Prepositions after "off-limits"

"off-limits to" or "off-limits for"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 64% of cases off-limits to is used

No area will be off-limits to Jewish worship.

This land is all off-limits to Palestinian use.

DBKL says dataran mardeka is off-limits to Bersih 3.

For more than a year after the war, much of Mullaitivu was off-limits to civilians.

These restrictions alone put about 60% of the state off-limits to hunting with guns.

For years Burma's prisons have been off-limits to any independent monitoring mechanism.

The nation's stock market also is lackluster, and the bond market is largely off-limits to individual investors.

Hiring a tour guide is compulsory in most areas while some places are still completely off-limits to foreigners.

The small enterprising village has been transformed into a private beach, making it off-limits to general public.

Dutifully, I placed it on the Special Shelf reserved for Show-and-Tell treasures that was off-limits to the class.

In 19% of cases off-limits for is used

So lobster is off-limits for our trip.

So is this area off-limits for you? Not really.

There was one area though that was strictly off-limits for us.

The mere fact that the post was on Facebook does not make it off-limits for censure.

Note: Monsoon season does render many beaches off-limits for certain periods of time.

It's also smart to declare at least the first few days of your trip off-limits for sightseeing.

If fights occur frequently over TV, the computer or certain toys, maybe those items should be off-limits for a while.

Using competing services like Google Music and Amazon Cloud Drive, it would appear, is off-limits for iPhone and iPad owners.

China has become a major investor in Sudan, an oil market off-limits for the United States because of congressional sanctions.

Otherwise you end up with this kind of painful to read nonsense: Let me be clear: religion shouldn't be off-limits for comedians.

In 5% of cases off-limits in is used

Bush did, and wondered why Romney's faith was off-limits in the race.

As deposits increased, the banks would place more money off-limits in required reserves.

You must not be watching and reading the same things I am, because Fox has Obama's statement about families being off-limits in heavy rotation.

He wondered, as they took their seats, if they would struggle to find things to talk about when almost everything to do with Atlantis was off-limits in a public space.

A writer might fancy an engineer and think it worth mentioning: fancying the people you're writing about is not off-limits in the field of music criticism, even if it is sometimes crass.

Beaufort Sea commercial fishing banned A CBC News story about the federal government and the western Arctic Inuvialuit people agreeing to declare commercial fishing off-limits in the Beaufort Sea.

Enter the Legal Labyrinth Because the Obama administration insists on keeping its national security policies furtive, the criteria for placement on the kill list remain off-limits in a court of law.

For example, work that remotely hints at enhancing advocacy around clearly established global issues such as debt or trade inequality are immediately off-limits in the prevailing funding environment.

In 2% of cases off-limits because is used

Even the palliative surgery or chemotherapy that could have eased his distressing symptoms were declared off-limits because of his age.

Forbidden-no-more travel Americans will be eagerly traveling to destinations that were previously off-limits because of international politics.

At a site where, according to tradition, Jesus was baptised, tourists can now wade in the Jordan River which just a few years ago was off-limits because of mines.

In 2% of cases off-limits by is used

Antarctica isn't colonized because it is off-limits by international agreement.

The police appear determined to stop anyone from entering the public square, which has been declared off-limits by the court.

Until recently, targeting consumers by health or financial status was considered off-limits by many large Internet ad companies.

In 2% of cases off-limits due is used

I am pissed that fully half the population is off-limits due to my hetero orientation.

Land long off-limits due to the war has been brought into agricultural production, keeping a check on some food prices.

When we got to Narrandera, the helpful lady at the tourist info booth told us that the koala reserve was off-limits due to it still being a mucky mess after the floods.

In 1% of cases off-limits as is used

However, I would like to reiterate that the mausoleum is off-limits as a sign of respect to late Sheikh Zayed as his remains are there.

In 1% of cases off-limits during is used

Maher remembers those projects as some of his best -- even though his personal life was still off-limits during that time.

After years of being off-limits during the civil war it re-opened to tourists just a few years ago and remains largely unspoiled and unerringly wild for all its years of isolation.

After years of being off-limits during the civil war, Wilpattu reopened to tourists just a few years ago, and it remains largely unspoilt and unerringly wild for all its years of isolation.

In 1% of cases off-limits from is used

Jokes are off-limits from censorship IMHO.

It was a private sangeet and all the attempts were made to keep it off-limits from the press.

MPs themselves - supposed defenders of our freedoms - want their files and their correspondence declared off-limits from the act.

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