Prepositions after "offensive"

offensive to, in, against, on or about?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 51% of cases offensive to is used

If its so offensive to you move to.

This may be offensive to some people.

Demon means he is offensive to Krishna.

Yes, it was a bit crass, culturally naive and very probably offensive to his hosts.

Failure to do this is offensive to the deaf person given that he or she is present.

However the problem is what is considered offensive to the followers of a religion.

We find this deeply offensive to the kaupapa held by Tohu Kakahi, Te Whiti o Rongomai and the people of Parihaka.

Please understand that the are 2 billion Muslims in the world and this video was HIGHLY offensive to all of them.

Principle 3 A communication should not be grossly offensive to a reasonable person in the complainant's position.

So PLEASE stop saying gays are oppressed, it really is offensive to the groups and races who HAVE been oppressed.

In 15% of cases offensive in is used

There was zero offensive in it.

It isn't offensive in the least.

This is offensive in its claims.

I might even flip out at parts which aren't actually that offensive in some places.

Having said that I do not find this article to be sexist or offensive in the least.

Our people were lynched, raped and murdered! This is highly offensive in my opinion.

It is by no means clear that the Pakistan Army will be rushed into launching a big offensive in North Waziristan.

With the success of the Nato offensive in Libya, questions of similar action in Syria have inevitably been raised.

Having one's most basic assumptions challenged is unpleasant, unsettling, and considered offensive in our society.

In 8% of cases offensive against is used

Rather, they have mounted a media offensive against Dr.

Pershing was able to begin an offensive against the Germans.

There was nothing offensive against American Muslims in my article.

In September 1920 he ordered an offensive against Wrangel on the Southern Front.

When Israel launched its current military offensive against Hamas-controlled Gaza Dec.

The offensive against Gaza may also ignite solidarity action from Hezbollah in Lebanon.

In fact, anything even remotely offensive against Prophet Mohammad (SAW) is enough to make one's blood boil.

TFG President Sheikh Sharif Sheikh Ahmed spoke in Mogadishu questioning Kenya's offensive against al Shabaab.

It could mount and, crucially, maintain an offensive against an enemy nation independent of the army or navy.

You can have no doubts that this was a Nationally organized offensive against the Occupy Wall Street Movement.

In 5% of cases offensive on is used

It's offensive on so many levels.

This is an offensive on the people.

This is so offensive on so many levels.

An all out offensive on Gaza is a horse of a different color for everyone concerned.

On November 21, the Mukti Bahini launched an offensive on Jessore, southwest of Dhaka.

But in February 2012, government forces launched an offensive on FSA strongholds in Homs.

The hermit The resident office hermit is by far the least offensive on the roll call of office persona non-gratas.

The Hindu writes that the UPA government went on the offensive on Thursday, questioning the CAG's estimate of a 1.

Israel began the offensive on Wednesday with an airstrike that killed the head of Hamas ' military wing, Ahmed Ja'abari.

In 4% of cases offensive about is used

There isn't anything offensive about it.

There's nothing wrong or offensive about this.

I fail to see what is so offensive about this.

There was nothing offensive about this regardless of your beliefs or lack thereof.

I don't find anything personally offensive about the sculpture since I'd an atheist.

This hysteria extends to being offensive about people and misrepresenting the situation.

What is so offensive about that? I pray Allah blesses the Shaikh and the brother for their words of encouragement.

What i find offensive about the burqa is not that it is worn, but rather what it represents - just as you suggest.

ALC what I find a bit offensive about your comment is how you imply women without prominent curves look pubescent.

Okay, but if you go down this road, someone's always gon na find something offensive about any team name or mascot.

In 4% of cases offensive by is used

What she wears is not offensive by any standards.

The game was denounced as racist and offensive by the NAACP.

Comments deemed offensive by the moderators will be removed,.

Maybe Dato Ibrahim styles and way of delivering his view deem as offensive by some.

Such cases usually involved statements considered offensive by members of the public.

Rebel fighters reportedly rushed from Goma to face the offensive by government troops.

I've never been subjected to anything that could be construed as offensive by even the most easily offended mind.

This was the biggest offensive by UK forces since Operation Panchai Palang, Panther's Claw, which ended last month.

However, remember that some names, or the context of words in a sentence, can be seen as offensive by other people.

Offensive to whom? Offensive by what standard? And who will decide what is or is not offensive? Offence is subjective.

In 3% of cases offensive for is used

DLCW's effort is offensive for him.

I feel somehow offensive for the state.

A little offensive for foreign architects like me.

And not to mention pretty offensive for those who were (allegedly) actually abused by him.

That was OK, but seeing me crunched up in a cage was apparently very offensive for the public.

I was once accused of being grossly offensive for wearing a white PPU poppy alongside my red one.

On the last day of I worked with Dr K, finally having enough, I decided to go on the offensive for the first time.

Of course, that would be horribly offensive for any school except BYU (or BYU-Hawaii ), but it would be fine for them.

Total disappointment! ' ' Feel offensive for families who opted out of block parties to make #bigbayboom their 4th plan.

