Prepositions after "official"

official with, in, for, on or at?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 43% of cases official with is used

He tried to bribe an official with $1 to change a call.

Perhaps not to an official with paperwork to shuffle though.

NO MORE DENIALS: Ora and Kardashian made it official with this Twitter snap.

Kadidja, an official with Sri Lanka's Society for Socio Economic Development (SSED).

Born in the project Java Foundation Classes, Swing toolkit became official with Java2.

One item of importance was Sokia, an official with a coat of mail Sokia ti iwo ewu irin.

The apotheosis became official with actor David Garrick's lavish Shakespeare Jubilee, held in Stratford in 1769.

Garry Slobodian: A official with the Manitoba Football Officials Association, Garry officiated more than 500 games.

They are in the process of making it official with a ' permanent placement ' order, a development that thrills June.

His wife, Holly, also works in the Obama administration as an official with the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau.

In 15% of cases official in is used

It will be official in a week or so.

It'll be official in January 2010 when Mr.

Ask for an appointment with the senior most official in the office.

This became official in September 1937 with joint declarations from the KMT and CCP.

Why should we stay in a state that works against us? Catalan is not official in Spain.

Its not like any totals reported by the SoS are official in any way because they are not.

The program became official in 1927 and President Roosevelt even expanded the scope of the program in 1942 as the U.

Job layoff left, right and center in Jamaica since the Recession revealed itself official in 2008 in the United States.

Several memorials have been held at the fringes of the Games, but nothing official in the opening or closing ceremonies.

Background Bayer Healthcare Bayer's acquisition of Schering AG became official in March 2006, creating Bayer Schering Pharma.

In 10% of cases official for is used

Belfort was official for a Jan.

This man was an official for UNESCO.

ET Now: As of now, recession is official for Europe.

Paying bribe to an official for acquiring orders to supply is not permissible in Shariah.

Keep in mind Xubuntu, for example has been official for years and is another great option.

Check with your designated travel approving official for information on your agency's policy.

Yang: Of course I do not know your entire background, but you have had a career as an official for over 20 years.

They demanded the removal of an official for his corruption, only to find that Arafat brought in someone even more corrupt.

I'd not sure if it is that the authors want something more or that they need something more official for funding and other evaluation.

In 7% of cases official on is used

Bush made it official on June 13.

The deal became official on the 13 th.

Thad Matta's 2013 class became official on Wednesday.

We made it official on Valentine's Day, although it wasn't exactly planned that way.

It became official on Tuesday that Jim Leyland will be back to manage the club in 2013.

School or college ID must be official on a credit card format, not on a laminated piece of card.

Neither the Dalai Lama nor any other representative of world Buddhism is known to have said anything official on the subject.

It was official on launch that other colours of the Galaxy S III will be made available later on, so this shouldnt be surprising.

Of course, Sony haven't said anything official on this yet beyond the initial press release, but once they do we'll let you know.

Although it gained a certain measure of notoriety, the motto only became official on December 9, 1939 when the government of Qubec adopted a new coat of arms.

In 5% of cases official at is used

Previously the number two official at the U.

It will all be official at 11:00am, just hours from now.

There's nothing official at this time, he's sent me some.

Shirley's disassociation with the Grace Thrillers group was also official at that time.

The new name will become official at a rededication ceremony at the VLA site in New Mexico on March 31.

Bloomberg reported in June that John Lipsky, the number-two official at the IMF, told a conference in St.

He said voting ends official at 1700 hours and the entire process would take place in the open view of the public.

November 13, 2012 Raj Date, the number two official at the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, is leaving the agency at the end of January.

On a broader level, today's resemblance to WWII Middle East politics is unmistakable, especially as we are moments away from seeing a Palestinian State made official at the United Nations.

In 3% of cases official by is used

So Father P decided to make it official by signing them.

The event must be recognised as official by a sporting or cultural body.

These names are mentioned on the show, on Hasbro's toy line, or stated to be official by the show's crew.

Ogling (read at breasts ): ' Men do stare at women's breasts ' has been stamped as official by a world wide survey.

There's almost a cultural taboo about slowing down before you have made it official by hanging a retired sign on your door.

The CAD was first printed by the Bank of Montreal in 1817, and finally became official by the Province of Canada on January 1, 1858.

