Prepositions used with "youth"

"of youth" or "for youth"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 45% of cases youth of is used

There are segments of youth that don't care.

Our policy is NOT the import of youth players.

I'd not sure why, call it the petulance of youth.

Cavan VEC, Maureen McIntyre is responsible for the provision of youth services with Co.

However, the number of youth actually involved in the government process is negligible.

In the bloom of youth, at his bereaved mother's residence, Villa, Lismore, on the 29th ult.

Limerick city and Donegal had the highest levels of youth unemployment with rates of 50 and 49 per cent respectively.

In Ghana, we still don't have a national youth policy that will serve as the blue print for the development of youth.

A tribute was also read by director of culture, Sidney Bartley, on behalf of minister of youth and culture Lisa Hanna.

The NYSC, the Ministry of Youth Development and, indeed, President Goodluck Jonathan must do something about it urgently.

In 16% of cases youth for is used

Moncler jacket trade for youth.

Time for youth and who says mikel is not young.

Laptops for Youth Punjab have arrived at Lahore.

A'Court made her screen debut in 1987 on What Now?, then reported for youth news show The Video Dispatch.

The festival, on till July 29, is a platform for youth to pursue their interests and showcase their talent.

More Learning For youth, educators and the young at heart; lots of cool interaction with tips on researching school projects.

They both have immense appeal for youth of the country and are defining the smart, stylish and fashionable future of the country.

This key role in our church is responsible for directing our youthTs ministry by leading activities for youth from 6th-12th grade.

In some places the prospects for youth who survive are declining as teachers and other leaders die of AIDS and as productivity slows.

In 9% of cases youth in is used

That I may see Karbala's path while I am in youth.

I have written about this point at greater length in Youth Work in the.

Schellenberg said the sees the same problem in youth baseball in Squamish.

Huge investment by the top clubs in youth development policies and global scouting networks.

This is due to the technical ability, faith in youth, and the desire to break up the duopoly.

It is not wrong to be partly motivated in youth work by the desire to serve a cause in which we believe.

Across Canada, CNIB offers a number of summer programs that build confidence and leadership skills in youth and young adults.

Especially since many people are naive in youth and things werent explained properly, people may have made mistakes in judgement.

It is also essential for young people to involve themselves in youth groups that are helping in the community development agenda.

The Italians, on the other hand, are still too fixated in their own system, in their obsession with experience and their mistrust in youth.

In 9% of cases youth to is used

Advice to youths: The matter is simple.

Kropotkin's work, To Youth, deeply impressed him.

The way ahead Shankar offers some parting advice to youth on career building.

Chores include renewing first team player contracts or offering contracts to youth players.

It is clear that Zantel's commitment to youth development willhelp members beyond African Lyon.

AC Transit offers bus passes to youth through Clipper cards at $20 a month for an unlimited number of local rides.

The broader purpose incorporates reaching out with prevention programs to youth and adults to proof them up against the.

Italy is giving tax breaks to companies for new hires, while Spain has offered loans to youth who want to start a business.

This can be called an interesting solution to youth, if not for the lack of clearly out of it is: not a good build quality.

We have created an environment in Ireland where enterprise is now a viable alternative to youth unemployment and emigration.

In 7% of cases youth with is used

But with youth you need leadership.

Its so anoying thing with youth candidats.

I've been involved with youth baseball for 11 years.

I also work with youth but definetly nowhere near your level sister.

IF you could coincide that one point you'll do a bit better with youth.

I worked with Youth Advisor group for the Ishi campaign in Kilimanjaro region.

With youth, health and a seemingly assured roster spot, Thomas ' retirement comes out of nowhere.

Until we acknowledge that the problem starts with youth football and how it is coached we will always have a problem.

He is now a working, tax-paying, productive citizen who takes care of us and works with youth who have parents in prison.

Small group interaction If your teen isn't involved with youth yet, this is a great starting point into Bethany Youth Nation.

In 6% of cases youth on is used

One less focused on youth, testosterone and all-night partying.

Stopping HIV/AIDS requires comprehensive strategies that focus on youth.

We are aware of the progressive roles the Senior Adviser on Youths ' and Students ' Matters have played to restore serenity and order in UNIABUJA.

The trouble is that since the balance on the team-sheet is keeling heavily on youth, there will be big differences between Jaro's good and bad days.

The academy status was downgraded due to it being not commercially viable to run an academy under the new premier league rules on youth team expenditure.

Youth involvement was an important goal identified by the planning working group, consistent with the emphasis on youth by many United Nations initiatives.

I was recently commissioned by the Federal Attorneys Department and Crime Stoppers Victoria to produce a television and cinema commercial on youth violence.

Most people that are focused on youth not only want to wind up having more energy and feeling younger, but they additionally want their appearance to be younger.

These include spending on youth football and contracts signed with players prior to 2010, neither of which are published in or determinable from a club's accounts.

In 3% of cases youth at is used

I encourage you to go out there and tell it, in schools, at youth groups, wherever you can.

Whilst living with cancer I even completed a Leadership Toastmasters Course and a three year Peer Education Course at Youth for Christ.

His comic talent was evident from an early age, and by 15 he was writing and performing his own routines at youth centers and local bars.

The OOH dentist is based at the Riverside Clinic in Ipswich and at Youth Centre, Moreton Hall, Bury St Edmunds on Saturdays, Sundays and Bank Holidays.

In 2% of cases youth among is used

Such statistics underscore the urgent need to address HIV/AIDS among youth.

I'd excited about the project, and the degree of interest it's generating among youth in particular.

Yet the HIV/AIDS epidemic among youth remains largely invisible to adults and to young people themselves.

The rate of productivity is low, and unemployment and underemployment rates are high, especially among youth.

Until more leaders speak out about the AIDS crisis among youth and give it top priority for funding and action, there is little hope of a solution.

Condoms -- the only contraceptive method that can protect against HIV as well as against pregnancy -- are vital to controlling HIV/AIDS among youth.

Nearly 60 percent of new infections among youth occur in American Americans, while 20 percent are among Hispanic youth and 20 percent among white youth.

Gina Grappone Gina Grappone is the Executive Director of SAMA, the Science and Management of Addictions, dedicated to eradicating substance abuse of all kinds among youth.

In 2% of cases youth by is used

Gay marriage is strongly supported by youth.

The Time Weekly report was subsequently re-run by Youth Times.

This project is staffed by youth worker Natasha Cassidy and Lisa O ' Neill.

This assumes significance when civil societies who are a necessary ' change agents ' are run by youth or have active youth involved.

The Vice President was addressing a rally organised by Youth For Mahama in Sunyani, which begins a three-day campaign tour of the Bono Ahafo Region, in the final moments for the December 7 polls.

In 2% of cases youth from is used

I'd also like to highlight the support and guidance I've had from Youth Business China and Youth Business International.

With this show, he will be seen shifting from youth centric shows like Dill Mill Gayye and Dil Dosti Dance (D3) to a more mature-serious drama.

This experience was probably the first contribution to the reservoir of hate which he was to build in his soul as he grew from youth to manhood to old age.

Sara answers Q's from youth in a way that promotes life tools and that encourage them to make responsible choices, giving them the power to create an extraordinary life.

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