Prepositions used with "basis"

"on basis" or "of basis"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words

    In 34% of cases basis on is used
    Randomised on basis of uncertainty principle.
    Similarly, Sudan was divided into two on basis of ethnic communal issue.
    Trai measures performance of mobile phone operators on basis of over 10 parameters.
    Efficacy in detecting and punishing is what is needed, because we can't rely on people who leave their dogs ' faeces behind on basis they don't know all the implications.
    Metataste has a search functionality that offers classification on basis of time frame, genre/sub genre, language and availability (Netflix and Amazon Prime for International users).

    In 28% of cases basis of is used
    The group of basis functions will be sited on the nominated centre(s).
    TYPE should be set to the code-name of the required set of basis functions.
    These symbols defines the type of group of basis functions being introduced.
    TYPEE should be used when necessary to uniquely define the requested set of basis functions.
    Lines between the initiator and terminator define the basis set, and consist of basis definition ' lines.
    The sign of lack of basis - those who give stock recommendations but are silent in their rationale of their picks.
    At the simplest level, it is assumed that each element specified in the z-matrix is to be described by functions belonging to the same category of basis set.

    In 12% of cases basis without is used
    I have, of course, read his books, so the accusations were not without basis.

    In 5% of cases basis in is used
    This can be via an increase in basis salary and/or other staff benefit.

    In 5% of cases basis to is used
    The annual value of the Property is determined according to basis B as agreed between the parties.
    Hence, the VRB rejected the Appellant's arguments and, pursuant to basis A, reduced the annual value of the Property to $51,409,000 for 2007 and 2008.

    In 2% of cases basis off is used
    Firstly, it's wrong to suggest that because humans are involved and you can't predict on a one off basis who will come through the door that you can't use statistics to make more general predictions.

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