GEEZ, why can't I have my own dag on OPINION? It's sad to see people like you who get offensive for no reason and it's a.

In 2% of cases offensive with is used

There's nothing offensive with what he said.

Israel launched its offensive with an air blitz on Dec.

China is on a public relations offensive with this visit.

Think about that before being offensive with a post like the one you put up here.

On 23 October they participate in Montgomery's offensive with other allied forces.

Only reason I am commenting here is because you seemed to be offensive with your tone.

Posted by: busytimmy Aug 31, 2012 11:06:23 AM Try as I might I can't find anything offensive with that statement.

British, as well as Australian and New Zealand (ANZAC) forces, launched an offensive with a heavy artillery barrage.

On the next play Fr Judge went on the offensive with Ryan Mackiewicz picking out Max Pascavitch with a 45 yard pass.

The Americans staged a further offensive with 4,500 soldiers under General Jacob Brown, Fort Erie was their first objective.

In 1% of cases offensive as is used

I don't find it offensive as a woman.

The website in itself isn't so offensive as the notion itself.

They argue that there is no place for anything so offensive as that.

Brusilov was also a champion of the offensive as the only way to win a war.

I have always found Agger's articles, comments and views very offensive as a British Pakistani.

I would ignore him, but I find his arguements so repugnant and offensive as to warrant response.

While this may be offensive as a matter of principle, and illustrate double standards, this is in fact the pragmatic reality.

As horrific and offensive as the video might be, nothing justifies the sort of violent acts we have heard reported in Egypt and Libya.

In cases like this, it is not that particular ideas are considered offensive as such, so much as that they mark people out as less respectable.

This statement is almost as ignorant and offensive as the one that says, Men always have sex on their minds, or the one that says, Boys don't cry.

In 1% of cases offensive at is used

These posts have been offensive at times.

I kinda like that the FGC is offensive at times.

Luckily none of us really realised it was offensive at the time.

However in October 1917 the Germans and Austrians launched an offensive at Caporetto.

I wonder why you feel the need to be so offensive at the end of your lunchtime diatribe.

He likes to go up and play offensive at Legia but did not show that against South Africa.

January 31 At half-past midnight on Wednesday morning the North Vietnamese launch the Tet offensive at Nha Trang.

As their loss is not out of choice, use of words like ' abortion ' can be sometimes offensive at a vulnerable time.

He took part in the Brigade? s offensive at Brunete west of Madrid from 6th July but was killed the on the 20th July.

During the failed offensive at Guadalajara, the Italians had 400 killed, 1,800 wounded and had 500 men taken prisoner.

In 1% of cases offensive from is used

Raina went into the offensive from the outset.

APR changed their tact in the second half being more offensive from the first whistle.

Prout's operation was to coincide with an offensive from Kilkenny in the north by a force under Comdt.

Both teams opted to play an attacking brand of rugby and were on the offensive from the very beginning.

Bangladesh is unable to maintain any defensive front line as India is able to launch offensive from almost all directions.

Pollster Nik Nanos said that going on the offensive from the start -- as the Tories have done -- can be remarkably effective.

They went on the offensive from the start when Tengku Ahmad Tajudin's hit from the top D was well saved by Tenaga goalkeeper S.

And I know what it means, hence my confusion: ' remove material that is considered improper or offensive from (a text or account ), esp.

Spitting seems an almost universal sign of contempt or disgust; and spitting obviously represents the rejection of anything offensive from the mouth.

Lortan points that the SPLA was able to overrun Raga last June by sneaking troops from Western Equatoria into CAR before launching an offensive from there.

In 1% of cases offensive of is used

This is the least offensive of the two quotes given.

Most offensive of these examples as of late, was New York's 97.

Perfect night for Subway, the least offensive of the fast food chains.

And yet, to many disabled people in Britain, Atos is the most offensive of four-letter words.

Here then is Stalin's agreed tenet: The RKKA (Red Army) is ' the most offensive of all armies.

It enabled me to get all the old hellebore leaves removed, and the most offensive of the standing perennial stems (i.

Shrink the most offensive of the agencies -- EPA in particular -- and watch the manufacturing sector leap back to life.

One of the reason I actually look at the site is because it is the least offensive of the many site geared towards women.

Bob is deranged, talks to his goldfish at home (and they answer back! ), and plans to kill the most offensive of his fellow workers.

In 1% of cases offensive towards is used

Not offensive towards the deaf, just unfunny.

Anything which is offensive towards myself or my blog will be deleted.

I have never been offensive towards referees, who do a very difficult job.

Any comments seen as overly offensive towards the author or other readers may be removed.

Most of the time those anonymous comments are offensive towards the blogger by people well known.

These resolutions indicate that they are getting even more aggressive and offensive towards Sri Lanka.

This can include being extremely offensive towards a member of the judiciary or suggesting they are corrupt.

The above statement is nothing more than Victorian in concept and is offensive towards a person of my background.

I hope LL does not find any of this to be offensive towards them, and ask that they learn from this post a bit maybe.

He runs away after using magic to inflate Uncle Vernon's sister Marge who was being offensive towards Harry's parents.

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