Prepositions after "okay"

"okay with" or "okay for"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 50% of cases okay with is used

I was okay with the way it was.

I'd okay with a paced approach.

And most are OKAY with the site.

I would be okay with a solution that is 5% less effective if it were to cost 95% less.

If you're okay with the kidneys, it is always better to drink more water than smaller.

I'd be okay with a simple remove button just like in Gmail or the Facebook iPhone app.

In less than 100 years, we have gone from being okay with the actual natural state of a woman's body to reviling it.

Crave is a touch long in its current form, but Lauzirika has created such rich characters you're okay with the length.

Even if your partner is okay with it, make sure you think about whether you are okay with dating more than one person.

Since you are obviously okay with the prevailing notion that all men are sexual predators, I simply applied it to you.

In 30% of cases okay for is used

Oh - it's okay for a 5-line script.

It's okay for a blog to evolve too.

So if it's okay for you, I will definitely reply to your issues in my upcoming article.

I guess since he's 3 yrs younger than Ross, a 2 yr deal for him is okay for the Braves.

It's also okay for you to even admit to being a bit scared and perhaps even frightened.

Al-Bukhaari,? 944; Muslim, 892 > so its okay for young girls to use a duff on certain occasions Keep it up sister.

You will be okay for a while then again you will get the same suffering and then again you will run to your physician.

This is why these men act like jerks cos its okay for them to, just explain to them and things will go back to normal.

If they can not show their boys that it is not okay for a man to mistreat and cheat on a woman, they have failed them.

In 5% of cases okay in is used

That's okay in case of Youtube.

Things are not okay in Kasungu.

It's perfectly okay in YouTube.

One night one of them tried to follow us back to the hostel, but it was okay in the end.

He hated the arm floats He was okay in water but we dared not let him go underwater yet.

So, I guess I prefer sad books as long as I know that the characters are okay in the end.

Re: Is metastability okay in this case? Let me try to ask the questions I'd trying to understand a bit more plainly: 1.

Jonathan is the best president nigeria has ever got irrespective of the fact that everything is not yet okay in nigeria.

Using industry terminology when you're talking to someone in the same industry may or may not be okay in every situation.

The iPod is also more sensitive to case variations and may split, duplicate or reorder an album that looks okay in iTunes.

In 3% of cases okay to is used

Ethically, this feels okay to me.

Ask if that will be okay to them.

I go from being okay to sad to anger.

And it's okay to play football with a different style and still be called good football.

Why It's Okay to Talk to Your Dog is a 230 page paperback you won't be able to put down.

It's not even okay to post the credit to the photos that you use from someone else's site.

You can do it! It's okay to shovel the grass because the roots are protected by the PermaTurf, and can not be damaged.

For homes, it is okay to DIY your packaging, storage and moving if the move is very near and you have lots of helpers.

Really, people need to learn what is okay and not okay to women who have extremely high levels of stress and estrogen.

Unless you are hinting at an international conspiracy of gigantic proportions, it is okay to rate the 58-62 team lower.

In 2% of cases okay about is used

But he's not feeling okay about it.

Still, I felt okay about my first time.

And we can try to feel okay about them.

Hmm, what else can I write? I guess I'd feeling okay about being on the dark side now.

Like, if we didn't celebrate or even mention it to him, he'd probably be okay about it.

Whether or not current Native Americans feel okay about it or not should be irrelevant.

It is about you and the world and basically if you feel okay about yourself then generally everything else is okay.

When we were viewed as out of step a few years ago, I didn't care as long as I felt okay about how Berkshire was doing.

I felt okay about how that had me fit in with others and God, however my girlfriend had not done any of that processing.

Some kids even go to internet cafes and play games till late at night or at the coffee shop and some parents were okay about it.

In 2% of cases okay at is used

He's been okay at times, but needs help.

I'd figured I'd doing okay at the moment.

For a 20 year old he was okay at the time.

Generally, I am okay at suspending negative thoughts but right now I'd really struggling.

You know, this whole discussion is not how to get to be okay at something, but how to get good.

I do think that there is a possibility that it may make them believe that sex is okay at their age.

Glad he's doing okay at 82, but if he can't tell the difference between Romney and President Obama -- or an empty chair.

I guess we are okay at being unsettled and something deeper gnaws at us to keep changing our landscapes and experiences.

I'd doing okay at the moment but I let a setback completely tear me apart in April and I've not really recovered from it.

In 2% of cases okay by is used

Wars of aggression are not okay by us.

I'd sure he'll be okay by the weekend.

Kristy Are You Doing Okay by Offspring.

Thanks for your swift response, i've seen the asking price of the item and is okay by me.

Is that okay by Facebook standards? I am having a bit of trouble finding that information.

