Prepositions used with "woman"

"of woman" or "for woman"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 40% of cases woman of is used

I grew up with a house full of women.

We must cheer that last band of women.

Man was created for the sake of woman.

But it's definitely not saying anything about the gaming abilities of women in general.

The development of woman's rights has enhanced the social status of women step by step.

Lots of women would need to locate specialist stores and wait on orders for their size.

Ossi George Afamefuna thanked the delegation for the visit and considering the Ministry of Women Affairs for support.

Please, sign up for the Army of Women too, it is the most proactive way to help find a cure by finding out the cause.

Even Luciano says things about the absence of women that we in North America here take to be condescending or sexist.

In 21% of cases woman for is used

Islam was revolutionary for women.

The adequate intake for women is 2.

I got the closed toe flats for women.

The research found that men lie 650 times a year, compared to just 537 fibs for women.

Shanti Reddy, a member of a government agency called the National Committee for Women.

A decision in 1973 by the Chief of Staff, Army authorized aviation training for women.

Below Armour hoodies for women and men are just 1 from the several distinctive products that Dick's needs to supply.

I think these thoughts can be especially true for women because we tend to compare ourselves to the women around us.

It's about the fact that there needs to be real protection for women in Islamic societies, at home, on the streets,.

It was also a newspaper for women from the beginning, being the first to provide features specifically aimed at them.

In 10% of cases woman to is used

You are attractive to women, Dick.

I also identify as attracted to women.

Women who subscribe to Women's Cycling.

It is my way of saying ' sorry ' and ' thank you ' to my mother and a tribute to women.

Delighting, caught up in his masculinity, a man goes into bondage with reference to women.

Their **25;2031;TOOLONG tell them that to write a financial article geared to women, it should be done in such a way.

Hair gives a lot of beauty to woman, and therefore is for this reason that you must protect this aspect of your beauty.

The conversation quickly moved to women's rights in regards to reproduction and birthing and all things mother-focused.

There is also the perception that the burqa and the niqab transfer responsibility for the bad behaviour of men to women.

In 5% of cases woman against is used

Lool man are defenless against women.

And then there is violence against women.

I'd the author of the Violence Against Women Act.

Bottom line: Violence against women affects ALL women regardless of where you're from.

Re: Boobs Pooter and violence against women in general, I again get what you're saying.

Secondly, this article seems to be hijacked by a very pro-violence against women lobby.

Join Take Back the Tech! this 25 November through 10 December to help end violence against women and girls online.

Has the State enacted laws, regulations or policy to address violence against women? Describe their effectiveness.

Violence against women prevents them from enjoying economic, social and cultural rights on an equal basis with men.

We remind the EU of its commitments to combating violence against women and in particular, female genital mutilation.

In 5% of cases woman in is used

It is quite different in women.

The prestigious stage in women? s life.

And it can develop into cancer in women.

This is because what you will discover are designed to create strong emotions in women.

The same applies to risk for lung cancer in women smoking fewer than 20 cigarettes per day.

Not sure if you saw this or not but Slovakia beat Bulgaria 82-0 in women's hockey last week.

But to my mind one of the key factors in women being treated so shabbily in this country is the popular and mainstream media.

On another occasion I asked him if he was ever interested in women and he told me that he did in fact once have a girl friend.

Abnormalities in women's eggs can be picked up more easily, as almost all divisions in a woman's eggs occur before she is born.

Unipolar depression, predicted to be the second leading cause of global disability burden by 2020, is twice as common in women.

In 5% of cases woman on is used

Yes, sexim is looking down on women.

But it concentrates totally on women.

It also means great pressure on women to stay at home.

Why is it not falling out in the population? Men don't pressure or force this on women.

I think you are misrepresenting the article on women converts: http: **35;5702;TOOLONG.

Polygamy apparently influences the extent to which men will help out on women? s plots.

However, according to science, depression on women undergoing menopausal stage is normal because of hormonal changes.

Controlled depression is one of the observed side effects of taking amberin though it still has other effects on women.

Around the world, a total of 114 million children do not get even a basic education and 584 million women are illiterate.

McCaskill's victory confirms that Todd Akin's infamous positions on women's health proved too extreme for Missouri voters.

In 5% of cases woman With is used

I have found that, especially with women.

It has become quite common with women in the gym.

Anonymous Pigeon holes! Just like with women's lib.

CARE places special emphasis on working with women to create permanent social change.

Just look at his weird relationship with women and you'll see what I'd talking about.

Don't even bother with women taller than you; always game women your height or shorter.

That Blackberry isn't just a Blackberry on my bedstand -- it's all of the beds he's laid in with women I don't know.

Clearly state to him that his friendships with women jeopardize this noble aim because of the forbidden nature of them.

I would say it is due to ignorance and a lack of interacting with women like me that lead to these gender issues arising.

He said he was trying to ' bring up his children dacint decent ' and how could he do it with women like that in the house.

In 4% of cases woman by is used

It ignores domestic violence by women.

The whole process is performed by women.

And most of the stuff is written by women.

The mane is beautifully beaded by women of the community, and given back to the hunter.

Processing of Handia According to indigenous conceptions, Handia is processed by women.

The work of grinding was extremely laborious, and performed by women of the lowest rank.

Similar in construction to pads used by women for their periods, hemorrhoid pads are safe for use by almost everyone.

Therefore, the project envisions setting up telecentres in the districts and having them run by women's organisations.

Compliment Him-A Surefire Way to Flirt with Men Men love to be admired and have their ego stroked, especially by women.

While the article conflates jobs that are traditionally held by women and libraries, the issues do need to be separated.

In 3% of cases woman about is used

Such a clever man, so stupid about women.

This story is not about women being better then men.

I did see an article about woman doing the same thing using a self serve kiosk on a street.

If their first thought was about women, they would have invaded Afghanistan a long time back.

I saw too many liberals worried about Women's Rights when that was never an issue to begin with.

I want to read about women who are managing children, or a career, or decided to pick themselves up and loose weight.

Newspaper headlines around the world screamed about women's outrage in Ireland due to the lack of abortion legislation.

One can get very cross about this and spin out all manner of theories about what such inflated pricing says about women.

In 2% of cases woman among is used

The poverty rate among women climbed to 14.

Among women, child birth and menopause may trigger the balance.

With the wealth among women on the rise, needless to say, their expectation from life will change.

Furthermore, women business incubation is a way to create strong networks among women entrepreneurs.

Not everyone has access to education, and illiteracy is widespread, especially among women and girls.

Significantly higher rates of death were observed among women who aborted in every time period examined (see Figure 1).

As with the general population, unemployment among women was lower than for men across almost all socio-economic groups.

She may become angry when she sees carelessness, wilful neglect and downright insolence towards matters of religamong women.

WOW! strives for connection and solidarity among women from many different walks of life -- and opens doors of understanding and change.

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