Prepositions used with "cd"

"on cd" or "of cd"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 36% of cases cd on is used

For the moment it is only available on CD.

Right now I'd on CD 40 with no signs of AF.

Her songs were released on CD for the first time.

You'll receive both exclusive ' Mutation ' albums on CD, and both ' Mutation ' albums on Vinyl.

PLEDGE EXCLUSIVE: You will receive both Mutation albums, each on CD in which will be made to order.

It is the first time on CD also for the theme to the classic Charles Bronson/Susan George film from 1970.

The ' Grace Around the World ' audio CD features the 10 live song performances from the DVD, all previously unreleased on CD.

So why the need for remastering in the first place? Well, for one thing, the existing Beatles catalogue on CD was incomplete.

After more than 22 years of having The Beatles ' albums on CD, we are finally treated to the definitive box set of Beatles music.

Just started with the Michel Thomas Mandarin course, only on CD 2 out of 14 but I'd finding it far more accessible than I imagined.

In 19% of cases cd of is used

It displayed at the side of CD cover.

Now a Part of CDS Liquidnet Canada Inc.

Opening it, I found the most beautiful set of CDs.

After this rebooting, for installation of CD 2, 3, 4 and 5 would require no more rebooting.

In most cases of CD, intestinal symptoms precede or coincide with the joint manifestations.

This special issue of CD was planned by CD's Qubec collective members and coordinated by Andrea Levy.

With the advent of CDs and DVDs, it lost its formidable reputation; still no Karachiite would be unaware of Rainbow Centre.

Granted there are plenty of CDs out there featuring songs in the Irish language, but many don't have lyrics in the liner notes.

PTR's duel, the thieves, the PTR more difficult than the last, because even if you run out of CD is also no use, not kill people.

In 10% of cases cd to is used

The ulcers are mostly uniform in size and shape, in contrast to CD 1.

HD radio is not close to CD quality but the RIAA as a great imagination.

In contrast to CD, fistula formation and fibrotic stenosis are not observed.

Click here to get more information on our conversion of Cassette tapes to CD's.

Most photography or camera repair shops offer services to recover your lost digital memory, and save the photos to CDs.

After years of personal development courses, therapy, working through anorexia and bulimia and reading many books and listening to CDs I think I'd a bit better at handling conflict now.

This at least a step up from expecting you to pay twice (or more!) for the same content, which has been the business model for music companies moving from vinyl to CD and from CD to downloads.

In 9% of cases cd in is used

AIG held many Billions of dollars in CDS contracts, on CDO's (Synthetic Collateralized Debt Obligations).

My wife drove my car the otherday and asked me who was that guy in CD slot 4 that has the cool, mellow folk, New Orleans,.

He has performed at the Hong Kong Arts Festival, Hong Kong Youth Music Festival, Hong Kong Film Awards, and in CD records and TV commercials.

However there is one major complication which has been overlooked -- the ability of the insurance provider (the other party in CDS) to deliver their end of the contract (i.

Aztec Camera are my fave band ever and even though I've probably already got all the extra tracks in one from or another, great to see them all coming out again in CD quality.

In 5% of cases cd by is used

This special issue of CD was planned by CD's Qubec collective members and coordinated by Andrea Levy.

Unwanted by Auckland was quickly snapped up by CD and has rewarded their faith with a superb domestic season so far.

As well as the extra advertising revenue and the revenue generated by televotes, RT also takes a share of the commercial revenue generated by CD, DVD and merchandise sales.

In 5% of cases cd for is used

Plus ask any successful platinum, emerald or diamond whether they are on gold subscription for CDs, books and seminars.

But I asked for CD, a re-packaging of the original game, but with live-action cut-scenes added in (click on the one in this article, if you dare).

If you go somewhere and it's been set up for CDs, or digital or whatever people are doing and the records sound sludgy then there's no justification for playing them.

In 5% of cases cd from is used

You can do that by booting from CD and selecting Repair.

If you prefer a CD copy, the album is also from CD Baby.

Contrast-enhanced CT, MRI, and ultrasound may aid in differentiating ITB from CD.

A notoriously difficult dilemma is to differentiate ITB from CD, especially in geographic regions where both diseases are prevalent.

This at least a step up from expecting you to pay twice (or more!) for the same content, which has been the business model for music companies moving from vinyl to CD and from CD to downloads.

In 5% of cases cd with is used

Thank you for your order with CD Baby.

Not the pungent odor of alcohol taste, rose flowers with CD (Christian Dior ), Dior.

Carcinoid tumors have also been described in association with CD, and these cases tend to be malignant and have a worse prognosis 36.

Just as DVDs should never be confused with CDs even though they look exactly the same, so Blu-ray discs should never be referred to as Blu-ray DVDs.

Disconnected it completely and replaced it with CD player when I could with no further problems - Nikki from Devon My 206 is a nippy little thing but niggles do occur.

In 3% of cases cd as is used

As well as CD, CD-R, CD-RW, DVD etc, you now also have BD, or Blu-ray disc.

Remember to also cut up, or shred, your old driver's licence, credit cards and storage media, such as CDs, that you have used to store computer files with personal information, prior to disposal.

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