I mean, we're are all getting old, it's not something one can reverse and it's okay by me.

September 20, 2011 at 2:28 am by Brian Any company that comes into Canada and provides Canadians with jobs is okay by me.

Nobody from the City of Charlottetown itself has ever contacted me about transit and the work I've done, but that's okay by me.

The only thing missing was the make-out sessions, which was okay by me; most of the guys of Morganville were gag-worthy, anyway.

I guess that I am trying to be delicate, but I have a full life and am using my body, because I was told it was okay by my doctor.

In 1% of cases okay after is used

Ghana wil be okay after September.

Felt okay after first, but nauseas after 2nd.

But that was all okay after seeing the next hour of performance.

Penti and Telfer appear to be okay after the collision and are still under observation.

I loved visiting my friends and seeing that they are okay after their tremendous ordeal.

Also if a food is defrosted in the fridge, it's probably okay after a day or so to re-freeze.

Oh wow, this post gave me chills and made me tear up! I'd so happy you were okay after what that jerk off did to you.

You may be okay after the first set of shots, but it's only a short time in the life of a puppy, so just get him used to.

A few days later, Tae-woong plays Go Stop with Shi-won's parents, and Mom asks if Yoon-jae is healing okay after his surgery.

But after insisting everything would be okay, in 2007, the government owned up that everything wasn't really so okay after all.

In 1% of cases okay as is used

But if I stop at 10, that would be okay as an artistic statement.

Almonds, especially toasted almond butter, is okay as a food source.

But if I stopped at ten, that would be okay as an artistic statement.

What do you feed these orphaned animals? Goat's milk is okay as well as sow milk for starters.

The terrain lay out is also okay as well as the select screen which is suitable for flash game standards.

But they will be okay as the Synod will now go picking them up in the mini buses to go and have a coffee and a chat.

But, I guess they're okay as the company probably looks at them as gateway DVDs to create a larger DVD-buying audience.

It was okay as a quieter comedy, but I didn't really get into it until people started dying and it got more slapstick-y.

So it would not be much of a trading play here, could be okay as a long term investment because it has reacted a little bit.

Other than that I have not been conscious at all of the writing - so it must be okay as a vehicle to carry one through to the end without a blip.

In 1% of cases okay from is used

Got the okay from the PT today to run, but um.

This is okay from boats but is not safe from rocks.

They all think no apples are okay from April to August.

I still can't believe they have gotten the okay from the city with out a full environmental impact report.

Gas only cooker If you decide to go for gas only cooker, a four-burner gas cooker is okay from households of two.

BERSIH is okay from my point of view because its a way some Malaysians wished to express what they seek is justice.

For that matter, it looked okay from the outside when I moved in? but for the fact that it was obviously falling down the hill.

If Omar was in charge he wouldn't have had to get the okay from Duquette, he would've just said okay to Toledo when he got the call.

Then she said, after making sure it was okay from Indian High Commission, NZ Immigration would provide me a CISN number for any future use.

One time I was hospitalised for 5 days but most times it was just an overnight visit in hospital to check everything was okay from bleeding.

In 1% of cases okay on is used

What looks okay on Firefox ver.

It's okay on a straight, flat road.

I hope that everything is okay on your side too.

Camera was okay on the Galaxy Nexus, I'd give it a 6 now, and 8 is fair for the Nexus 4.

I felt okay on flat lanes and downhills but I did not have enough energy to cycle uphill.

I was wondering though if it is okay on your diet to eat between meals cause I'd a big mucher?

According to police, in spite of the bizarre ordeal the girl had been through she seemed to be doing okay on Thursday.

If you are gentle on the hubs, even 7 speed freewheels are okay on well made hubs with premium heat treated cr-mo axles.

I think it looks okay on Funke but would have have been better if it was paired with maybe a silver open toe strappy sandals.

That's okay on a mountain stage where we are riding slowly by, but today we were travelling at over 50kph for most of the stage.

In 1% of cases okay without is used

And we'll be okay without a baby.

And frankly we're okay without them.

So I think I'd okay without extra carbs.

But you should be okay without it - just get those 8s on IELTS! The points for IELTS is strict.

Though I do think we'd be okay without a lot of this stuff for a long time, it would just be hard.

Make a second list of things that you may need, but you are okay without if there is only limited space.

We come from a community of close knit families and that's not something you can discard overnight and assume you'll be okay without it.

He had to make sure that the kitchen would be okay without him, so that night he was in the kitchen but he didn't taste or touch anything.

I think I would be okay without food during the day (though I love to eat) but not being able to drink would have been a challenge! Kudos to you, m'dear.

It's about communicating with the jerk in a way that will effectively inform him that his behavior is not okay without starting a prolonged fight or flamewar.

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