Prepositions used with "wonder"

"of wonder" or "in wonder"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 62% of cases wonder of is used

By this time, the glare of wonder had evaporated.

Cooked fig when done right is just a thing of wonder.

He was a happy little prince, full of wonder and love.

Authentic? Danny Boyle's 27 million pound Isles of Wonder production is ready to entrall.

If you have a sense of wonder and still a part of a child in you then you will enjoy Kroll.

Outside the House of Wonders are two old bronze cannons which have Portuguese inscriptions.

To be ready by 2014, it will be set in the heart of the 41 million square foot Falcon city of wonders on Emirates Road.

Anyone to whom this feeling is alien, who is no longer capable of wonderment and lives in a state of fear is a dead man.

The language is that of wonder and admiration, as is expressly said of another exhibition of Gentile faith (Matthew 8:10).

For the botanist, the lover of nature, the poet and the painter this land provides a variety of wonder for which they all crave.

In 19% of cases wonder in is used

THE NUMINOUS AND ITS SYMBOLS Philosophy begins in wonder.

Grinning at them in wonder was a little girl, surely no older than Lucy.

My companions were all silent -- we stared around us -- partly in fear, partly in wonder.

Moor, From this side of the world, I too often look back at the country of my birth in wonder.

People across the country watched in wonder as the new president fought and won battle after battle.

Sometimes we just shake our heads in wonder at the lack of kindness; sometimes we get our feelings hurt.

Some kneel, others stand, a few sit; all have their hands stretched to the heavens, their faces rapt in wonder.

His romantic words as he shook his head in wonder were ' who would have thought we would have lasted this long '.

Washington had similarly had little choice but to look on in wonder and apprehension at China ' s phenomenal economic rise.

All of them made me stare in wonder, and I have made a resolution to see some of these places before they are lost to development.

In 11% of cases wonder with is used

Those few times enough to fill my heart with wonder.

From that moment on, I looked at the world with wonder.

Scepticism and Agnosticism Philosophy is said to have begun with wonder.

Whoever heard about this event was filled with wonder because it was a great surprise.

Immediately bringing my back to childhood, examining every object with wonder at the untold story behind it.

I have chosen to introduce philosophy to you in this course by starting not with wonder, but with its opposite, ignorance.

The union and lawyers advised them to stay off the job so now they have lost their jobs and America lost the Ding Dongs and Twinkies along with Wonder Bread.

It would be awesome, if NPCs (neutral and hostile alike) would react with wonder and amazement, when a PC starts shooting fire and lightning out of his/her fingers.

So he ran to bring the scholars; and when they saw it they all knew it was the soul of their master, and they watched with wonder and awe until it passed from sight into the clouds.

Your heart beating massive and strong in your chest, thrilling to these new velocities and the impossible freedoms of discovery: a whole world, filled with wonders, waiting to be explored.

In 3% of cases wonder for is used

That certainly holds true for castles and cathedrals, and for wonders of the world like the pyramids, slave labor was necessary, which is certainly something that we aren't bringing back.

When I think about what I've considered in the following pages, one thing that gives me cause for wonder is the miracle of birth, or more specifically, the miracle of conception that precedes birth.

In 2% of cases wonder from is used

The reactions ranged from wonder to open distrust.

In 1% of cases wonder at is used

When my friend Maryam and her dog Reiner arrived to join my walk, we stopped at Wonder Bakery in the Chinatown Plaza to get a banh cam and coffee.

In 1% of cases wonder by is used

The pair has been jailed since May 2, when they were arrested during a sting organized by Wonder's attorney and Los Angeles police.

In 1% of cases wonder like is used

It is not an ' opportunity ' if all you get to do is bitch work while making her look like Wonder Woman.

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