Prepositions used with "responsibility"

of, with, without, about or from responsibility?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words

    In 70% of cases responsibility of is used
    I am capable of responsibility.
    A new culture of responsibility.
    It's a lot of responsibility to take on.
    What I did feel was a great sense of responsibility as an advocate for Smidge.
    I get paid a fairly low salary, and have quite a high level of responsibility.
    His areas of responsibility are finance, planning and administration of the MOD.
    This reduces the possibility a of mutually accepted account, and of apportionment of responsibility and loss.
    As many of the comentators above rise the issue of responsibility of a leader, our PM failed in every aspect.
    It's clear the perpetrators have no sense of responsibility for what they're doing or any respect for the law.
    Stanford, Edwin Crocker, Charles Crocker, Mark Hopkins, and Collis Huntington each had areas of responsibility.

    In 15% of cases responsibility with is used
    To summarize, rights come with responsibilities.
    Many housesitting jobs also come with responsibilities for taking care of pets.
    If we could just combine the best of both then we might have freedom with responsibility.
    While marriage comes with responsibilities and a tighter schedule, the benefits are also there.
    David is Executive Chairman with responsibility for strategy, planning and relationships outside GEL.
    Don Robert was appointed Chief Executive Officer in February 2005, with responsibility for Experian globally.
    But it will be regulated by federal legislation with responsibility delegated as the political system decides.
    When you submit your Will to God, you will soon realize that you have limitless choices with responsibilities.
    Freedom of speech, therefore, has been tempered and balanced with responsibility in USA and other western democracies.
    For the past 5 years AJ had been leading the Data center operations Services team for GPX with responsibility for Egypt.

    In 3% of cases responsibility without is used
    If he wanted power without responsibility he should have become a.
    But the MPs should not be allowed to exercise power without responsibility.
    And with that comes freedom, but freedom without responsibility is dangerous.
    A choice without responsibility is like a car without brakes -- it is destined to crash.
    The pursuit of freedom without responsibility produces the false dichotomy of Egoism and Altruism.
    All such acts of intervention were not covered by law and hence their exercise of power was without responsibility or accountability.

    In 2% of cases responsibility about is used
    It is a story about responsibility and about caring for others.
    A valuable opportunity for the kids to learn about responsibility toward animals.
    And when Sartre talks about responsibility, he's not talking about something abstract.
    I'd trying, hard, to talk to him and teach him about responsibility and that he has chores he has to do.
    But typically, the talk is about rights, rarely about duties; about liberty, rarely about responsibility.
    Instruction about responsibilities should make it clear that rights and responsibilities go hand in hand.
    If you pay attention to this movie, I think you will learn something about yourself, about cultural differences, about responsibility.
    Am I missing something or does anyone else see a glaring contradiction in these statements? One of the most psychotic aspects of sannyasins comes out when talking about responsibility.

    In 2% of cases responsibility from is used
    You may think sitting on the fence frees you from responsibility.
    Obama's once inspiring call for hope has degenerated into a flight from responsibility.
    A symbiotic behaviour which, at the most, may create a temporary relieve from responsibility on the side of the disciple.
    Freedom of speech should not ignore freedom from responsibility because a freedom irresponsibly exercised can result in unintended catastrophe.
    While codes of practice provide strict guidance to designers, they do not shelter them from responsibility for the structural safety, function and durability aspects of their designs.

    In 2% of cases responsibility over is used
    In 2000 they took over responsibility for the building, which is now recognised as part of British Heritage.
    It is Democrazy to uphold Rights Over responsibilities in The Third World; it is democrazy to fight terrorism &; treason simply within the parameters of democratic system.
    The connectivity rules revolved around a simple premise: Once a developer builds a subdivision, VDOT (except in a few counties) then takes over responsibility for maintaining and plowing the roads.

    In 1% of cases responsibility by is used
    They are flattered by responsibility and by being treated as grownups.
    Freedom has to be counterbalanced by responsibility or else it becomes a self defeating value.
    While the right to preach and convert others must be staunchly defended, it must be accompanied by responsibility.

    In 1% of cases responsibility for is used
    Paying people for responsibility rather than performance encourages empire building.
    The Washington-based Citizens for responsibility and Ethics said no comparable decision had been made in the U.
    The e-mails were posted Friday on the Web site of Citizens for responsibility and Ethics in Washington after ABC News reported their existence.
    I grew up with the men's grumbling, joking, cursing, stumbling, smiling, complaining, and their Highlander's disdain for responsibility and authority.

    In 1% of cases responsibility in is used
    You get a cut in responsibility &; pay &; by the way having babies is really gon na suck.
    Therefore the fee for chairs is set at twice the rate of the members to take account of both the differences in responsibility and in workload.
    In practice, this means a shift in responsibilities away from attempts at extensive state provision in pastoral areas to decentralized, local control (Swift 1995).

    In 1% of cases responsibility including is used
    This is a hands-on function including responsibilities for ordering all associated texts and workbooks, maintaining the budget within the faculty and for filling any of the teaching staff's needs.

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