Prepositions after "ok"

"ok with" or "ok for"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 42% of cases ok with is used

My wife seems to be OK with it.

Young people may be ok with it.

The buyer is ok with the price.

Fasano if he can be had for a bargain i am ok with, but name one game he has helped win.

Unless your OK with overthrowing governments and elected leaders of sovereign countries.

We keep wondering if we are ok with just the dogs or expanding our family with children.

I had 2 boyfriends at the same time (both of which were ok with it) and two or three other guys who wanted to date me.

I wouldn't rule out doing it again, if current partner was OK with it, but I don't go actively looking further afield.

Every so often when I get off work and my wife is OK with it I head over to the University Library to do some reading.

Folks who rightly say ' I wouldn't be OK with this if it was a Republican President, so I shouldn't be OK with it now.

In 34% of cases ok for is used

This is not ok for the country.

Add in that it's ok for a 15 y.

Look forward to that happy day.

They have stimulated a family event that we could all participate in and look forward to.

We went to the car showroom where I bought my car, to drop of the logbook for my old car.

He's perplexed that this is O.K. for her -- this sort of unhappy existence, in a sense.

They wear the label with genuine pride and yes I think its ok for a man to call them such; well I have survived so far.

Look for the man who loves God more than you! Apart from the looking good bit, F9 on the rest cos people are different.

Thus, it is ok for you to more or less sacrifice your clearing units to escort your structure hitters to the base side.

You seem to feel that because other people are racist in their behaviour then it is OK for you to be too? Shame on you.

In 7% of cases ok in is used

Ah Hoi was ok in the beginning.

I guess that's ok in your books.

The chop looks ok in this image.

It was ok in size, clean, very quiet, although a little warm and had nice quality bedding.

But forgiveness is most definitely NOT saying what the other person did was OK in any way.

Once you've confirmed that you're ok in the looks department, it's time for your next move.

I've never understood the argument where people are against abortion, but think it's ok in instances of rape and incest.

Posted by: wheresmymoney June 12, 2012, 12:54 pm 12:54 pm Well, I guess the donations of the ' 1% ' are OK in this case.

I'd actually wondering, now you've told me where you are, whether these fish might not be ok in an outside pond or pool.

Maybe she is ok in some roles in the media but her Paul Holmes x Paul Henry approach is really annoying and distracting.

In 3% of cases ok to is used

Ioannou, the period is OK to me.

Its o.k to have anxiety, its o.

Another comment: It is ok to fog.

Oh, dear, you don't want to visit one of those countries where, heaven forbid, it's ok to.

But if Lady Gaga says she is sick - its ok to RT and tell your followers that Gaga is sick.

And challenge my assumtion that sometime it's ok to gave up and run away when I can't bare.

Once printed, I think it should be OK to black out any personal content you don't feel comfortable having a stranger read.

I cant understand my thoughts or my heart or the logic that told me it was ok to be treated like that n to keep goin back.

On an elderly banjo, a tailpiece hook may be broken or missing, in which case it's OK to double up (two loops to one hook).

He's happy about the fact he's been able to start jogging again, but he's even happier that he's been given the OK to tour.

In 2% of cases ok about is used

People feel ok about it already.

Pita Sharples was always OK about it.

This is one franchise I'd just ok about.

However i felt that my emotions went numb at the end as I felt ok about leaving my camp.

Will be mild ivf so no down regulation and mild stimulation so feeling ok about it - I think.

Jan was waiting for it to emerge, but as it hasn't Jan feels OK about No, I didn't mention it.

Initially it seemed the former star was feeling OK about the situation, going as far as to praise Aston's performance.

Think about your financial situation -- could you cope? Talk about contraception -- a good guy will be very ok about it.

We can choose to interpret this fact in a way that makes us feel OK about ourselves, our family, or the world in general.

People can make themselves feel OK about all kinds of things that harm others and/or that economically benefit themselves.

In 2% of cases ok at is used

He'll be OK at Wastelands then.

I'd not nearly ok at the moment.

Look at his overall career stats.

You only have to look at the amount of junk cars on the road to see this is a stupid idea.

Lest you think they're a special case, we'll look at some sentences that aren't questions.

And I am all for continuing the human race but we do have to look at our natural resources.

Entertainment staff were OK at the basics round the pool, but to have them as entertainment at night was a bit of a joke.

