Prepositions used with "thinking"

of, without, in, By or for thinking?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 78% of cases thinking of is used

There is no other way of thinking.

This kind of thinking is not math.

I have changed my way of thinking.

But it is the kind of thinking we all need to engage in as teachers and as learners.

And the best thinking possible for us is what we call the international way of thinking.

In other words, this way of thinking is, in large measure, the very reason we are at this precipice to begin with.

The definition given defines abstract thought as the process or power of thinking (Oxford University Press, 1997).

Wigan's form in front of goal of late means that the risk is lessened -- but sod's law likes that kind of thinking.

Share this: http: **27;1695;TOOLONG James Yardley Good points David and your rational line of thinking makes sense.

In 9% of cases thinking without is used

There is no learning without thinking.

So, without thinking, I carried on taking them.

Tell me what you see, first, fast, and without thinking.

I never saw Madame Koo without thinking of the story a senator had told me about her.

It helps explain politics, fanboy-ism and taking on whole world-views without thinking.

Why, because he gave banks everything they wanted without thinking of the consequences.

When a person does not have the patience to engage in meaningful conversation, he tends to speak without thinking.

Using this method, I can speak naturally without thinking, my tones are very accurate, and my comprehension has improved.

It is for me impossible to think of agricultural cooperatives and local growers without thinking of the mediterannean diet.

But the training I've been provided has always set me up to work very positively and to do the right thing without thinking.

In 3% of cases thinking in is used

I was absorbed in thinking of the reverses of life.

On the other hand, the changes in thinking can easily be also harmful.

This shift in thinking didn't mean that what was once right was now wrong.

It consists not in thinking meanly of oneself but not in thinking of oneself at all.

Below is a guide to levels of awareness in thinking that are increasingly metacognitive.

Through life found that progress (+ve) in thinking is not found in abundance, but in rarity.

As big a shift in thinking is needed now, Mr Miliband said, as happened after the second world war and in the late 1970s.

The reason behind this transformation in thinking is the various opportunities that are accessible for initiating a business in a simple manner.

The article draws upon reserch currently being undertaken in London schools on raising achievement in thinking and learning through developing the metacognition of children as learners in schools.

He noted that in the beginning of his novitiate he spent the hours appointed for private prayer in thinking of God so as to convince his mind and impress deeply upon his heart the Divine existence.

In 2% of cases thinking By is used

Einstein explained this by thinking of light in terms of photons.

By thinking (but very little more information) I changed to open-minded.

Our role is to make it easier for them by thinking of new ideas, new legislation and new approaches that will help.

By thinking of all the steps in terms of set maps, though, we actually have a nice general statement that works for lots of different categories.

Be creative by thinking of the alternative stories that might be consistent with the data and explain it better, then test them against more evidence.

By thinking of it already giving me a moment of bliss, can you visualize if people for all walks of life were actually making offerings and prayers in the main hall? WOW.

In 2% of cases thinking for is used

I want to say a big thanks to all four of you, for thinking of this journal as something that has relevance for you.

You are wonderful for thinking of others and how they may need this! Dear Michael, Thank you so much for writing this.

Thanksgiving is for thinking of all the things we are thankful for and I am thankful for having love ones and for having a roof over my head and a bed to sleep in.

In 2% of cases thinking from is used

It also sounds like you have a personal reason to stop people from thinking of Kony negatively.

Sometimes I think gender equality comes from thinking of ourselves as genders instead of seeing ourselves as individuals.

Certainly, in the past ten years, we have moved a long way from thinking of TRT as a mere bedroom fodder, libido booster and adjunct to erectile dysfunction treatments.

It has shown social scientists ways to shift away from thinking of social structure as nested in little boxes and away from seeing relationships as the product of internalized norms.

In 1% of cases thinking re is used

If you ’ re thinking of buying one do it now you will love it.

Lastly if you are thinking of a 306 buy the HDI engine, its ultra reliable, quick, smooth and economical.

In 1% of cases thinking to is used

Graham Roumieu If you're accustomed to thinking of rhetoric as dealing only with fancy language, think again.

The disciples had reverted to thinking of the Messiah in terms of power and privilege, not weakness and service.

We are accustomed to thinking of independence movements as things that happen in places like South Sudan or Abkhazia or Kosovo.

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