Prepositions used with "camera"

"on camera" or "of camera"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 40% of cases camera on is used

Even when she wasn't on camera.

Let me get Stephen Marley on Camera.

We weren't asked to get more people on camera.

As a matter of fact TTL and consistent results don't go hand in hand off or on camera.

STAND UP, PIECE TO CAMERA = the part of a package in which a reporter appears on camera.

I found him very relaxed on camera, very emotionally honest and pretty much in the moment.

Photographer and amateur naturalist Dennis Bright captured this beauty on camera after it caught his eye as he drove by.

You know we you know double look at across the screeners see Serena Williams on camera she's wearing a very low cut top.

Being a mother of three has been an incredible journey, and having every special moment caught on camera is a tough one.

It turned out it wasn't his car, had to phone police to get insurance details, and luckily, a local shop had caught it on camera.

In 23% of cases camera of is used

Consists of cameras that are set up to collect images.

Don't carry a lot of camera equipment especially in the.

I've used it with great results with a number of cameras.

In terms of camera, it comes with an 8 MP snapper against the 5MP snapper of Karbonn A21.

He was in (pretend) awe over the sheer number of cameras that were present at shoot-around.

It's not just filming something in front of cameras, it's everything that's required to make a recording.

When I was a tiny kid, two, three-ish, I became desperately frightened of cameras, of the flash bulbs, particularly.

In fact experts have to say that this is one of the best brands in world of cameras if a new walker is trying to run.

I made my way home, and had an hour to relax (and scarf down a chunk of camera shy garlic bread) before heading out to work.

If you have such a pic, we could have a look which aperture has been used, which type of camera is it, which glass and so on.

In 11% of cases camera with is used

As with cameras I look at the weight of lenses as well as the spec.

As with cameras the best carrying system is the one that works for you.

You know we had the Koreans and Japanese with cameras looking under the car.

You can put your daypack with camera, passport, and so on, in the berth alongside you at night.

I, loaded down with camera equipment, hatbox, and handbag, generally found myself not too far behind.

Ray was the First White Hunter to put down his gun and run hunting with Camera Safaris in East Africa.

We followed slowly like a pair of kerb crawlers, watching its every move with camera clicking through the car window.

If for some reason you feel like giving work tips and it takes the form of a sermon, try not to do it with cameras rolling.

But it's studied for being a technical marvel and for being inventive with camera angles, set design, and narrative storytelling.

We even had two media Land Cruisers, and there were people with cameras and lights and sound pushing in front of everyone all day.

In 8% of cases camera to is used

The main difference is their mounting foot to camera.

WALK AND TALK = a piece to camera in which the reporter moves.

He also writes some truly unique poetry, which he likes to recite to camera.

STAND UP, PIECE TO CAMERA = the part of a package in which a reporter appears on camera.

Anchor, Presenter, Talent, News reader -- the person speaking to camera (usually) in the studio.

Usually therange is of ten feet or four steps away from the camera but it depends on camera to camera.

When you look at the behaviour of English players who go up to cameras and say ' F*** off! ', the French are saints.

Lundberg's mixture of subtlety and strength is one that doesn't translate to camera: it has to be felt to be understood.

It has since spread to cameras installed on trikes, trolleys and even snowmobiles who collect imagery on all seven continents in areas that are inaccessible by car.

According to The Gazette of Montreal, Canada, some researchers suggest that? digital technology, from cellphones to cameras to email to iPods, is changing our lives.

In 5% of cases camera off is used

What surprised me was Joes use of TTL off camera flash.

One eye opener on the day was combining high speed sync with off camera flash (TTL).

I find it very strange to hear that someone who is trying to achieve consistency in their results would use TTL off camera.

He had a scene with her and she stayed for his close up when she was off camera and gave it everything even though she wasn't going to be on camera.

Pete walks off camera to the right (TV still) and then turns and comes back to the ladder (TV still ), walking very slowly, putting one foot in front of the other.

In 3% of cases camera by is used

His action was not discovered for about 5 or 6 hours but was confirmed by cameras on deck.

Their faces are snapped by camera phones, and Man-ok suggests they get some caps to cover their faces.

The zone's monitored by cameras, which record all vehicle number plates and determine whether the charge has been paid.

But the extra memory in the form of microSD memory card is used primarily for storing music files and photos made by camera.

As the A914 and A919 meet merge of Leuchars, take the B945 to Tayport Camber Sands, East Sussex This vast beach with marram grass-topped dunes is a stunner - its looks favoured by camera crews.

In 3% of cases camera for is used

Water resistant bag for cameras and other valuables.

Those lenses would have to use different optical formula, because they are designed for cameras with long flange distance.

With smartphones getting better and better, there's not much room left for cameras like this, but if you want higher-resolution photos or an optical zoom at a low price, the 110 HS is a great option.

In 3% of cases camera from is used

Picture From Camera Roll: Use an image from your camera roll.

But it does guide the reader through the basics of video storytelling from camera operation and composition to sequence development and story construction.

If the landing goes according to plan, NASA hopes to have some low-resolution black-and-white images taken from cameras on the rear of the rover shortly afterward.

In 2% of cases camera before is used

But it did brush away her nervousness before camera.

If you look at the painted portraits before cameras, almost all are not smiling.

The leadership - arrived at via back-room political horse-trading among party factions - is revealed to the nation by marching out in a line before cameras at Beijing's Great Hall of the People.

In 2% of cases camera in is used

We expect to see Android integration in cameras to take off over the next few years, but the Galaxy Camera already feels like a third-generation product rather than a one-off concept.

You can browse the Web with Safari, set up your email, download your photos and videos to your iPad via iTunes, as well as shoot new photos and videos using either of the two built in cameras.

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