Prepositions used with "arrival"

"On arrival" or "upon arrival"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 49% of cases arrival On is used

I knew they were dead on arrival.

It was great to find them on arrival.

On arrival we were immediately asked for.

There is also a wealth of places to exchange foreign money on arrival at the airport.

She was either dead on arrival at the hospital, or pronounced dead shortly thereafter.

They can also be obtained at any point of entry (airports and land borders) on arrival.

He said the police were called to the scene and they found the body of the deceased lying on the ground on arrival.

The first wave consists of six regular Assault Troopers who shatter the floor on arrival, creating makeshift cover.

We were met on time by helpful, courteous drivers and whisked speedily to our destinations on arrival and departure.

On arrival some 700 years ago Polynesians found the fibre of flax superior to anything they had known in the Pacific.

In 25% of cases arrival upon is used

The balance is due upon arrival at the hotel.

Upon arrival here, we were told of a disease.

First place I ate upon arrival in Boston town.

Upon arrival in Tagbilaran airport, we rode a tricycle to Island City mall Cost: P20.

Check with your tourist information desk upon arrival in Freeport (airport or harbour.

Rees Ralph Llewellyn upon arrival at Bucks row at 4:00 AM on the morning of August 31st.

Visas may be applied for at a Kenyan embassy in your home country or upon arrival at Jomo Kenyatta or Wilson Airports.

First of all, upon arrival I saw on the City Hall the flag of Belgium, the flag of Wallonia, and also the flag of Israel.

In 10% of cases arrival of is used

On arrival the day of arrival is usually Sunday.

They are looking for a sense of arrival or definition.

I feel like there should be some kind of sense of arrival.

O staff member and would be taken to a hotel for a rest the first night of arrival in Accra.

There is a natural interpretation of arrivals of edges in the blog graph as an event stream.

These list over 604,596 persons who arrived in New York during the Irish Famine (1846-1851) and the ship of arrival.

Life is constant journey of arrivals and destinations and the static goal that people are often looking for is impossible.

Life is constant journey of arrivals and destinations and the static goal that people are often looking for is impossible.

Rodwell is City's first signing of a summer in which Mancini has made no secret of his frustration at the lack of arrivals.

In 7% of cases arrival to is used

Balance due 21 days prior to arrival.

Renters must pay balance one month prior to arrival.

Cash payments should be approved by TEFL International administration prior to arrival.

In the case of bookings made 60 days prior to arrival, full payment is required within two (2) working days.

Final payment is required 60 days prior to arrival for Low Season and 90 days for High and Peak Season bookings.

If you wish to pay your entire bill prior to arrival, you will receive 2% of the accommodation value onto your cashless account.

However, it is recommended that visitors obtain their visas prior to arrival to avoid the possibility of long queues at the airport.

Being the organised individual I am, I proceeded to call the Taxi number I had saved prior to arrival to make events run as smoothly as possible.

Jedd #21: Those who require a medical clearance before settling here should have had all that sorted out prior to arrival rather than being allowed to settle.

Please note that we do NOT accept bank transfer payments less than 2 weeks prior to arrival! We are not liable for any cancellations fees and/or charges if you do so anyway.

In 3% of cases arrival after is used

Lymphoedema may develop within six months and elephantiasis as quickly as a year after arrival.

Culture shock affects everyone and it may be so strong that you want to quit the week after arrival.

However, shortly after arrival, rummaging in the box piqued my interest and my desire to give this a decent go grew rapidly.

In 2% of cases arrival before is used

What do I need to pay before arrival? You will need to pay a 50 non-refundable application fee.

This should be applied for from the High Commission before arrival but can be obtained at most ports of entry.

Three emails sent to the front office in the days before arrival to request airport pick-up were not replied to.

Most students will have had Meningitis C vaccination while at school; if not please arrange this with your GP, again before arrival, for maximum protection.

This programme offers students two (2) options: either with pre-arranged jobs and accommodation before arrival in the USA or the students finding their own jobs and accommodation.

In 1% of cases arrival for is used

He tells the captain: ' For arrival on schedule in New York I will pay you $5,000 and for every hour ahead of schedule another $1,000.

If your dog is a restricted breed and is required to wear a muzzle when outside please put it on your pet for arrival at the facilities.

But provided you factor in a slightly slower speed and keep your expectations for arrival times within reason, it's none the worse for it.

To ease the impact on people living below, Heathrow is required to use one of its runways at a time for arrivals - a system called runway alternation.

In 1% of cases arrival in is used

ASEAN Travel Dramatic growth in arrival numbers from Malaysia and Singapore led the 31.

In Europe (+5%) arrivals were above expectations, boosted by the strong growth in arrivals to Central and Eastern Europe (+8%) as well as to destinations of Northern and Western Europe (both +6%).

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