Prepositions used with "work"

"of work", "at work" or "to work"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 34% of cases work of is used

But it was a good piece of work.

I did lots of work wearing shorts.

Now they have a lot of work for me.

Yes, tens of thousands of worker instantly fired, that will do great for the US economy.

There, where all principal commanders were now united, there was plenty of work for all.

That goal includes writing, acting and directing so I have a lot of work cut out for me.

Meaning, the kind of work we're up to -- even the personal side of it -- is remarkably similar in process and outcome.

Ideally, chances are you have used a few time to take into consideration just what type of work you would adore to do.

One workmate stands apart, his isolation reflecting a separation of work and social life in this focal person? s life.

And I'd going to make the same amount of money as if I did one delivery with all those months of work for a live birth.

In 24% of cases work at is used

You just had a bad day at work.

Enjoying seeing Giroud at work.

He also performed well at work.

Cost and Decline But more than simple supply and demand are at work in the market for U.

One could argue that work is work and as such why should you expect to have a good time.

TUC's ' Play safe at work ' survey in 2000 suggested many employers are doing far too little to protect young workers.

It's also something I think about whenever I'd facing something tough, whether at work, on a long run or anything else.

I was at work on Monday and I was carded and its said it try the next day and hence it arrived so I agree with davel575.

I didn't see you reference the rape charges against Bill Clinton (ohhh? there weren't any?) Just curious how that works.

In 18% of cases work to is used

Happy Gilmore: Go back to work.

I knew I had to work hard for it.

Abena has since returned to work.

You need to figure out what is going to work best for both your site and your customers.

The satin was pretty slippery to work with - it was kind of a pain working the darts in.

Last March my job advisor told me that I've been mandated to work inside a charity shop.

Also do your best to work with the school and line up an internship during your summer break between 3rd and 4th year.

But they are a bit sick of going everyday, so when I can, I do try to work around that and pick them up a bit earlier.

I'd not going to get into the specifics, however ASRA decided to work with people who wanted to profit from our sport.

However, she was able to secure a full time permanent position and had arranged to return to work the following month.

In 9% of cases work for is used

Now he's back looking for work.

Smita hated me leaving for work.

Go overseas for work assignment.

Becoming a neophyte may simply your search for work, as you'll already have experience.

If you are looking for workers, look no further, we are ready to start as soon as possible.

TEFL International has an Alumni Job Page which is a great place to start looking for work.

Interesting thread so far, not enough time to read all of it as I have to get ready for work but I'll check it later.

He was just putting it all down to stress, we both wonder what would have happened if he was single or away for work.

We did not really want to stay in Nelson for too long as we needed to start looking for work sooner rather than later.

Given the current state of the economy, no one balked when I told them I was actively searching for work, which I was.

In 6% of cases work from is used

I couldn't wait to get home from work.

My apartment was 10 miles away from work.

I came home from work and found it there.

Voters in the USA are not given a day off from work to cast their vote as in Sri Lanka.

I was still living at home and would walk the length of Colombo Street to and from work.

She and her mother had always gone through a little formula upon Miss Fink's return from work.

This article draws from work undertaken by The Tourism Company in 2008 for one of the UK's leading casino operators.

This conditioning period should be lengthened for over-weight horses and those spelled from work for longer periods.

When my husband came home from work I would tell him that I was going out to get milk, and I would simply not return.

Danny got a few guys from work to bring down all the gear one evening and the rest of us brought all our instruments.

In 2% of cases work after is used

Drink with the team after work? No problem.

Now i just can't wait to get home after work.

I was once again staying at his place after work.

That was until we are all having a drink after work and Frank asks he could have a word.

Socialising increasingly came to consist of collapsing in front of the telly after work.

For example, go for a 20-minute walk together after work or go grocery shopping together.

But my advice wouldn't be to text (too impersonal) but call, preferably after work so you don't disturb her at work.

Don't eat dinner right before bed A lot of people run home after work, cook up some dinner and then eat it and go to bed.

Club Eras starts the weekend with Wacky Fridays After Work Jam, hosted by Ity and Fancy Cat, along with Pretty Boy Floyd.

In 2% of cases work in is used

You have to put in work, as well.

I'd intent in working hard for my money.

It gets her into trouble in work situations.

We distribute it at protests, meetings, on the street and in workplaces and universities.

I keep putting in work every day and trying to pass on some of what you have done for me.

If you do put in work history, display the dates you worked in years, rather than months.

The payments are for the children and they apply to a family regardless of whether a person is in work or on a benefit.

There is nothing wrong in working for a charity (my daughter does so) nothing wrong with being a road sweeper or a doctor.

For 2012 -13 the maximum amount you can receive for one child is $92 a week Family Tax Credit and $60 a week In Work Tax Credit.

For 2012 -13 the maximum amount you can receive for two children is $157 a week Family Tax Credit and $60 a week In Work Tax Credit.

In 2% of cases work off is used

He gets off work at 1-2pm everyday.

September 2008 Some deserved time off work.

I took Friday off work to travel to Dublin.

I phoned them orgainise delivery for the today as I am off work but no parcel has arrived.

I can't afford to take this time off work as I am a single mother with two children to feed.

An icy step or a wonky curbstone can mean significant injury and days or even weeks off work.

EVER!!!!!! When someone suggests that you should take another day off work, your reply can only be heard by the dogs.

So the 22nd came and once again I took the day off work and waited for the VM van to turn up (install time was 1 - 6).

I took a week off work despite really not being able to afford it, met with a therapist and made a doctors appointment.

Initially I took a few days off work to get myself together and I was trying to get back into the swing of things as best I could.

In 2% of cases work with is used

The children fitted in with work.

I was so busy with work and life.

More Visited this restaurant twice with work.

The buzz in the air overflowed with French Creole as the locals joined in with work and song.

However, the insurance companies do work with work directly with private and public hospitals.

If you need to, put on some soft music in the background, which can help some people with work.

When all of this boils over with work and all that, then I'll spill the beans about what happened over the last year.

It's not because you're lazy, or obsessed with playing jewel, or too busy with work, or caught up in what you're doing.

I am looking to add diversity and sophistication to my portfolio with work from creative and professional photographers.

We were simply among those who crowded every hour throughout the day with work and, if lucky, a bit of out- door exercise.

In 1% of cases work into is used

Otherwise, I would not have made it into work.

It was the only way I was going to get back into work.

He went into Work and Income to tell them he had a job.

Its crazy! and to be honest the first day I walked into work full-time I was clueless.

I pass this Lidl ad on the way into work every day, it's like a lesson in Art Direction.

My housemates and I cook together most evenings and end up taking lunch into work most days.

That was a Friday and the following Monday we had to go into work and start the ball rolling with the administration.

Sharing a lift into work with one other person slashes your fuel bill by half by allowing you to share the cost of driving.

All comes back to the end of the test, and campaigns that are targeted to a wide audience and build your transition into work.

We have a host of job skills that many employers would love to have, like doing our job and doing it day in and day out, coming into work ontime.

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