout affections in the soul; in which, as in the fire on the altar, the spiritual sacrifices are offered up.

In 1% of cases fire about is used

Look, I understand about fire codes and seating capacity, but this was a miserable experience.

One time i was at a festival to do a fire show and the guys next to use were asking about Fire Breathing.

Question is did you ever think about fire and safety when you built that building? Safe building is a long term investment not a hit on your profit.

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