On Monday, a Turkish couple made it official by tweeting ' I Do, ' in what's believed to be the world's first Twitter-hosted wedding.

Some drivers claim to be official by producing a card showing the name and contact details of a reputable company, and suggesting the customer can telephone if they do not receive proper service.

In 3% of cases official from is used

Nothing official from the clubs ' side yet.

And we won't get anything official from Oregon, of course.

There are lots of rumours about a poor QAA report but nothing official from Geoff.

The shakeup is contingent on the show getting a renewal, which is not yet official from CBS, but is fully.

A custom? s official from his congregation took my bags, passport and Visa to lead me through the VIP line.

I googled for a solution and nothing official from Microsoft appeared but I did find instructions in a forum.

I think this could be we we've heard nothing official from Verizon on the 8X, despite being named as a partner at the HTC event.

In order to distinguish official from private records, it may be prudent to use a private e-mail account for all personal communications.

While they have offered to open discussions with Nimbuzz, they've heard nothing official from them since early August (quotes at GigaOM).

Nothing official from Verizon or HTC on this one yet, so keep that in the back of your heads, but we're told this may see a launch around Thanksgiving.

In 2% of cases official about is used

He sounded official about it, so I let it go.

The Cuban regime has not said anything official about the arrests.

But as even he accepts, there's nothing official about the town's declaration.

When Washington realised that Ivens was threatening to go official about it, it helped arrange his murder.

The issue of Obama's eligibility is valid because he has refused to let Americans know anything official about his past.

Previously there are many allegations raised by many colleges and now it's became official about rolling out NEET-UG &; PG Exam 2013 in India.

Gus, I don't know anything official about AT &T's; Galaxy Note 2 but I expect we'll hear details next week at a Samsung press event we have an invite for.

They decided to release nothing official about the voyage rather than risk destroying the very foundations of their religion by letting my findings be known.

Knowing that, you have got to start from the presumption that most of what's official about Poe's life? all of the biographies, that all followed off Griswold 's? were complete fabrications.

In 2% of cases official to is used

That eventually, I decided to make it official to myself.

In the first year of Qianyuan, I was appointed as official to Huazhou from my former post of Censor.

You have certainly got it all, its all official to me, you will walk out of that house with a loaded briefcase.

Then, and only then, put on your other hat -- a fedora or top hat, whatever feels official to you, and work on the business side of things.

But my management, my employers, in this case Radio 4 and RTM, has not said anything official to me as to whether it is a suspension, whether it is a termination or what.

In 1% of cases official after is used

Amid all the medical drama, the Breaults finally decided to make it official after a four-year engagement.

But official after official, general after general, spook after spook went along with the whole enterprise.

In 1% of cases official as is used

And whilst there's still been nothing official as to what may become of the brand Sony Ericsson, little clues are seeping out left, right and centre indicating that it could be the end as we know it.

In 1% of cases official before is used

Of course I should wait until it's official before getting too depressed about it, and who knows, maybe Earl Cochrane and Paul Mariner would do an excellent job.

In 1% of cases official of is used

Sources said Gopalan admitted that he did share the proportional responsibility of the note being the senior-most official of the Finance Ministery involved in the process.

What a difference good governance can do! While corruption still persists, one can not deny that the problem is being addressed when highest official of the land leads by example.

In 1% of cases official under is used

You can also get official Under Armour Tough Mudder gear here.

The sources said CDA Chairman have put three official under suspension including Project Director, Chief Engineer and an assistant engineer.

In 1% of cases official until is used

And this is old news, but it has never been official until now.

Huh? Democrat turnout was down from 2008? Ohio count won't be official until Nov.

The date won? t be official until Friday, but as Mike Vasilinda tells us, Florida? s powerful House Speaker telegraphed the intent earlier today.

Although enrolment numbers are not official until the end of September, Pedersen said Primeau now has nearly 500 students at the school, numbers he has seen before.

According to BLS, these numbers will not be official until February 1, 2013 (click table to enlarge ): There you have data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics so you can cast your vote.

In 1% of cases official without is used

This was a official without pricepot, not really counting,.

Like all sporting events in Asia, it wouldn't be official without a little drama and danger.

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