Prepositions used with "writer"

"of writer" or "for writer"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 40% of cases writer of is used

Produced by a group of writers,.

See -- that's the kind of writer I am.

Francis de Sales, the patron saint of writers.

Stewart is backed by a crack team of writers and a corps of correspondents, but no band.

And she looks after poorly hedgehogs too! But a worship of writers? Not these days, surely.

Colbert is succeeding with not much more than a group of writers and himself behind a desk.

Its content is informed &; insightful, and features a diverse range of writers from every section of the community.

She admits that she was in the throes of writer's block when she had a vision, probably an image from the unconscious.

The current controversy around African American literature and presence of writers who reject race identification (cf.

Writer: According to the BLS, 68 percent of writers are self-employed, giving them authority over their outfit choices.

In 28% of cases writer for is used

This past summer she attended The Humber School for Writers.

You were restrained, and set a good example for writers everywhere.

If these are out of control for for writers of all ages to contribute.

DH: Do you think this kind of journey is a common one for writers? EB: Yes, probably.

The US election is a a safe and supportive place for writers of all ages to contribute.

I love the writing process and feel it's important for writers to share what they learn.

But just to say that covering the world in pillows and soft surfaces won't make life any easier for writers or artists.

It is not an overstatement to say that this bereavement is, for writers and countless readers, of a paternal magnitude.

We were engaged after six months, married about a this a safe and supportive place for writers of all ages to contribute.

Reviews are divided, the twittersphere help us to keep this a safe and supportive place for writers of all ages to contribute.

In 8% of cases writer by is used

Last year the event was completely supported by writer friends and well wishers.

The hedgerow between genre and litfic is also being hacked at, by writers and readers on both sides.

I felt betrayed by readers who bought used books, or who didn't buy books by writers of color at all.

There were some by writers like Mollie Hunter, Rene McOwen, Joan Lingard, -- but these were very few.

A selection of strategies which have been referred to by writers in the MyRead guides are included here.

The views expressed by writers are their own and do not necessarily reflect the views of the editor, publisher, or Complete.

The second category of non-Muslim co-citizens has sometimes been misunderstood by superficial readers, and at times misinterpreted by writers.

Once rented for a pittance in the mid- ' 70s by writer Helen Garner, when the suburb was a true haven for struggling artists, the property recently sold at auction for $3.

The immersive soundwork is by writer and novelist Tony White with design from Victoria Forrest, the project has been produced by Situations and developed using Calvium's AppFurnace platform.

Writer Moon Hee Jung and director Lee Jae Dong work together on the superb melodrama The series is written by writer Moon Hee Jung, who wrote Can You Hear My Heart and The Last Scandal Of My Life.

In 8% of cases writer to is used

The Elephant House has been a place of inspiration to writers such as J.

About The Thinking Writer's Guide to Writer's Block Re-think your relationship with fear.

Readers, too, owe significant debts to writers like McMurtry who have made buying books worthwhile in the first place.

Writing a novel takes energy, power and experience, things that usually fall to writers in their middle years, he said.

But my aim is to sell books -- if I can't sell a book then it isn't worth wasting space in the shop on it and I don't stock books just to be nice to writers.

A self-styled intellectual rebel dedicated to writers such as James Joyce and Joseph Conrad, Deresiewicz never thought Austen's novels would have anything to offer him.

Moreover, the reference is not to writers and books alone, but includes all those who influence public opinion on important social issues and control the communication media in a society.

A footnote explains: When Gordon McLauchlan's attack on state patronage to writers was published in the NZ Herald at least half a dozen ' friends ' instantly thought of me and sent a copy.

A super-strong hero's ability to lift stuff may vary from writer to writer, or wax and wane as the plot requires, but the hero could never use his super-strength to teleport or transmute elements.

In 5% of cases writer from is used

But support it with courses/books/CDs/DVDs on the writing craft, like those from Writers Digest Books.

I also suffer from writer's block under this kind of pressure and thinking about any other subject in the world seems more important.

Tarmac superstars etched together with the names of well-known Austinites from writers to help musicians and singers is seen town center.

If this was occuring in some Asian / Middle Eastern / African country there would be screams about lack of democracy from writers such as you.

But what's notable about this set of continuity glitches is that they're ones that can come up from writers who just aren't aware of what one another are doing.

Arts Law receives many enquiries from writers seeking more information about self-publishing, or who run into problems when they seek to self-publish their work.

During that course, I mentioned to Paul that I was suffering from writer's block and Paul kindly sorted out my issues to do with confidence in writing, in one 30 minute session.

A super-strong hero's ability to lift stuff may vary from writer to writer, or wax and wane as the plot requires, but the hero could never use his super-strength to teleport or transmute elements.

In 5% of cases writer with is used

Why is that? Saturday morning I shared my time with writers.

White arca burst established with writer receives the tropical peculiar ascorbate a biological unwanted cyanide.

In Ted, the debut feature with writer / director / producer Seth MacFarlane at the helm, there's a bit of this quirk as well.

In a January 1968 interview with writer Arthur Taylor, Davis, then 41, expressed frustration with the state of jazz as it and he were hitting middle age.

Thus far, he's believed to be meeting with writers on the project, and Larry Brezner is attached to produce (he previously produced Good Morning Vietnam, and the US take on Little Britain).

From there, I also don't understand how the heck you suddenly jump into the conclusion that he potentially hates strong male characters and that the site itself is filled with writers that do so.

In 2% of cases writer on is used

A stress not on writers but on people, and a fidelity to literature itself, demand political and economic transformation.

The goddess is one of Pratchett's own invention: Narrativia, the deity of narrative who smiles on writers (and perhaps especially sunnily on her creator).

In 1% of cases writer at is used

He has published over 250 columns and articles, leads seminars on writing, and is a popular speaker at writers conferences across the country.

He is a sought-after speaker at writers conferences, and offers one-on-one coaching services for aspiring (or established) commercial writers and self-publishers.

In 1% of cases writer in is used

The screenplay brings in writer John Logan to the series, joining franchise regulars Neal Purvis and Robert Wade.

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