Prepositions used with "worker"

"of worker" or "for worker"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 54% of cases worker of is used

Thousands of workers have already been fired.

It belongs to a lost world of workers ' rights.

Lesser rates apply to other categories of workers.

The sacrifices of the thousands of workers during the Lockout slowly began to pay off.

Many of us don't need to maintain a plethora of workers so that you can run worldwide.

The absence of the governor is not affecting the productivity of workers in the state.

Speaking of worker's comp, it seems to have simply become a COST, rather than an important part of the working life.

Moxham discusses the dark side of the tea trade, which included the exploitation of workers on colonial plantations.

Its construction was the result of a massive effort involving thousands of workers, and cost over one hundred lives.

Do not forget the increasing number of workers who have been killed as a result of the flouting of safety regulations.

In 17% of cases worker for is used

That was for workers in the petrochemical industry.

We extended support for workers who lost their jobs.

At 11pm a request for workers at Greenwich came through.

Need for nurses With the increased demand for care comes an increased need for workers.

This contributes to cost savings in maintenance -- fewer trips up the poles for workers.

If you are looking for workers, look no further, we are ready to start as soon as possible.

World Health Organization is an equal employer providing a wide selection of environmental health jobs for workers.

Bustamante's success in negotiating substantial gains for large groups for workers fueled further support for the JLP.

Corey and Liam say he was a great man who fought for workers and the environment, but we never see any of it firsthand.

The possible steps could be: Periodic re-orientation programmes for workers who come into daily contact with consumers.

In 8% of cases worker to is used

There are however other rights specific to workers aged under 18 years.

What's happening at Hostess is happening to workers all over this country.

Mr Osborne's reforms will lead to workers outside the South East being paid less.

The pay rise has happened overwhelmingly at managerial level as opposed to worker level.

Some Beloved Hawkers There are other hawkers who have become beloved to workers especially in the evenings.

Compare that to workers in the Canadian private sector, who take an average of only seven sick days a year.

For example, in the United Kingdom the use of asbestos in construction led to workers contracting a hideous disease called mesothelioma.

Free movement of citizens has always been a cornerstone of EU membership but it originally only applied to workers and later their families.

Four case studies, drawn from a universe of corporate activity, clearly demonstrate harm to workers, human health, animals and the biosphere.

According to workers Channel NewsAsia spoke to, SMRT management has indicated that the company will come back with a reply in approximately a week's time.

In 6% of cases worker by is used

That is almost can not be controlled by workers in generally.

Every part of the world has something that has been made by workers in Dharavi.

A historic study was published by workers at the Vanderbilt School of Medicine in 1999.

And the share of wealth created by workers that they actually receive is going down globally.

This was enthusiastically embraced by employers and viewed with scepticism and animosity by workers.

It was this kind of inequality and conditions faced by workers that spurred the creation of the union movement.

The rugged tablets are popular in industries such as defence, utilities and construction, as well as by workers in.

Pretoria has since confirmed that the protests were ignited by workers ' outrage over low pay and inhumane living conditions.

Contact the editor Supporting striking workers Stats Fighting Fund Socialist Aotearoa is a voluntary organisation of workers, by workers, for workers.

In 5% of cases worker with is used

It was his gift of dealing with workers which earned him his money's worth.

Pannekoek said that he was more at home with workers than he was with the professors.

When she brought it up with workers there, the reception she received was less than cordial.

It offers policies such as general and safety group plan and retrospective rating plans to employers with workers in the state of New York.

But while that may seem a little scary, it will also allow millions of users at their computers to work in concert with workers around the world.

The war was to see huge mutinies and revolution in Russia and indeed was to end with workers rising in Germany but the existing movement was destroyed.

A wave of industrial unrest swept the country, with workers on the waterfront, in the sugar industry, transportation sector and the government service taking the lead.

We urge the government not his men but to put the owner under bar and give him exemplary punishment so that no garments owner dare to play with workers life in future.

Ye were formerly workers of iniquity, and associated with workers of iniquity; but now ye are separated from them, and united together to work out your salvation with fear God.

The delicate problems of dealing with Workers ' and Soldiers ' Councils had to be met, as did the problem of the demobilisation of thousands of men who blamed the revolution for their humiliation.

In 4% of cases worker on is used

Since then there is a huge political and financial pressure on workers and unemployed.

Limits on worker rights, child labor, and unsafe working conditions also remained problems.

Negotiate a new trade agreement with Mexico based on workers rights, human rights, environmental quality principles.

Tighter restrictions need to be placed on the vulture capitalists that loot company after company while enriching themselves on workers ' pensions, etc.

There are time frames on workers ' compensation cases, so it is important that you enter contact with an individual that could aid you as swiftly as possible.

In an effort to reduce the impact on workers, Levi's had previously banned its vendors from using the sandblasting operation to protect the health of their workers.

This massive ten year programme grew from the initial experiment in which improved lighting was installed to assess the effect on workers ' motivation and productivity.

While there is a body of literature that considers this question, other research focuses on how the experience of having dual roles impacts on workers and the workplace.

It not only would have taken control of the story but would have made the Coalition vulnerable given Abbott's natural resistance to regulation, especially on worker safety.

These contractions are in addition to the devastating impact the Great Recession has had on workers internationally with high unemployment rates and a declining standard of living.

In 2% of cases worker between is used

Partly this is about passion for providing quality links between worker and employer.

The Lockout left a deep legacy of bitterness between employers and workers, and between workers and police.

Today, ERP is one of the widely used software to increase accountability, productivity and communication between workers and customers.

SR strives to break down barriers between workers and unite them in a common cause, which today is the struggle against austerity and for alternative socialist poilicies.

In 2% of cases worker from is used

Germany's ageing population, combined with high unemployment, has pushed social security outlays to a level exceeding contributions from workers.

Distrust of the police is growing alongside pockets of resistance from workers who feel isolated from the centre of power in the unions that are meant to represent them.

Social Security is presently paid by money coming in to Washington month to month from workers across the country, it's not paid out of any existing account holding millions of dollars.

Many fervently support nuclear not because of greed or hatred, but because they truly believe the noxious lies foisted upon them, from workers to mid level management, even some high level people.

In 1% of cases worker among is used

Discontent among workers may prove to be very dangerous and damaging to Bangladesh.

Monitoring the general strike among workers in the public media reaches 70 percent, says UGT.

One of the more violent clashes occurred as a result of a strike among workers at the Bellevue Mental Hospital.

In 1% of cases worker in is used

TUCTA wanted to know the government's stand concerning an increase in workers ' salaries both in public and private sectors.

Awkward postures, extreme movements and injuries can start symptoms or make existing symptoms worse in workers who already have degenerative joint disease.

I see an increase in workers right similar to the US unions, with one example being perhaps the swelling of the Auto union in the 1950s in major auto-manufacturing states.

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