It was OK at the beginning, but today I feel it was buying into the present system of art that's so much object-oriented.

I can run off a lot of Businesses that are good, I can think of one thing the Government is ok at, the rest they screw up.

I can only think of one child that I have ever met, who may have been ok at boarding scholl for prolonged periods of time.

In 2% of cases ok by is used

Please e-mail us if it's ok by u.

Players giving opinions is ok by me.

Inventing new life forms is ok by me.

Yes, older browsers are often left behind here, but so long as they work, that's OK by me.

We were asked if everything was ok by the waitress, we voiced our concerns over the burgers.

It was a hell of a ride, and if that's the best it ever gets for the Kings, that's ok by me.

It won't be ok by Him but it will be ok for us to see because that is how we will know just how far we have drifted away.

Now, again, this is ok by me, different cultures and so on, but it's the scattergun approach to it all that befuddles me.

I'd a big worrier like that because I never think we're ready before we go on tour but we're always OK by the end laughs.

Shame on the NRL, Ch9 and everyone else who has made such a stink over something that has been passed as ok by the NZ Police.

In 2% of cases ok on is used

Paul would be OK on that score.

Hell, he was ok on Q &A; as well.

You're doing OK on the aggregate.

We'd been talking about buying a fish to cook on the braai, so it was a really nice surprise.

In the beginning it worked well, and I felt ok on this treatment, but nowadays I feel horrible.

K I have now given myself 6 months to get my new book on depersonalisation ready and out there.

The Boots lady looks ok on the forehead, maybe she went too heavy on the blush, the tone on her chin matches her cheeks.

One Response to Are you going to be OK on the Underground? I'd keeping this anonymous because this so resonates with me.

The lower video quality should still be ok on the CRTs but I am concerned about the lower video quality on the Panasonic.

I lived on 50 a week to feed and clothe us both so would love to know why everyone seems to think you are ok on benefits.

In 1% of cases ok after is used

All will be ok after 21 Dec 2012.

But I was soon ok after the game.

I think it's ok after that though.

I don't feel that rested in the mornings, but feel OK after dragging myself out of bed.

If you feel ok after one or two you can always have more later if you feel you want to.

Chris was ok after a quick visit to the hospital to get his toe put back in the socket.

Hi Ali Firstly, hope you and your family are ok after the earthqauake, secondly thank you for a great book and update info.

If you look deep into your heart, and you can honestly say that you will feel OK after the departure of a parents, then that is fine.

Which has turned out to be a boon! We were feeling OK after a cold shower and a brief hit of A/C, so we went out for pizza and a beer.

Happy Thanksgiving to you too! So happy to hear that your brother is OK after that accident -- definitely something to be thankful for.

In 1% of cases ok as is used

Tripadvisor is OK as a rough guide (e.

I highly recommend this book as an eye opener.

A size 0 is just as ok as a 24 or a 4 or a 12 or a 16 or a 6.

He'd be OK as a backup, but let's say Romine makes real progress and is ready to get a shot.

It is OK as a loot device for this pro-rich govt but it is definitely not OK for the people.

As long as I can grip the rail with one hand I'd surprisingly ok as the boat rocks and heaves.

He's ok as a commentator during games, but excellent giving fans insight into players and prospects both on-air and in his columns.

My situation has now gone from bad, then to ok as we both realised our feelings were very strong but not enough, to complete breakdown.

I mean 1 blast per year is ok as the times are bad and the defence helpless but so many blasts one after another is just plain appalling.

I am wondering if I called the police station if they would go to the residence to make sure he is ok as a courtesy? We are not sure what.

In 1% of cases ok from is used

It doesn't need the OK from us to do that.

Also the Forbes Field looked ok from one shot.

He claimed that he got the OK from TR Taxi Regulator.

I had some smoke inhalation at first and was in physical shock for awhile but I am ok from it.

Our first night in hospital was strangely ok from my perspective, but only because I was asleep.

The human passengers were all ok from what we could tell, but the three donkeys were dead - awful.

Finally convinced that I was not trying to smuggle the Terracotta Warriors out of China I was given the final OK from Customs.

Always get the OK from a vet or an expert when applying any non-natural substances (other than mineral oil) to your cats ears.

Here in the UK we will be relatively OK from even the worst predictions of climate change for at least 50 years, possible even 100.

He had all the necessary paper work, the OK from the city council and the mayor, and the permit from the county to operate where he was.

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