Prepositions after "offset"

offset by, from, with, for or against?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 62% of cases offset by is used

Also these costs are usually offset by welfare (eg.

This is offset by particularly creative dual melodies.

These increases were partially offset by reductions in purchases of durable (-0.

And in reality they have been more than offset by the quick return of Libyan crude to the market.

The company says the guarantee was supposed to be offset by a portfolio of German government bonds.

A strong upswing in investment in commercial property in the Nordic countries and Russia was offset by a modest cool-down in the UK.

However, it noted that the higher network cost was more than offset by total traffic on Digicel's network which was approximately 11.

Projected GOP gains in Montana, Nebraska and North Dakota are offset by losses in Maine, Massachusetts and, with today's update, Indiana.

It is true there will be net out gassing during warm (EL Nino) years but this should be offset by net absorbtion in colder (La Nina) years.

In 14% of cases offset from is used

A key plank of the tax plan is to purchase carbon credit offsets from other countries.

The page-reference-area is offset from the page-viewport-area as described below in section 4.

The path of a planet P therefore consisted of circular motion on an epicycle, the centre C of the epicycle moving round a circle whose centre was offset from the earth.

In 6% of cases offset with is used

However, all of these attributes can be offset with careful planning, design and patterning.

If not, the effort to investigate, arrest, and prosecute them was offset with their property.

These properties specify offsets with respect to the area's nearest ancestor reference area.

Though I'd pleased to see that the Seaton's minimal-rustic style is offset with a couple of velvet sofas and a smattering of animal print.

In 4% of cases offset for is used

California doesn't plan to allow international offsets for its cap-and-trade program.

Is there a way that the spin can be offset for a conservation of angular momentum? That isn't necessary.

In 3% of cases offset against is used

These factors are valued and offset against the total remuneration in setting salary levels.

The 700MHz spectrum is potentially a good prospect, but the cost savings it could bring need to be offset against the costs of clearing out the existing broadcasting users.

Losses: Losses incurred due to short-term equity investments or equities-based mutual funds can be offset against short-term capital gains from debt funds, gold and real estate.

In 2% of cases offset of is used

The flaws of the Bretton domestic stabilization policies to offset of the dollar as the.

In 2% of cases offset to is used

The offset to this position is determined using the font data for the nominal font.

You can keep a log of time updates, use proxies, and apply a custom offset to the atomic time.

This property specifies how far a box's left margin edge is offset to the right of the left edge of the box's containing block.

An unavoidable, even desirable, outcome was a big decline in sheep and prime beef numbers, offset to some extent by the growth in the dairy industry and the US manufacturing beef market.

In 1% of cases offset as is used

This lets me tell the reader if I am off-set-ting text or intro-duc-ing a quote; that means that the b-quote option means indexed and off-set as opposed to always being a quote.

In 1% of cases offset in is used

It does not matter one iota if Australian corporations which will pay for their excessive carbon emissions buy carbon offsets in developing countries.

In 1% of cases offset other is used

The baseline-shift provides a way to define a specific baseline offset other than the named offsets that are defined relative to the dominant-baseline.

In 1% of cases offset relative is used

Only during rendering is the area rendered offset relative to this position.

In 1% of cases offset within is used

Lacquer work, for example, may be shiny but when offset within the right context, it can take on a classic look.

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