Prepositions used with "average"

on, above, below, of or goals-against average?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words

    In 77% of cases average on is used
    On average, employees spent 40.
    Sea level (on average) is rising.
    Hirschibold On average, a Takimag.
    He kept a tally and found that on average, the comment was made about once each week.
    He added that, on average, only about 10 per cent of customers use the drive-through.
    Canadian car owners spend $2,465, on average, annually on gas, consuming 1,926 litres.
    The idea that, on average, houses are selling for two thirds of asking prices is just wishful thinking I am afraid.
    On average the atmospheric reservoir of latent heat is 100 times greater than the reservoir of mechanical energy, e.
    On average, 25 per cent of Muslim respondents stated that they had been stopped by the police in the last 12 months.
    The treatments may extend life for a few months on average, but then a patient's only option becomes supportive care.

    In 7% of cases average above is used
    Rain in totality will be above average.
    They are average to somewhat above average.
    Food is well above average for a large all-inclusive.
    By the time he was six he was in mainstream school where his work was above average.
    As old-fashioned, sentimental romances go, this well-played Kleenex saga is slightly above average.
    And this idea will probably get tons of takers, since 93% of all drivers thinks they are above average.
    Everybody passes! It's like some perverse Lake Wobegon world, where everyone is above average (or treated that way).
    But, financial knowledge with the stock user above average as for annual investment yield of the result has stopped in 0.
    Attention to detail is often the difference between above average and mediocre, the difference between success and failure.
    But a tad above average in Quake is still MILES ahead of the average FireFall player coming from BF/Halo or even worse, WoW.

    In 6% of cases average below is used
    Fox soccer have been below average.
    Drinks re too expensive, food below average and service poor.
    Minimum temperatures are 2-3 deg C below average across much of the continent.
    If you set the price a little below average, potential buyers may just start to bid on it.
    For the cynic, this may suggest that the quality of Serie A has been below average this term.
    Could hard work alone do all that? I'd have to say that Pakistanis are below average if anything.
    The Cruze may win over plebs used to older Kias but it's not on par with better cars, and its reliability is below average.
    He found that even though he was very high in most areas of the assessment, his assertiveness scores were well below average.
    For his career, Ross has been slightly below average defensively in Left and Center while just barely above average in Right.
    Actually, all over the world half of the people have below average, and the other half above average, by definition of average.

    In 4% of cases average of is used
    Just the law of averages says Medlen is due for a stinker.
    So I guess in reality, not a whole lot of average in there.
    In fact, we need to be careful about the very concept of average.
    IMHO it's a better impact metric since it doesn't suffer from the flaw of averages.
    Incidentally, someone did remark once, that? there? s plenty of average out there but not much normal?
    Okay, so what were his actual qualifications? Well, he appears to be a man of average to above-average intelligence.
    Actually, all over the world half of the people have below average, and the other half above average, by definition of average.
    It consists of fifteen decades of Aves, each decade being preceded by a Pater and followed by a Gloria which are recited on beads.
    The pirate's pickings are now low sided bulk carriers who have avoided insurance requirements and hope to play the law of averages.

    In 2% of cases average goals-against is used
    Both his playoff goals-against average (2.
    Stillwater had the lowest goals-against average (0.
    Dubnyk, 26, set career bests in appearances (47 ), wins (20) and goals-against average (2.

    In 2% of cases average in is used
    The warm anomaly is in average +0.
    He has lead the team in average a lot of the year.
    Note the severe contraction in average five year growth starting in 2002.
    However, some sources state that kiwi birds live in average between 10 and 30 years.
    However, in average the percentage of errors is about 3,5% and this is a rate not acceptable for European Parliament.
    Mambo is a small village with about 5 000 inhabitants and in average, they have an income of less than a dollar a day.
    This, sadly, is that old Jamesian bullishness, as the projection has Rasmus topping his previous two seasons in average (by 12 and 14 points ), on-base (by 14 and 23 ), and slugging (by 36 and 27).

    In 1% of cases average about is used
    Kendrick: I would say he was about average.
    And at the end of the year he scored about average on our state tests.
    The ideal time to remove the chicks is about 3-4 weeks old, with 3 1/2 weeks being about average.
    Wichita has recorded about 41/2 inches so far this year, which is about average for this time of year.
    He wants even more tax cuts for the wealthy and cares less about average working people than about profits as shown by his record at Bain Capital.
    See the below two links: I'd afraid you are making the same mistake that most bibliometricians do, namely talking about averages not about individuals.

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